A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Amazon Product Barcode

A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Amazon Product Barcode

18 October, 2023

how to list products on amazon without upc barcode

Last updated on 27 October, 2023

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Amazon Product Barcode: How to Create Amazon Barcode in 2023

Learn how to create Amazon product barcode step-by-step for successful selling on Amazon. Follow our guide to ensure your products are ready to sell on Amazon.

Overview of Amazon Product Barcode

If you sell on Amazon, you should be aware that an amazon product barcode is required so that Amazon can monitor your items in their database. Amazon is highly rigorous regarding which barcodes can be used and how they should be implemented. So thoroughly review this tutorial to ensure that your goods reach Amazon's fulfillment facility and are ready to sell.

What are the Requirements for Amazon FBA Barcodes?

Amazon employs three different types of barcodes, each needing to meet specific requirements.

1. Manufacturer codes: GCID, UPC, EAN, JAN, or ISBN are required.

2. FNSKU for Amazon Barcodes.

3. Transparency Authenticity Code: Only brand owners who have signed up for Amazon's preventing counterfeiting programs are eligible for this one. This does not cover small merchants.

We advise you to utilize UPC and FNSKU barcodes because they are the most popular and well-known ones.

When Should You Get a Barcode?

Most sellers who buy items from other countries must receive the barcode before the item is finished and have the maker put it to the packaging before it gets placed in a box to ship offshore. This is because it is the simplest thing to implement, and virtually all manufacturers will do it for free or at a very low cost. If they do charge, it's only a few cents for each item, which is far less than Amazon's 20 cents for every label update. Furthermore, if the barcode is affixed at the production, you may ship straight from the manufacturer to an Amazon fulfillment center. The option to send to an Amazon fulfillment center is available when setting up a shipment through Freightos or Flexport, two Freight Forwarders that are set up for shipping directly with Amazon.

Is It Necessary to Print My UPC Barcode on the Product Packaging?

Although Amazon requires a UPC or other product identifiers to generate a listing, technically, you don't have to put the UPC code on the package of your goods to sell it on Amazon. You must label each item with an FNSKU barcode if you use FBA to transport your items to an Amazon fulfillment center. Your "Amazon Barcode" is the FNSKU, which notifies Amazon that the item you're selling is a property of your seller account.

How to Buy a UPC Code for Amazon?

To acquire a UPC (Universal Product Code) for Amazon, follow these steps:

1. Begin with grasping the significance of UPC codes and their role as distinct product identifiers used for tracking inventory and sales. Amazon mandates that sellers possess a valid UPC for each item they list.

2. Initiate the process by establishing an Amazon Seller Account if you don't already possess one. This involves navigating the Amazon Seller Central website and completing the registration procedure.

3. Once your seller account is set up, access Amazon Seller Central by logging in with your provided credentials.

4. To introduce a new product, navigate to the "Inventory" section within Seller Central and select "Add a Product."

5. You'll be prompted to input various product details such as the title, brand, manufacturer, etc. If your merchandise necessitates a UPC, you'll find an option to input it during this stage.

6. If you haven't obtained a UPC yet, you can procure one through a reputable UPC reseller. Ensure the source you choose is reliable to guarantee the authenticity of your UPC, verifying that it isn't already associated with another product.

GS1:GS1 is the original source of UPCs and is considered the most authoritative. However, they are relatively more expensive and come with annual renewal fees. You can visit the GS1 website to purchase UPCs.

UPC Resellers: Many online UPC resellers offer one-time purchases without annual fees. Be cautious and do your research to ensure the reseller you choose is legitimate.

Enter UPC Code: Once you have purchased a UPC, return to the Amazon Seller Central product listing and enter the code into the appropriate field.

Complete Product Listing: Fill out all the required information for your product listing, including price, quantity, and other details.

Save and Publish: After completing the product listing, save your changes, and then click the "Publish" button to make your product listing live on Amazon.

Monitor Your Listings: Keep an eye on your product listings and ensure they are active and correctly associated with your UPC code. Amazon may periodically review your listings for accuracy.

Remember that following Amazon's policies and guidelines for product listings and UPC usage is essential. Using invalid or duplicate UPCs can lead to listing removal or account suspension. Always purchase UPCs from reputable sources to avoid any issues.


Amazon Product Barcode are an essential aspect of preparing your goods for sale on FBA. Ensure you complete everything correctly. Otherwise, you may face additional costs from Amazon or reject your purchase. A valid UC or FNSKU must be used, the labels must be correctly printed, and the labels must be applied to the package. Ready to create an Amazon product barcode and streamline your selling process on Amazon? Follow our comprehensive guide and start your journey with GoNukkad today!

Q. What does an Amazon UPC code mean?

A. Most American shops employ the 12-digit Universal Product Code (UPC) barcode, and Amazon is no exception. It is in the lead, demanding a UPC from all merchants looking to add new items. Amazon uses these UPC codes to identify goods in its database.

Q. Can I make a barcode for my goods on my own?

A. To design your barcodes, we advise utilizing a specialized barcode maker. You'll save time and guarantee accurate barcode generation by doing this.

Q. Are barcodes a separate cost on Amazon?

A. You will be charged 50p/$0.55 per item when you enable the FBA Label Service, in effect allowing Amazon to attach barcode labels to your items.

Q. How much does a barcode license cost?

A. The prices range from roughly Rs. 44,000 to Rs. 2,20,000, depending on all of the variables.

Q. Is it possible to offer goods on Amazon without a barcode?

A. When you enter "generic" in the Brand/Publisher section, an automated GTIN bypass/exemption is generated. This implies you may add a product without a Barcode.

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