Ebay Account Management Services

eBay Account Management Services

eBay is a worldwide e-commerce marketplace that allows sellers to showcase their products and services to a global audience. However, setting up an eBay seller account can be challenging, as it requires compliance with eBay's rules and regulations. That's where Gonukkad comes in, offering support to eBay sellers to create new account and prosper on the platform. With our service, you can learn more about eBay's rules and how to comply with their account creation procedure, which can be essential for your success on the platform.


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Unlock the path to Online Platform Success with Our Expert Seller Services

Ebay Account Management Services

Unleash the power of your online business with the unrivaled expertise of our seasoned Account Maestro! Brace yourself for a transformative experience as our virtuoso guide leads you through the intricate maze of product listings, deftly navigating the treacherous landscape of online marketplaces' policies. With an unwavering dedication to your success, our seasoned team stands ready, armed with an arsenal of solutions meticulously crafted to address your unique business needs. Don't miss this chance to propel your online enterprise to dazzling new heights! Reach out to us today and embark on an exhilarating journey towards unprecedented triumph!

Strategies by Experts

Strategies by Experts

Unleash the power of proven strategies crafted by industry e-commerce experts to propel your business towards unrivaled success.

Reduce fixed Costs

Reduce fixed Costs

Slash your fixed costs and boost your profitability with our innovative solutions designed to optimize your expenses and drive maximum efficiency.

Why should you choose Gonukkad?


Scale your eBay business

With Gonukkad, scaling your business on eBay is possible. Our expert eBay account managers specialise in providing comprehensive support to help grow your business on Amazon. We'll work closely with you to create a personalised strategy that optimises your product listings and boosts sales, ensuring long-term success. Let us take your eBay business to the next level.


Maximize potential revenue

Looking to enhance your eBay sales? Gonukkad can help. Our expert team can assist you in optimising your listings, improving your conversion rates, and increasing your overall sales volume. With comprehensive strategies and management services tailored to your specific needs, we'll help you overcome the challenges of selling on eBay.


Comprehensive support

Our expert eBay seller account manager will provide expert guidance and solutions for your eBay business needs. From product listings to account management and navigating eBay's policies, our experienced team is here to help. Contact us today to take your eBay business to new heights.

advantage over your competition

What can be your advantage over your competition?

Selling on eBay requires more than just registering a seller account, with sellers needing to comply with eBay's policies, monitor competitors, price their products appropriately, and manage orders promptly. This can be time-consuming and challenging for most sellers. However, Gonukkad's eBay seller account management services cover everything from setup to day-to-day operations, allowing sellers to focus on growing their business while we handle the rest, including addressing issues such as product returns or account suspension.

Gonukkad's eBay seller account management services are essential for sellers who want to succeed on the platform. Our services address all the challenges that sellers may face, ensuring that they can concentrate on growing their business while we handle the operational details.

Our full eBay Seller Account Management service covers

Central account

Setting up an eBay store for success

Gonukkad provides a comprehensive suite of eBay services to assist sellers with all aspects of becoming a successful eBay seller, from account setup to day-to-day operations management, allowing sellers to focus on their core business activities and grow their business without hindrances.

Listing optimization

Product Listing Optimization Services to Rank Your Store High On eBay

Gonukkad's Product Listing Optimization Services for eBay sellers help improve store visibility and increase sales by adhering to eBay's guidelines, creating original and accurate product descriptions with relevant keywords, and high-quality images that are uploaded to the appropriate category and sub-section in the seller center account.


eBay Advertising Management Services

Gonukkad offers various strategies and tools such as Promoted Listings Standard and Sell It Faster option to increase sales on eBay, and manages advertising using eAAT and deep insights to optimise return on investment (ROI) and improve listing visibility.

Brand content

Enhanced Brand Content

Crafting effective and convincing copy for your eBay listings can enhance your sales by enabling customers to better comprehend your products and providing them with all the relevant information needed to make a purchasing decision, while compelling titles and descriptions can lure shoppers to buy your products and establish confidence in your brand, and search engine optimized content can improve product visibility in eBay search results and beyond.

Product listing

Product Listing Management

We assist you in every step of the eBay listing process, from setting up your account and uploading your products to listing them under the appropriate category and managing your orders for timely delivery.

Brand reg

Brand Registry & Protection

eBay has collaborated with governments and organizations globally to comply with local IP laws and regulations when trading items across borders, making its members feel secure with their transactions through their platform, which has also been enabled by VeRO.

Product launch

Product Launch

When it comes to product launches, we've got you covered. Our expert team will strategically plan and execute a launch that elicits favorable customer feedback. Employing effective marketing techniques and brand-protective measures, we ensure that your content remains secure from hijackers and counterfeiters on the eBay Marketplace.


eBay Global Shipping Program

Gonukkad simplifies the process of expanding Indian sellers' global sales through eBay's global shipping program, which connects with 190 countries, offers competitive shipping options, automatic updates, and tracking, and generates shipping labels, invoices, and reports, while also handling all global shipping-related matters on their behalf.

Let's Talk Numbers

Experience and Mindset in Building Success

To derive the expected results, it is vital to have a clear path and stay focused that will assist you in achieving your goals. Our vision is to leverage the full potential of the Internet to deliver measurable outcomes to our clients.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is eBay Global Shipping Program?

Gonukkad simplifies the global shipping process for Indian sellers on eBay by managing various shipping options, including standard low-rate delivery and expedited options at competitive prices, without the need to contact third-party logistics providers. Additionally, shippers and buyers can benefit from automatic shipping updates and automated tracking of eBay orders. The program also facilitates the generation of international standard shipping labels, invoices, and reports.

eBay Global Shipping Program
Gonukkad ensure high quality product listing

How does Gonukkad ensure high quality product listing?

Our team of experts ensures that the content is original, accurate, and includes relevant keywords and key features to provide a comprehensive description of your products. By optimizing your product listings in this way, we help improve your store's visibility and increase your chances of ranking high on eBay, leading to more sales and revenue for your business.

What is our strategy for eBay Advertising?

As an approved seller on eBay, there are various online services available to help you promote your listings and increase sales. One such tool is the Promoted Listings Standard, which boosts visibility by making your item stand out from the thousands of others on the platform. In addition to this, Gonukkad utilizes other strategies such as the "Sell It Faster" option in the Seller Hub. This feature adds your item to an eBay promotional campaign, resulting in faster sales turnovers. We also keep a close eye on metrics to ensure optimal return on investment (ROI) on eBay ad spends. You can leave it to us to manage your advertising on eBay using these strategies and others such as deep insights and eBay Advanced Audience Technology (eAAT). Our team of experts will work tirelessly to promote your sales, using the latest technology and techniques to ensure that your listings are seen by as many potential buyers as possible.

strategy for eBay Advertising


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