Amazon Seller Account Suspended? Here’s Your Roadmap to Recovery

Amazon Seller Account Suspended? Here’s Your Roadmap to Recovery

8 June, 2023

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Last updated on 26 October, 2023

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Amazon Account Suspended For Seller in 2023: What Next?

Learn about the steps to take when your Amazon seller account suspended. Get expert guidance to resolve the issue and return to selling on Amazon.


Account Suspension is a challenge if you sell on Amazon. Whether you are a part-time or full-time Amazon Seller, your seller account is your most crucial tool in this industry. When you get the dreaded message that your account has been suspended, you must take Amazon suspension help. However, given the complexities of suspensions, you can't afford to make errors. You're thinking about many questions; therefore, this post will answer them all. We'll walk you through the process of recovering your account and determining the best option to proceed. Let's go through every part of the Amazon seller account suspension.

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What is Amazon Seller Account Suspension?

Account suspension implies you will no longer be able to sell. This happens when a seller violates Amazon's rules, terms, or conditions when selling on the platform. During this period, no customers will be able to see your Amazon product listings. Your Amazon presence effectively ceases to exist, but don't worry, you may appeal to have the suspension removed and your account restored. Amazon always informs vendors of account suspensions. You may tailor your appeal based on the kind of account suspension. Suspended vendors have lost a lot of money since they can't show their items on Amazon anymore. Even though there is a limited chance of having your items reinstated on the marketplace after being suspended, there are still appropriate actions available for Amazon sellers to fix their issues and resume selling on Amazon.

What are the Various Reasons for Account Suspension?

There are several account suspension reasons. Therefore you should develop an action plan in response.

1. Seller Performance

Whether you're a brand-new seller on Amazon or an established, reputable one, your performance as a seller must always be up to par. Customer happiness is something that Amazon takes very seriously; therefore, it's up to you to meet the goals they've set for your performance. This involves maintaining an extremely low failure rate for Amazon orders. Amazon looks at standard selling indicators, unfavorable customer comments, late shipping, and order cancellations to identify underperforming suppliers.

2. Product Standards and Quality

You must abide by the rules while selling on Amazon and refrain from offering any restricted, illegitimate, fake, or used goods. It's necessary to be informed about Amazon's policy regarding prohibited goods in various nations. Alcohol, explosives, money and coins, tobacco, and others are examples of prohibited goods.

3. Multiple Accounts

You are not permitted to sell the same kind of goods via more than one seller account since this is considered to be a policy violation. To avoid Amazon seller account suspension, you may request prior authorization for it in writing to Amazon. Another crucial point to remember is to avoid opening a new Seller account immediately after your account has been suspended.

4. Obtaining Paid Reviews

Receiving paid ratings from Facebook groups has become a popular trend. However, it is crucial to note that requesting opinions from Facebook groups or any other review-provider business is strictly prohibited. This is a significant violation, and if Amazon discovers such activity, it will remove those reviews. While you are permitted to ask for genuine feedback, offering rewards or incentives is not allowed. It is worth mentioning that some vendors engage in review exchanges, but this practice is unlikely to persist for long.

5. Violations

Trademarks and copyrights are crucial when selling on Amazon. You must not utilize false trademarks, sell fake goods, or violate the copyrights of other vendors. You should not infringe on the intellectual property of another vendor with your advertising material. It is your responsibility as a merchant to keep up with the rules.

What is the Appeal Process?

If, despite your best efforts, Amazon suspends your account, perform a comprehensive inquiry across all of your accounts, paying special attention to any ASINs with past policy warnings. You must carefully study the suspension notice to determine which rule(s) you broke, referring to Amazon's rules and agreements page and reviewing your Seller Central performance metrics.If you need additional information about your suspension (you still have access to Amazon suspension help support), try submitting a ticket.

1. Find the Account suspension reasons in your appeal.

2. Accept responsibility for your actions and apologize to the consumer.

3. Tell Amazon that you are devoted to delivering excellent customer service and that selling on their site is a privilege.

4. Refrain from disrespecting Amazon's product quality assurance procedure.

5. Your Plan of Action should be detailed and based on your internal account findings to maximize your chances of a successful appeal. This is a critical component of your appeal. Remember that if the investigators want further information, your Appeal process will be delayed. When you're prepared to submit your appeal, go to Seller Central's Performance Notification area, select your suspension notice, and click the "Appeal" button before submitting your Plan of Action. Then there's the wait.

Account Reinstatement

Seller Performance is in charge of Account reinstatement and suspensions. Try to remember that they get hundreds of appeals every day, so it's unlikely that they'll respond the same day you wrote the letter. It usually takes 48 hours to get a reply, but sometimes it might take up to 60 days. Even if it's distressing, just be calm and patient.

Understand that contacting Amazon suspension help support will only help you with the Appeal process. Seller Performance is the sole department that handles suspension issues, and no, they do not have a phone number. Even though it's inviting, don't attempt to register a new seller account while you're waiting. We strongly advise you to learn from your mistakes and wait for your primary account to be restored; else, your second account may also be suspended.

If your appeal is approved and you're back on track, simply remember to prevent further suspensions and avoid having more listings deleted. If you are suspended indefinitely, you may be banned. It's uncommon to hear about Amazon altering its mind on banned accounts. You may search for another site to sell after being banned. Remember, Amazon just wants the best for its consumers, and it is your responsibility to improve your selling abilities and learn from previous errors and mistakes.


Now that you've learned all about Amazon Seller account suspension, you'll be better prepared to cope with it if it ever arises. When drafting your appeals, maintain professionalism in your approach. Perform constant account health monitoring and analysis of business data and audits to ensure that you maximize your profits as an Amazon seller. You must restore your account and handle the problem using the Gonukkad services. It offers services that assist Amazon Accounts in preparing for the unexpected or resolving Amazon account suspensions to save time, money, and effort.

Q. What is the Amazon Account reinstatement?

A. When a seller's Amazon account is disabled or limited, they must take steps to restore it so they may resume selling. In response to any breaches of the Amazon Selling Guidelines, the seller must file an appeal with Amazon and include all required supporting evidence, as well as any modifications and actions you plan to make to address and prevent similar problems in the future.

Q. What is the impact of Amazon seller account suspension?

A. You will only be able to sell something on Amazon if your seller account is suspended. As a result, you won't be able to utilize any seller tools or features, list or sell any items, or access your seller account dashboard.

Q. Can you open a new Amazon seller account upon suspension?

A. No, if you open another Amazon seller account after your previous one was suspended, you will violate the Amazon seller policy. However, you may appeal to Amazon by writing them a POA if you believe that the reason your account was blocked was a mistake.

Q. What to do when Amazon asks for "more information"?

A. If Amazon asks for further information, you may study the appeal and cross-reference the information that Amazon specifically requested you to provide and comply with their request.

Q. How long does it take to restore a suspended Amazon account?

A. The complexity of the case, the nature of the breach, and the type of account suspension are all relevant factors that decide the duration of the restoration process.

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