Know our verification process

At Gonukkad, we take utmost care to ensure that all information is thoroughly checked and kept up-to-date before proceeding with the verification process. Our commitment to accuracy and precision guarantees that only reliable and current data is used during the verification process. Rest assured, your information is in safe hands, and we prioritize maintaining the highest standards of quality and security throughout the verification procedure.


We will discuss and share the complete verification process and its requirements


KYC (Know Your Customer) is a crucial process for businesses to verify the identities of their customers, ensuring compliance with regulations and preventing financial crimes

Physical Verification

Physical verification involves on-site inspections and assessments to validate the physical existence of the business

Contract Execution

Contract execution is the final stage of the contracting process, where parties sign the agreement, legally binding them to fulfill their obligations as outlined in the contract

Merchant Launch

Merchant launch gives access to the merchant to showcase product or service to the market, enabling merchants to offer it to customers for purchase or use


Q. I am not available at the Store, can I still verify?

A. No. You should be physically present at your store in order to complete the verification process. This is done to ensure that only genuine businesses are verified. You can reschedule the verification visit at a convenient time.

Q. Can I verify through Video Verification?

A. No. Unfortunately Video Verification is not an accurate way to verify a physical business. To ensure the verification of authentic businesses, it is essential for you to be physically present at your store during the verification process, and if needed, you can arrange a more suitable time for the verification visit.

Q. Can I verify through Whatsapp Video Call?

A. No. This is again not an accurate method to verify a physical business. To complete the verification process successfully, it is essential to be physically present at your store. This measure is in place to guarantee the verification of genuine businesses. If the initial visit is inconvenient, you can reschedule it to a more suitable time.

Q. I am from Agra, is verification possible at my location?

A. Yes. We are located in more than 200 cities across India, so be rest assured, we will be able to complete the physical verification of your business.

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