Amazon Sponsored Products vs Amazon Sponsored Brands

Amazon Sponsored Products vs Amazon Sponsored Brands

27 July, 2023

Sponsored Brands

Last updated on 31 October, 2023

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Amazon Sponsored Products vs Sponsored Brands: The Key Difference

Are you confused between sponsored products and sponsored brands when you visit the Amazon homepage? In this article, you will get to know everything about the two with the Amazon sponsored products guide.


We all have gone shopping on the Amazon e-commerce platform and come across certain products which flaunt the sponsored by Amazon tag. These are nothing services provided by Amazon advertising.

While both services serve the same purpose, i.e. promote the brand or the product, the names of these services also seem to be almost the same but there are certain differences between the two.

To understand these differences, we first need to understand the Amazon-sponsored ad system.

What are Amazon Sponsored ads?

In general words, Amazon sponsored ads are a way to help your product/brand help to reach the general audience through marketing on the Amazon platform. They are nothing but simple PPC (Pay Per Click) ads that help to drive traffic toward a specific product, brand, or service with the help of relevant keywords or by simple and attractive creatives.

Amazon-Sponsored ads are currently available in three forms:

1. Sponsored Products

2. Sponsored Brands

3. Sponsored Displays

What are Amazon Sponsored Products Ads?

Sponsored products India are certain individual product listings that are promoted across the Amazon Platform with the help of relevant searches or keywords.

Such ads help to influence the audience as generally the sponsored product cost per click appears right at the top of the search results and help to create a sense of popularity regarding the product in the customer's mind. This marketing tactic is quite simple yet very effective and thus results in improved sales and product ranking on the platform.

What are Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads?

Unlike sponsored product ads, which include only the promotion of an individual product and aim at boosting product sales, Sponsored Brand Ads are useful for creating brand awareness in the audience and help the brand to establish and build up a loyal customer base on the platform.

Unlike other PPC ads, Amazon-Sponsored ads help the brand directly connect with its customers while they are shopping for similar products offered by the brand.

Key Differences Between Amazon Sponsored Products vs Sponsored Brands

Factors Amazon Sponsored Products Amazon Sponsored Brands
Use case Cost-Effective method for marketing individual or multiple product listings on Amazon Useful for creating brand awareness the brand and building a loyal customer base
Types of targeting available

1. Manual

2. Automatic

Only manual targeting is available
Eligibility criteria

1. The seller must be selling original/new products only. Refurbished products are not allowed

2. The seller should be verified by Amazon

3. The seller should be equipped with Amazon Buy Box

1. The seller should not be selling used or refurbished products

2. The seller should be capable of shipping to all US zip codes

3. The brand should be registered and verified

Individual Product Yes No

Amazon Sponsored Products Guide

Getting your product registered and sponsored on Amazon is easy. If you are new to the Amazon Seller Platform, start registering your business by creating a Seller Central Account.

1. Log into your seller central account.

2. Hover to the advertisement settings and select the 'Campaign Manager' option.

3. On the Campaign Manager page, select the 'Sponsored Products' settings.

4. Register your product or the group of products you want to put up for advertising by clicking on the 'Create Campaign' button.

5. Personalize your campaign i.e. give it a name, select the duration (start date and the end date) of the campaign, etc. To keep your campaign always alive, leave the end date section blank.

6. Decide the budget of the campaign i.e. how much you are ready to spend per day on the advertisement.

7. Select your targeting strategy from Manual or Automatic targeting options. In manual targeting, you will need to enter relevant keywords.

Creating an ad group:

1. To create advertisements for a group of products, click on 'Create Ad Group' and enter the name of the ad group.

2. Enter the CPC bid (Cost-per-click). It is the amount paid when a user clicks on your ads.

3. Select all the products from your current product listings and save the changes.

4. The ad campaign will run automatically once approved by Amazon.

Guide to Setup Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads

1. Log into your amazon seller central account and visit the campaign manager section.

2. Click on the 'Create new campaign button and select the 'Sponsored Brand' settings

3. Customize your campaign, like giving it a name, and select the duration, and budget of the campaign (select from daily or lifetime budget).

4. Now, select the brand you want to advertise and click next.

5. Select the ad format for the campaign from Video, Store Spotlight, or Product Collection

6. Select a landing page to redirect when the user clicks on the ad. The landing page can be the Amazon Store page itself or a new personalized page with at least two product listings that are available on the Amazon Platform.

After registering your brand for the advertising campaign, you need to set up creatives and keywords.

1. Keywords need to be relevant to the brand and the products offered by the brand. They should be profitable as there are bids for target keywords.

2. Creatives are the banner images that will be visible on the Amazon platform in relevant search results and across the platform.

3. Creatives must include the brand name, brand logo, an Amazon-sponsored headline, and a CTA button.

4. Once you are done with setting up target keywords and creatives you can click on the 'Launch Campaign' button.


Amazon-Sponsored is a modern and cost-effective marketing method that helps the seller to directly connect with the customers on the platform. By creating a simple Amazon seller central account, one can help their brand/product reach new heights. But managing the seller accounts can sometimes be confusing. GoNukkad is a trusted platform that helps sellers effectively manage their seller accounts and take the most out of them.

Q. What are types of targeting available for Sponsored-Brand ads?

A. There are no targeting options available for Sponsored-Brand ads. Targeting options are only available for Sponsored-Product ads which are manual and automatic.

Q. What is the difference between Sponsored-Products and Sponsored-Brands?

A. Sponsored product ads include ads specific to an individual product(s) and aim at diverting the traffic towards the sponsored product cost per click India listing which ultimately results in product sales. Whereas, Sponsored Brand ads aim at drawing customer attention and helping the brand to be able to establish itself in the market.

Q. What are PPC (Pay Per Click) ads?

A. Pay-Per-Click ads are based on a revenue system where the ad fee is only paid when the user clicks on the ad and takes the desired action. The total marketing cost is calculated based on the total clicks on the ad.

Q. How much time does it take to get the ad campaign approved by Amazon?

A. Generally, it takes 24 hours to get the campaign approved but due to some technical issues, it might take up to 3 business days.

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