Know Your Business Skills With The Amazon Business Quiz

Know Your Business Skills With The Amazon Business Quiz

29 November, 2023


Last updated on 29 November, 2023

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Take The Amazon Business Quiz To Test Your Business Skills

Gain business insights with the Amazon Business Quiz and stand an opportunity to win attractive cash prizes and rewards by contesting the Amazon Business Extra Savings quiz.


Are you a business professional or entrepreneur seeking to test your acumen and win attractive prizes? Check out the Amazon Business Quiz! Crafted to challenge and award participants, the quiz presents an exciting opportunity to display your expertise and hit the jackpot. This article helps readers understand the quiz format, master key concepts, focus on any current updates, and leverage the quiz to achieve success.

Benefits Of Taking The Amazon Business Quiz

The Amazon Business Quiz carries multiple benefits. It further presents a platform and opportunity to demonstrate your awareness of Amazon's offerings concerning both products and services, along with the bigger business environment. Moreover, it offers opportunities to win all types of appealing prizes, including high-end products, gift cards, and professional avenues.

Amazon Business Extra Savings Quiz

The amazon business extra savings quiz Spin and Win is being updated when the e-commerce big player has hugely modified the Funzone segment. Various new quizzes have been rolled out during the last few weeks, but the underlying idea stays the same. Besides offering rewards to its customers, Amazon is also informing them about its products during the process.

How To Locate The Amazon Business Extra Savings Quiz Spin And Win?

The Amazon business extra savings quiz Spin and Win is the second quiz linked to Amazon Business. It is directly present on Funzone, and it is simple to maneuver this “spin and win” format quiz. To locate this quiz, launch your Amazon app and look for Funzone. Go to the first result and scroll downwards to discover the banner of Amazon Business Extra Savings Spin and Win. Pat on the quiz and rotate the wheel to start the contest.

This Amazon extra savings quiz is an extremely simple one. It is a regular spin-and-win quiz highlighting savings from a business account. Amazon is seen to use such quizzes, particularly the Amazon Pay Games segment of quizzes, to endorse its product via the Funzone section.

A spin-and-win Amazon extra savings quiz includes a spinwheel containing a total of 6 slices, of which one is designated as “better luck next time” here. You must initially spin the wheel and reply to a preliminary question to qualify for the prize where the pointer rests. If you give the correct answer, you will join the pool of draws to determine the winner. Solely the legal residents of India of 18 or above age are qualified to participate.

How To Play The Amazon Business Extra Savings Quiz Spin And Win?

Here is the step-by-step guide to play the Amazon Business Extra Savings Quiz.

1. Download and set up the Amazon mobile app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

2. Once set up, start the app and log in to your Amazon account.

3. Next, search for Funzone and tap on the search outcome.

4. Scroll downwards to locate the Amazon business extra saving quiz Spin and Win.

5. After you've found the quiz, pat it on its banner to begin the contest.

6. Rotate the wheel and reply to the question to qualify for the prize on the basis of where it halts.

7. The final screen will certify your participation in the fortunate draw of lots.

Final Thoughts

Update your business knowledge on the product range and services of Amazon and the industry environment through this quiz program. You will earn your rewards by way of prize money and exciting products. The cash prize money of the Amazon business extra saving quiz contest includes amounts of Rs. 5000, 10,000, 15,000, and 25,000 to be awarded to the lucky winners with the correct answers. Use GoNukkad as the perfect platform to grow and retain the online presence of your business enterprise and fulfill the e-commerce requirements of your marketplace.

Q. How do you access the Amazon Business Quiz?

A. The Amazon Business Quiz can be accessed quite simply. Whether you do or do not have an account, sign up for it at Amazon Business. You can find the Amazon Business Quiz in the “Quiz” segment. You can enter a realm of engaging rewards and challenges by clicking there.

Q. What are the prizes under Amazon Business Quiz?

A. One can receive prices varying from Rs 4000 to Rs 25,000. For Rs 25,000, 20,000, 15,000, and 10,000, there would be a single winner. At the same time, 5 winners will be picked for Rs 4000. Users can claim their prize through Amazon pay Balance.

Q. Does entering in a lucky draw assure a win?

A. No, a win is not guaranteed by entering a lucky draw. That implies you have been included in the customers list who are qualified for the win. Winners are randomly picked from the customer's list without any human interference.

Q. What are the eligibility criteria of the participant for the Amazon Business Quiz?

A. Before entering the quiz, ensure you fulfill the eligibility criteria. Entrees must be certified users of Amazon Business, and the quiz is available to businesses and individuals alike. Every participant can answer the quiz just once, so prepare well!

Q. What are the format and questions of the quiz?

A. The Amazon Business Quiz includes 3 rounds, each offering special challenges.

  • Round 1 - General Knowledge Questions
  • Round 2 - Product-Related Questions
  • Round 3 - Scenario-Based Questions

Every correct answer fetches you points, and when the quiz ends, your total score decides your ranking on the leaderboard. Strive high, as highest-ranking participants frequently receive extra rewards and recognition.

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