How To Sell Wholesale on Amazon in 2024

How To Sell Wholesale on Amazon in 2024

24 June, 2024


Last updated on 24 June, 2024

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Amazon Wholesale: How To Sell Wholesale on Amazon in 2024

Check out our 2024 guide on how to sell wholesale on Amazon. Learn the best ways to resell branded products and increase your sales.


There is no doubt that wholesale on Amazon will prove to be one of the best and fastest expanding platforms for those who want to start a business and even for those who want to expand their existing ones. Fetching the most favourable wholesaler for your business can be a daunting and exhausting task. While wholesalers buy and resell established branded products, private label sellers develop and market their own branded items sell on Amazon.

How To Sell Wholesale on Amazon Wholesale

The main goal when selling wholesale on Amazon is to find branded products that there is already a market for. Following are the five simple steps that are required to know how to sell wholesale on Amazon:

  1. Start by setting up your seller account on Amazon, which grants you access to both market trends analytics and Amazon's robust sales platform.
  2. Go for the product that is high in demand to resell
  3. Locate trustworthy vendors ready to provide you with branded products at wholesale prices
  4. Arrange and dispatch stock to Amazon fulfillment centers
  5. Boost sales through improved product listings
  6. Continue to charge competitively and increase your sales speed
  7. To maintain rankings of your products and attain continuous sales, keep a close eye on inventory and sales levels throughout your catalogue and replenish stock before it runs out completely

These simple steps are enough to know how to sell wholesale on Amazon. Besides this, you might necessitate obtaining a "resale certificate," a sales tax permit, and a business license for wholesale sellers.

With the help of these two documents, you can make tax-free product purchases and collect sales tax on behalf of your state. Furthermore, before opening a wholesale account, the majority of brands you contact will need this information from you.

Benefits of Amazon Wholesale

Sets Up in No Time

It takes roughly 9 to 12 months to design, plan, transport, and launch your privately labeled product to your customers.

Greater Overall Margin at Scale

Even though the price hike per item may seem modest, consistent reorders with production runs of 500–1000 units or more result in excellent profit margins.

Greater Customization Compared to Private Label

For wholesalers, trying out new products is effortless, but for private-label shareholders, it can be challenging. To maximize your profitability, you are free to test new suppliers, categories, and brands.

Integrated Customer Demand

Selecting well-known brands in well-liked categories indicates that demand is already high. Consumers seek out reputable name brands; all you need to do to succeed as a business is to provide a sufficient supply of inventory.

Active Management Is Not Necessary

Inventory control gets more straightforward once you have reliable suppliers for your goods. Just keep an eye on the pace of sales for each product and place new orders when available stock runs low.

Tips to Follow to Start Your Business as Wholeseller on Amazon

Pick Your Niche

The first step is to find an advanced category niche that fits your interests and expertise. Browse the best-sellers on Amazon as well to generate more niche concepts.

Use Product Research Tools

Using research tools will let you point out potential wholesale opportunities.

Examine the Google Shopping Listings

With millions of product listings from various high-listed retailers across the globe, Google Shopping offers you a great choice you can make as per the existing demand for your selected product outside Amazon.

Access Information From Social Media Platforms

Scroll for hashtags, labels, and tags related to your products on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Here, customers' constant posts and feedback will let you decide the demand for your product among different customers.

Select Brands Without Constraints on Wholesale

Certain well-established brands restrict wholesale partners' ability to sell their goods. So avoid them.

Execute a Successful Wholesale Business on Amazon

Getting hold of trustworthy wholesale product suppliers makes daily business operations run more effortlessly. Enter the standard selling price, weigh the product if applicable, enter the negotiated wholesale unit cost, and confirm positive net margins.


Consistency and speed are the major attributes when starting any sort of business. When learning how to wholesale on Amazon, it is said that the first 90 days are crucial concerning marketing, planning, strategizing, procedure, launching, and pricing, which will thereafter result in speedy performance.

When starting a new business, focus on the crucial points listed in the blog above to create a reputation and maintain it to accelerate your sales within the first 90 days. So, why wait? Discover Gonukkad to learn about where to buy wholesale products to sell on Amazon and get started right away.

Q. Will I earn a profit wholesale on Amazon?

A. Yes, it is very profitable to start a business of wholesale on Amazon, as reselling wholesale products proves to be profitable with good margins.

Q. What products are prohibited from selling wholesale on Amazon?

A. Even though Amazon provides a lot of opportunities for sellers, some objects are prohibited from being listed because of laws or policies. Products like prescription medications, unapproved copyrighted content, or things that are against Amazon policy—like images of crime scenes—may be subject to these limitations.

Q. What does SOA mean?

A. SOA or Sell On Amazon means that you can list and sell your product within Amazon.

Q. Can I sell on Amazon even if I do not have a website?

A. It is not obligatory to have a website to start a wholesale business selling on Amazon. You just need to register by setting up a seller account and then list your products for sale through your account by logging in.

Q. How can you be distinctive when reaching out to brands?


  • Customize your outreach by referencing the brand's website
  • Provide sales data for the current category and subcategory as well as your projected sales for the next 12 to 24 months
  • Offer pilot plans
  • Explain how your knowledge of the marketplace can help them with their marketing efforts to establish their brand.

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