The Ultimate Guide to Ajio Seller Central

The Ultimate Guide to Ajio Seller Central

27 September, 2023

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Last updated on 28 October, 2023

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Get Started with Ajio Seller Central: Sell Products Online Today

Are you wondering how to be a part of Ajio Seller Central? This article highlights the ways to help you start selling your products as an Ajio seller.

Overview of Ajio Seller Central

Ajio, one of the renowned e-commerce companies in India, allows businesses of varied sizes to list and sell their fashion and lifestyle products online. If you are an Ajio seller, reaching out to a wide range of potential customers while improving your sales figures and revenue is easier. But, to be a part of Ajio Seller Central, a thorough understanding of the processes involved in registering on the online retail platform is essential.

As a newbie, navigating through the Ajio Seller portal and meeting the requirements of Online Ajio Seller Central can be challenging. This is where our guide for Ajio sellers comes in. We offer comprehensive information about the registration process for sellers and the merits of listing your products on this reputed site. We have focused on all essential aspects of creating an Ajio seller account to help you have a great start as a successful seller. Read on and begin your journey as a seller on the Ajio platform today!

Know All About Becoming a Registered Ajio Seller

Steps for Creating an Ajio Seller Account

Registering on Ajio Seller Central is very easy. You have to follow the steps below and upload the required documents on the portal to complete the online registration process. Ensure the personal information and other details you provide are factually correct and only original documents are uploaded. Let's delve into the registration procedure at the Ajio seller portal:

1. The first step is to create an Ajio seller account on the website of Reliance Retail Supplier Registration.

2. hen click on the New Supplier Registration Tab found on the right side of the Reliance website.

3. You must enter your name, provide PAN card details, and upload a PAN document on the Ajio seller portal in formats like PDF, JPEG, or JPG.

4. Next, you must enter the details of your office location and address along with the PIN code. If you have a home-based business, enter your residential address's details.

5. You will be asked to give your contact information, such as mobile phone number and email ID. You will receive an OTP on your phone to verify as a registered phone number for your Ajio seller account.

6. Enter the OTP that you received on your mobile. Then, select the category of the products that you wish to sell on the Ajio seller portal.

7. Now, all said and done! You are ready to make your move as an Ajio seller.

What Are the Documents Needed by Ajio Seller Portal?

To be a part of Online Ajio Seller Central, you must provide the following documents.

1. PAN Card: The PAN card will carry a 10-digit unique identification code with alphanumeric characters, indicating that you are a regular taxpayer. The proof of this document is essential to register and access the Ajio seller login.

2. Aadhar Card: Every Indian citizen will have a UIDAI Authority-issued individual identification number comprising 12 digits, which is essential proof of your identity. To register at Online Ajio Seller Central, you must provide Aadhar proof.

3. GST Information: GST Number refers to the 15-digit unique identification number denoting you have an authentic business recognized by the government. Every business transaction of yours will be tracked through this GST number on the Ajio seller portal.

4. Business Logo: You will be required to upload the authentic logo of your business, which is considered as your unique brand identity.

5. TIN and CIN Certificate: As a business owner, you must furnish the documents of your TIN and CIN certificates to become an Ajio seller. You must also upload your trademark certificate if you have a non-government or private business.

6. Trademark Certificate: It is an important legal certificate, which is considered proof that the trademark is solely owned by you. It also gives you authoritative control to prevent other companies from using your business trademark illegally.

7. Details of Current Bank Account: You will have to offer the details of your current account along with bank details to monitor the business revenues. It will also be helpful for processing all financial transactions related to the Ajio seller account.

8. MSME Certificate (Optional): You can provide this certificate if your business has been legally verified and registered by governor officials.

Ways of Listing the Products as an Ajio Seller

1. Select Product Template Download on the Online Ajio Seller Central site and click to download the specific template to list your products

2. Give all essential information about your products, such as brand, product ID, SKU No. and product category. Fill up the sections by giving the right information to prevent any kind of misunderstanding during transactions.

3. Select the Product Category Upload option for uploading the template for product listing at the Ajio seller portal.

4. On the Ajio Seller Central platform, search for the files you uploaded, then allocate them, and click on the Submit tab to add your products.

5. Choose the Start Processing tab to start the procedure for product listing for your Ajio seller account. If there are any error messages, then download the files again and reupload them to complete the procedure on the Ajio seller central portal.

Benefits of Becoming an Ajio Seller

You can start selling the products as soon as you complete the Ajio seller login. With an Ajio seller account, you will enjoy the following benefits:

1. Reliable payment system on Ajio seller portal that is secure and safe for Ajio seller

2. Easy seller dashboard access after Ajio seller login

3. No need to spend money to market products on the Ajio Seller Central

4. Opportunity to interact and serve a large number of customers with Ajio seller login

5. Round the clock Ajio seller central customer support to resolve issues swiftly


Being a part of the Ajio Seller Central portal is a perfect opportunity to grow as a business while reaching out to hundreds of customers across the country. Whether it is modern footwear, trendy clothes, to stylish accessories, you can sell everything through Ajio seller login. If you are a startup or a well-established business looking forward to selling your products on the AJIO platform, contact the professional team at GoNukkad for expert guidance today.

Q. What is the most proffered business model of Ajio?

A. Ajio provides support to businesses based on dropshipping and B2B business models.

Q. How many brands are associated with Ajio?

A. Over 2,000 brands with sellers offering more than 5,000 product listings are associated with the Ajio platform.

Q. How can I download the Ajio Seller App?

A. The Ajio Seller app is available for download at the Android Play Store to access the portal from your phone.

Q. When was Ajio established?

A. Ajio has been offering high-quality products related to fashion and lifestyle since 2018.

Q. Is there any eligibility to become an Ajio Seller?

A. Businesses that manufacture or distribute only genuine and high-quality products can become a seller at the Ajio portal.

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