Top 10 Amazon Challenges for Amazon FBA Sellers in 2024

Top 10 Amazon Challenges for Amazon FBA Sellers in 2024

1 July, 2024


Last updated on 1 July, 2024

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Top 10 Amazon Challenges for Amazon FBA Sellers in 2024

Discover the top 10 challenges Amazon FBA sellers can face in 2024. Learn to navigate these obstacles to succeed in the competitive Amazon marketplace.

The continuous change in the Amazon marketplace can affect Amazon FBA sellers. They may encounter various obstacles as a hindrance to their success. To remain competitive, it is crucial to comprehend these challenges, such as varying fees and intricate policies. This article discusses the 10 main challenges for Amazon FBA sellers in 2024. Here, we will also discuss their effective wayouts.

1. Rising Amazon Fees

1. Overview: Amazon continuously raises its charges. This includes fulfillment fees, storage, and referrals. In 2024, sellers can expect additional increases that will affect their profit margins

2. Impact on Sellers: Increased fees decrease profits. This is a challenge for sellers to set prices that are competitive yet profitable

3. How to Mitigate: Evaluate your pricing approach continuously. Explore different sales outlets to reduce your dependency on Amazon. Introduce cost-cutting strategies in your operations to move in line with the rising fees

2. Increased Competition

1. Overview: The Amazon platform is getting increasingly crowded. New sellers are joining every day. Such saturation makes it difficult to become distinguished and stay ahead in the competition

2. Impact on Sellers: With over 9.7 million sellers on Amazon, competition is fiercer than ever. New entrants and seasoned sellers alike struggle to gain visibility and maintain their market share. Battles over pricing. Decreased exposure. Difficulty in maintaining sales levels

3. How to Mitigate: You can concentrate on certain methods to set your products apart. For example, distinctive value propositions, top-notch customer service, and robust branding efforts. Use Amazon advertising strategically to increase visibility

Optimizing product listings, leveraging Amazon SEO, and utilizing effective marketing strategies can help. GoNukkad provides tailored strategies and data-driven insights to enhance product visibility and competitiveness, making your listings stand out amidst the competition.

3. Inventory Management Issues

1. Overview: Effective inventory management is a major obstacle for Amazon FBA vendors. Excessive inventory or inventory shortages - both can affect sales and result in increasing expenses

2. Impact on Sellers: Having too much inventory ties up funds and leads to storage costs. Running out of stock leads to missed sales and potential customer unhappiness

3. How to Mitigate: Utilize inventory management software. This will assist you in precise demand prediction. Monitor sales trends and make necessary adjustments to keep a balance in your inventory levels. GoNukkad offers advanced inventory management solutions that help predict demand accurately, optimize stock levels, and reduce storage costs

4. Navigating Amazon’s Policies

1. Overview: The policies of Amazon are quite intricate. Besides, the company regularly revises it. You must adhere to these regulations to avoid penalties or suspension

2. Impact on Sellers: Failure to comply may result in account suspensions, removal of listings, or permanent bans

3. How to Mitigate: Keep updated on policy changes via Amazon's Seller Central and industry updates. Seeking advice from professionals like GoNukkad helps sellers stay compliant by providing continuous monitoring and guidance on Amazon's latest policy changes, ensuring your account remains in good standing

5. Advertising Costs and Complexities

1. Overview: The expenses and intricacy of Amazon advertising are increasing. To stay competitive, sellers need to invest in PPC campaigns. However, this can be costly and require specialized skills

2. Impact on Sellers: Reduction in profit margins. Poor execution in campaigns. Wasted funds with minimal returns

3. How to Mitigate: Make your PPC campaigns more effective by using appropriate keywords. Track your progress consistently. Amazon's marketing tools and data analysis can help you improve your approach

6. Dealing with Negative Reviews

1. Overview: Negative feedback can greatly affect your product’s position and revenue. Handle and address these feedback to uphold a favorable reputation

2. Impact on Sellers: Discouragement for prospective buyers. Reduction in your product's visibility on Amazon

3. How to Mitigate: Make sure that your happy customers leave good reviews. Deal with the negative ones immediately and handle it professionally. Implement quality control procedures to reduce customer discontent

7. Supply Chain Disruptions

1. Overview: Global supply chain disturbances include shipping and manufacturing issues. This highly impacts Amazon FBA sellers. These interruptions affect the stock levels and shipping durations

2. Impact on Sellers: Out-of-stock situations. Missed chances for sales. Unhappy customers

3. How to Mitigate: Expand your supply chain. This way, you won’t have to rely on one single source. Establish a reserve supply and partner with different vendors to decrease potential hazards

8. Managing Amazon’s Algorithm Changes

1. Overview: The search algorithm of Amazon changes often, impacting the visibility and ranking of products. It is crucial to stay updated on these changes to sustain visibility

2. Impact on Sellers: Changes in algorithms can disturb the search ranking of your product, resulting in variations in traffic and sales

3. How to Mitigate: Keep yourself updated on algorithm changes and adapt your SEO tactics as needed. Give attention to maximizing product listings with appropriate keywords, top-notch images, and persuasive descriptions. GoNukkad continuously monitors algorithm changes and adapts strategies to ensure your listings remain optimized and visible

9. Handling Intellectual Property Issues

1. Overview: Amazon FBA sellers are increasingly worried about intellectual property (IP) problems such as counterfeiting and unauthorized sellers. Ensuring the safety of your brand and products is essential in a competitive market

2. Impact on Sellers: Infringements of intellectual property can result in decreased sales, damage to brand identity, and costly legal disputes, impacting the reputation and financial success of your business

3. How to Mitigate: Enroll your brand in Amazon's Brand Registry to access tools that safeguard your intellectual property. Keep an eye on the market for possible violations and quickly respond to counterfeiters or unauthorized vendors

10. Maintaining Account Health

1. Overview: Amazon tracks how well sellers are performing by using different metrics, such as order defect rate and late shipment rate. Keeping your account in good health is essential to prevent penalties

2. Impact on Sellers: Consequences for sellers can include account suspensions, limitations on listings, and losing seller privileges due to low account health

3. How to Mitigate: Consistently check your account's health indicators and promptly resolve any problems. Establish strong customer service and fulfillment procedures to adhere to Amazon's requirements


Successfully navigating the intricacies of the Amazon marketplace in 2024 demands alertness and flexibility. By acknowledging and dealing with these obstacles, Amazon FBA sellers can improve their resilience and succeed in a competitive setting. Frequently assessing your tactics, adhering to Amazon's guidelines, and enhancing your processes are essential in conquering these challenges.

For further assistance related to your Amazon FBA journey, you can anytime get in touch with the support team of GoNukkad.

Q. What is the biggest challenge Amazon is facing today?

A. The biggest challenge Amazon faces today is managing the increasing complexity of its logistics network and fulfillment operations while maintaining fast and reliable delivery services to meet customer expectations.

Q. What are the challenges in doing Amazon FBA?

A. Amazon FBA sellers face challenges such as inventory management, competition, rising fulfillment costs, and compliance with Amazon's policies. Effective strategies and tools are essential to address these issues.

Q. What are the challenges of Amazon sellers?

A. Amazon sellers encounter challenges including maintaining product visibility, handling pricing wars, managing customer reviews, and staying compliant with Amazon's evolving policies.

Q. What are the best practices for managing inventory on Amazon?

A. The most useful inventory management practices for Amazon are:

  • forecasting tools,
  • analyzing sales trends, and
  • maintaining a balanced inventory to avoid overstocking or stockouts.

Monitor and modify your inventory strategy regularly. It should comply with demand fluctuations. You can get help from professional service providers for better management.

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