Amazon Enhanced Brand Content: A New Way To Enhance Your Product Listings

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content: A New Way To Enhance Your Product Listings

13 July, 2023

 Enhanced Brand Content

Last updated on 27 March, 2024

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Amazon Enhanced Brand Content: Improve Product Listing in 2023

Amazon has introduced a new feature: Amazon Enhanced Brand Content is now accessible to all FBA sellers who want to try it.

Overview of Amazon Enhanced Brand Content

A new product launch on Amazon is a significant event for your company. You have the opportunity to promote your brand and inform people of what you do. Using Amazon product launch Service can ensure your launch has the possible effect if you're unclear about how to go about it. Ensure you are utilizing all of Amazon's resources as you implement your Amazon product launch strategy. Enhanced Brand Content, or EBC, is one of them. Let us get to know in detail about the Enhanced Brand Content, including the benefits, best practices, pitfalls, and procedures. Sell on Amazon? Improve your product launches with enhanced branded content and captivate shoppers with rich, informative visuals.

What Is Enhanced Brand Content?

Enhanced Brand Content is a great way to improve how product descriptions of certain ASINs in your catalog look . You can add information, instructions, and of course, product images through EBC that might not normally fit in your main listing. Amazon's product launch Service is a useful tool for sophisticated, cutting-edge items that have not yet been introduced to the market.

Guide to Amazon Enhanced Brand Content

You must first register as a third-party seller on Amazon in order to use Seller Central. We shall describe how to configure EBC in the "A Content Manager" on Seller Central. Check out the following discussed below to configure EBC!

Getting Started

Search "Advertising" in the menu at the top of the page in Seller Central, then choose "A Content Manager." Your EBC template can be created on the A Content Manager page. You can simply develop and review your EBC since the A Content Manager website is designed with ease of use. To customize your EBC, you can search for a certain ASIN or product. The "Start creating A Content" button also gives you the option to subsequently add the EBC to ASINs. The items included in this section are those that qualify for EBC.

Create the Content

There are two sections on the A Content Manager website. You can name the content and choose a language in the top area. Making a labeling system for the material you're developing is great practice, and giving your EBC lists names based on your goods can help you manage them more effectively.

You can upload a picture of your company's logo in the next section. The logo must match the brand that your items are listed under and be 600180 pixels in size with a 72-dpi resolution

Click the "Start creating A Content" button to start a new template. Click the "Start creating A Content" button to start a new template. Remember that your product description will be included in the layout of your EBC along with other elements like photographs and will affect how your EBC appears on a page.

Add Texts and Graphics

How to add text and graphics to your EBC template is covered in the last part. Simply select a module from the available options by clicking "Add Module." Since each module has different specifications for the number of characters and size of the photos, you must prepare all of the material before uploading it to your template. When adding modules, a screen with a list of options will be displayed to you. Select from a selection of modules.

The four most prevalent varieties are comparison charts, pictures with text overlays, and images with text added to them. Get creative with your template's layout, as you can include up to 5 different modules. On the A Content Manager page, a new area will appear as soon as you choose a module. You can include text and photos here. You can add an image with a resolution of 970 by 600 pixels, headline text, and formattable body copy to this example (Header with Text Module).

Apply Keywords

Applying keywords is required when adding an image to your EBC template (maximum character count: 100). A short sentence describing the image should contain keywords. This can contain your company name, the name of the product for which the EBC is being developed, and a few key characteristics of that product

Click Apply ASINS

When you have completed adding all of the material for the modules you have chosen, click "Next: Apply ASINs" at the top of the screen. The ASIN page is divided into two sections. You can look up ASINs and use the EBC template on them by using these sections. A product's eligibility for EBC will also be visible to you. This section displays each listing for which you have submitted an EBC. You can also delete the EBC from a specific ASIN if you no longer want it to be applied to that ASIN.

Review and Submit

Click the "Next: Review & Submit" button at the top when you have completed adding the EBC to the desired ASINs. You can get a preview of the EBC and all of the ASINs where it has been applied on the review page. If there is a mistake, a warning will be displayed at the top, and you will have the chance to remedy it. When you're ready to upload the EBC, click the "Submit for Approval" button at the top.

Benefits of Enhanced Brand Content

Some of the benefits of Enhanced Brand Content are discussed below:

1. It helps spread awareness about the product

2. It increases customer engagement

3. It increases Roi for paid ads

4. It reduces returns and negative reviews

Best Practices

Some of the best practices for Enhanced Brand Content are discussed below:

1. Make sure to emphasize your selling features when you're planning to create an EBC template for your listings. This will be advantageous, especially if there are other merchants who are selling the same thing.

2. Additionally, you can include a banner introducing your business somewhere in your EBC design. Most first-time vendors or small firms emphasize this.

3. It's advisable to create more visuals and less text for EBC. To appeal to customers who quickly scan the product page, you can also position the text on the image.

4. If you have a variety of items, you should concentrate on your best-selling and highest-ranking ones initially so that you can reap the benefits of your effort in developing this right away.


Amazon product launch service can greatly affect how your product performs on the platform. EBC not only helps in projecting your brand and products in a positive light but also helps improve your ranking on search results. Using this guide, take advantage of this service and increase the conversions and sales of your product. Gonukkad provides various services to help sellers manage their accounts on different online marketplaces. If you want to increase your visibility online and optimize your seller account on Amazon, check out Gonukkad.

Q. What is enhanced brand content?

A. Enhanced Brand Content is a great way to improve how product descriptions of certain ASINs in your catalog look .

Q. What is enhanced brand content A+ content?

A. Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) or A+ Content is a feature on Amazon that allows brand owners to create visually rich product descriptions using images and text to enhance the shopping experience for customers.

Q. What is enhanced brand content A+ content?

A. Amazon's A+ content, formerly called Enhanced Brand Content, showcases your brand on the platform and is said to boost sales when added to your product listings.

Q. How do I get enhanced brand content on Amazon?

A. To get enhanced brand content on Amazon, you must be a brand registered seller. Then, access Seller Central, select a product and follow the EBC guidelines.

Q. How much time does it usually take to approve the EBC?

A. According to Amazon, they will decide whether to accept or reject improved brand material in 7 days.

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