Mastering the Amazon Search Terms Report in 2024: Strategies for Success

Mastering the Amazon Search Terms Report in 2024: Strategies for Success

14 November, 2023


Last updated on 2 May, 2024

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How to Use Amazon Search Terms Report in 2024

Learn how to harness the power of the Amazon search terms report in 2024. Dive into the step-by-step process of how to download the search Term report Amazon.


Amazon Search Terms Report has become an indispensable tool for sellers on the platform. In 2024, harnessing the potential of this report is crucial for maximizing your success as an Amazon seller. In this guide, we'll delve into what the Amazon search terms report is, what it includes, and the essential steps to download and effectively analyze it.

What is an Amazon Search Terms Report?

The Amazon search terms report PPC is a comprehensive document that aggregates data on how customers find products within the Amazon store through search terms. This data encompasses both your products and those of your competitors.

Importance of Amazon Search Terms Report

Amazon's algorithms and customer behavior are continually evolving. To stay competitive, sellers need access to the most current data and insights. The Amazon Search Terms Report is crucial because:

1. Relevance is Key: In 2024, Amazon's algorithms prioritize relevant products. Knowing which search terms are most relevant to your products is essential for visibility and sales.

2. Ad Campaign Optimization: For PPC campaigns, understanding the keywords that drive clicks and conversions is vital for maximizing ROI.

3. Competitive Edge: It allows you to keep an eye on your competitors' performance and customer trends, helping you make informed decisions.

4. Product Development: You can discover trending products and categories on Amazon, giving you ideas for new products or niche expansion.

How To Download Search Terms Report Amazon?

To download the Amazon Search Terms Report, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Seller Central account.

2. Go to the Brands section and select 'Brand Analytics.

3. Click on the Amazon Search Terms tab.

4. Select your preferred marketplace and reporting period.

5. Download the report for offline use, which you can open in programs like Microsoft Excel.

How To Use Amazon Search Terms Report?

The Amazon search terms report provides insights into the visibility of search terms driven by shoppers' clicks. Furthermore, it aids in identifying negative keywords for search terms that fail to drive traffic.

Find Your Golden Product

In 2024, launching a new product on Amazon can be a daunting task. To identify your next golden product, turn to the Amazon Search Terms Report. Look for search terms with high search frequency ranks (SFR). These terms indicate popular and trending products. By analyzing SFR, you can discover potential niches and product ideas.

Generate Keyword Ideas

Creating a compelling product listing is crucial. Use the report to generate keyword ideas. Filter the report with your primary keyword to identify winning keywords for your product listings. Incorporate these keywords into your product titles, description, and backend search terms to enhance your listing's visibility.

Deep Dive into Customer Analytics

Understanding your customers is the key to success on Amazon. Use the Search Terms Report to uncover customer behavior. Identify which products in your niche receive the most clicks and conversions. Analyze their listing titles, images, bullet points, and A+ content. Learn from your successful competitors and apply similar strategies to your listings.

Monitor Top Metrics

The Search Terms Report provides a wealth of data, including:

1. Campaign Name

2. Ad Group Name

3. Portfolio Name

4. Keyword Match Type

5. Customer Search Terms

6. Impressions

7. Clicks

8. CTR (Click-through-rate)

9. CPC (Cost-per-click)

10. Amount Spent

11. Total ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale)

12. Total Return on Advertising Spend (RoAS)

13. Total Sales

14. Conversion Rate

Optimize Your Listings

Amazon's search algorithms rely on relevant search terms to determine product listings' relevance. If your product isn't generating impressions for a specific keyword, consider optimizing your product listing. Use the search terms from the report to update your product description, title, and bullet points.

Create Manual Campaigns

For a more targeted approach, harvest search term data from your automatic campaigns. Analyze the report for at least a month's worth of data. Identify keywords that are converting into sales based on the "Total Sales" metric. Create manual campaigns targeting these high-converting keywords.

Observe Consumer Trends and Behavior

Regularly run the Search Terms Report to gather insights into ongoing customer trends and purchase behavior. Filter the report by the highest Total Ad Spend to identify non-converting keywords. Adjust your CPC or pause keywords that aren't driving conversions. Prioritize time and resources on high-converting keywords to boost profitability.


Harness the power of the Amazon search term report PPC to enhance your Amazon selling strategies and boost your success on the platform. By following the steps to download the report and utilizing the insights it provides, you can refine your PPC campaigns, optimize your product listings, and stay ahead in the ever-competitive world of e-commerce.

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Q. When should one analyze Amazon search terms report?

A. It's advisable to analyze the report regularly to stay updated on customer trends and behavior. Depending on your advertising goals, consider reviewing it weekly or monthly.

Q. How to find the most relevant keywords in the search terms report?

A. Look for search terms that generate high clicks and conversions. These are the most relevant keywords that you should consider targeting in your campaigns.

Q. What to do with unprofitable keywords in the report?

A. Unprofitable keywords should be added to your negative keyword list to eliminate wasted ad spend. This ensures that your advertising budget is used more efficiently.

Q. How to optimize product listings based on the Search Terms Report?

A. Use the search terms to enhance your product description, title, and bullet points. Make sure to include key details that describe your product's features and uses.

Q. How to create manual campaigns on Amazon?

A. One can use the data from the report to identify high-converting keywords and create manual campaigns to target those keywords effectively.

Q. How to download search Term report Amazon?

A. To download a Search Term Report on Amazon, log in to your Seller Central account, navigate to Reports > Advertising Reports, select the desired date range, and click on Create Report.

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