Amazon Attribution Guide 2024

Amazon Attribution Guide 2024

20 July, 2023

Amazon Attribution Guide

Last updated on 2 May, 2024

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A Complete Amazon Attribution Guide to Scale Your Business

Learn Amazon product attribute targeting to track and improve ad performance. Read the ultimate guide to know more about Amazon attribution and kickstart your business.


Amazon Attribution is a free marketing tool that enables brand-registered sellers to assess the effectiveness of their outside marketing initiatives. You'll learn important information about how your buyers find, investigate, and buy your products on Amazon using that data.

Continue reading to find out more about Amazon Attribution's workings, the main justifications for launching outside marketing for your Amazon listings, and how to set up the tracking tags for Attribution.

Before learning more about Amazon attribution, let us first answer the main question- What is Amazon attribution?

What is an Amazon attribution model?

A brand-new measurement tool in beta is called the Amazon attribution model. Amazon Attribution offers merchants an examination of the effects of advertising activities on sales. You may learn which external traffic sources produce the best results by using the tool, which offers you in-depth data and insight.

Additionally, attribution enables you to gauge the success of all your marketing initiatives. You'll be able to comprehend your consumers' search and purchasing behaviors as a consequence. Before Amazon attribution was introduced, it was challenging for sellers to monitor the success of their outside marketing. Therefore, the service makes use of a capability for on-demand reporting. This will enable retailers to enhance their marketing efforts and increase sales.

Set Contact Attributes Amazon Connect:

Each time you communicate with a consumer in Amazon Connect, that contact counts. A voice call, a chat, or an automated engagement utilizing an Amazon Lex bot are all possible forms of communication.

Each contact may have some information unique to a single engagement. As a contact attribute, this information is accessible.

What are the features of Amazon Attribution Program?

Amazon Attribution has several functionalities. We advise experimenting with these four essential Amazon attribution features. There are a few important factors that marketers aim to use to their advantage.

Full-Funnel Amazon Analytics

There are more sales funnel data points accessible when you use Amazon Attribution. However, you are not limited to just conversion information. Instead, Amazon gives you information about how customers interact with your products on their website, such as the number of clicks, in-depth page views, and basket additions.

On-demand Metrics for Amazon Conversion

Your campaign's development can be followed in real-time. Marketers may now optimize their marketing campaigns more successfully than they could in the past thanks to the availability of real-time information.

Customer Perspective

Marketers will be able to comprehend consumer behavior depending on how frequently customers visit their stores' thanks to the wealth of data offered by Amazon Attributes.

Separately tracking each advertising channel

Marketers can create distinctive tags for each marketing channel using Amazon Attribution. You can create hundreds of tags to get detailed updates on how each channel is performing all the time.

How to use the Amazon Attribution Program?

For the purpose of attributing sales to a certain channel or campaign, Amazon Attribution. uses tracking URLs. You can create a special link to make each product ad or campaign trackable when you run advertisements on sites like Facebook or Google. You must go into your Amazon Ads account and go to theAmazon Attribution. interface in order to accomplish this. From this point on, you must decide which business you want to set up Amazon Attribution for.

Understanding Orders and Line Items

You must first create a "New Order" before you can begin setting up Amazon tracking links. Then brands can put "Line Items" under each order.

Due to the lack of a defined meaning, these terminologies may be difficult to understand. A line item for each campaign or ad group is typically added under an order that many marketers and advertisers construct for each channel.

However, you are entirely in charge of how this data is organized. How detailed you want your data to be will depend on your organization. Just keep in mind that each line item functions as a subcategory within each order.

Creating an order

You must use the 'Upload file' option if you are conducting campaigns on Instagram, Facebook, or Google. On the other hand, you can manually create your order on all other marketing platforms.

To do this, all Amazon Attribution programs require is that you select the goods you're promoting and give your order a name. Up to 1000 ASINs can be added to your catalog, however the fewer you pick, the more specific your tracking information will be.

When naming your order, make sure the title is descriptive and stands out from the names of your other orders.

Creating a Line Item

The next step is to include a "Line Item" in your new order. You must name the line item, select the advertising channel on which your product link will appear, and then paste the pertinent product listing URL in order to accomplish this.

After completing these steps, click "Create" to produce your individual trackable URL. You can include this with the adverts you want to track. The customer will arrive at your product listing after clicking through, where Amazon may follow their every action. The information is then shown in a straightforward dashboard.

Bulk Amazon Attribution Program

Amazon allows bulk sheet uploads if you run numerous marketing campaigns to promote your listings. It's worth looking into because it might streamline the entire Amazon monitoring process which will help you save your time.

You can boost your business with Amazon Advertising Services & reach millions of customers and increase sales with targeted ads that drive results.


The best way to track how off-site traffic performs on the Amazon platform is with the Amazon Attribution model. If you run outside marketing campaigns in addition to your Amazon shop and are serious about growing your Amazon business, you must use the Amazon Attribution program. It is now easier and more efficient to improve marketing efforts and boost conversions thanks to Amazon Attribution. Check GoNukkad and learn ways to manage and grow your business.

Q. What is an Amazon product attribute targeting?

A. A tracking URL for a product listing you generate under your Amazon Attribution account is known as Amazon product attribution targeting.

You can create the URL and include this link in any digital advertisement, email, blog post, or other content piece you want to use to direct customers to your listing. When a customer clicks on the link, Amazon keeps a note of it and notifies you of the user's action.

Q. Which media types can be measured?

A. Search advertisements, social ads, display ads, video ads, and email marketing are all examples of non-Amazon advertisement media that are measured by Amazon Attribution program.

Q. What important metrics are offered by the Amazon Attribution Program?

A. Clicks are included in Amazon Attribution model reports along with Amazon conversion metrics like detail page views, Add to Carts, and sales. Reporting is accessible via the console and as downloadable reports.

Q. How should an Amazon product attribute tag be made?

A. When it comes to putting up your Amazon product attribution tags, you have two choices

1. Manual Design

2. Bulk Upload

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