Case Study: How The Fit Guy Leveraged Amazon Brand Analytics for Success

Case Study: How The Fit Guy Leveraged Amazon Brand Analytics for Success

1 August, 2023

Competitive Analysis

Last updated on 30 October, 2023

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How The Fit Guy Used Amazon Brand Analytics for Success

Discover how The Fit Guy, a fitness accessory brand, achieved remarkable success using Amazon Brand Analytics. Read this case study and unleash the power of data-driven choices to enhance your brand's growth on Amazon.


The Fit Guy is a fitness accessory brand that uses Amazon Brand Analytics, to understand customers' problems and find solutions to the problems. The Fit Guy uses data from Amazon Brand Analytics, or ABA, to improve product listings, identify chances for new items, maximize advertising budgets, and increase sales by running advertisements only in Amazon's shop.


Yaniv Kinstlich bought a device on Amazon in 2018 with the intention of using it to safeguard his shins when weightlifting. He wasn't happy with the purchase and couldn't believe there wasn't a stylish shin guard that would wrap around his lower legs without making him take off his shoes.

With his longtime friend and coworker Guy Arad, Yaniv created a prototype of the shin guard he would want to wear while weightlifting. The Fit Guy brand was born.

Business Growth of the Fit Guy

Amazon Brand Analytics, or ABA, is a tool Yaniv and Guy rely on to understand what their customers want and how to best assist them in finding it. As this service offers invaluable insights into identifying potential customers, their purchasing

behavior/patterns, rivals, and search queries, Amazon Brand Analytics (ABA) serves as a treasure trove for the merchants that list their products on Amazon.

From the fourth quarter of 2021 to the fourth quarter of 2022, their sales climbed by more than 40%. Yaniv also learned search phrases he never would have considered by spending time on the Search Query Performance, or SQP, dashboard.

How The Fit Guy Optimized Its Sales By Using Amazon Brand Analytics?

The Fit Guy has been able to reduce their advertising costs while witnessing an increase in product sales because of Guy's passion for data research and Brand Analytics reports like SQP and Search Terms. The research on recurring product purchases by Amazon customers offers insights into these repeat transactions.

It is informative and inspiring to understand how buyers find products. The Fit Guy recognized how Amazon search works and quickly increased sales by doing so rather than assuming what customers type into the search bar to find products similar to those they sell.

How The Fit Guy Derived Marketing Insights By Using Amazon Brand Analytics?

By enabling Yaniv and Guy to identify which products customers usually purchased together, the Market Basket Dashboard assisted them in creating bundles that increased sales.

The top three products that Amazon customers compared and bought instead of your products are displayed in the Market Basket Analysis Item Comparison and Alternate Purchase Behavior Report. Additionally, the data shows how frequently shoppers compare your offerings to the top three products.

What Are The Various Reports?

The Fit Guy used to have an edge over the competition and used it for competitive analysis.

The five important reports used were as below:

1. Amazon Search Terms Report

2. Market Basket Analysis, Item Comparison, and Alternate Purchase Behavior

3. Repeat Purchase Behavior Report

4. Market Basket Analysis Item Report

5. Demographics Report

Understanding Amazon Brand Analytics as a New Seller

Customers and their loyalty are two elements that an online company needs in order to grow sustainably. You must comprehend buyers' demands, budgets, and interests to obtain both. But to do this, the proper information is needed. Registered brands selling on Seller Central's Amazon shop may use the add-on function known as Brand Analytics.

As was previously stated, it comprises some of the most important information that you should definitely check. You can look for the following things using this tool:

1. Estimation of the overall click-through rate and conversion rate for each term.

2. Shopping habits and buying trends of consumers.

3. Determine who your potential clients are.

Why Are Analytical Tools Important for Your Amazon Business?

Critical indicators are available to sellers, including the number of unique customers, sales of purchased products, and ordered units for each demographic segment. Based on client penetration by demography, brand owners can improve their marketing efforts using the Demographics dashboard.

This report compiles demographic data on a seller's clientele, such as age, gender, and income.


Given their success selling in Amazon's shop, Guy and Yaniv expanded their product line with the support of the effective use of Amazon Brand Analytics. They now sell a variety of belts, guards, and gym attachments in addition to shin guards. Undoubtedly, they have experienced sales growth and are continuing to establish a solid name as a reliable fitness accessory company.

They intend to continue providing cutting-edge products for the fitness community by investigating more of Amazon's Brand Registry tools and programs.

Q. Is Amazon Brand Analytics free to use, or are there any fees?

A. Brand owners have free access to important insights from Amazon Brand Analytics regarding their products, market, competitors, search terms, keywords, and other topics.

Q. How to increase online sales using brand analytics?

A. Go to the "Brands" tab on the Amazon Seller Central Dashboard and choose "Brand Analytics." Then select "Market Basket Analysis" from the drop-down box for "Consumer Behavior Dashboards."

Q. What advantages do Amazon brand analytics offer?

A. It offers a selection of indicators and statistics to assist businesses in making data-driven choices that will boost profits and client retention. Amazon merchants can use this information to track client shopping trends, examine previous purchasing patterns, and more.

Q. What are brand analytics, and what lessons can we draw from them?

A. Only sellers of a brand can access Brand Analytics, an Amazon tool. In other words, this vendor must be an Amazon seller and a brand representative. The primary purpose of Amazon Brand Analytics is to aid or direct the brand's strategic decision-making.

Q. What are the primary reports provided by Amazon Brand Analytics?

1. Market-based analysis report

2. Amazon search terms report

3. Items comparison and alternate purchase behavior report

4. Demographic report

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