Amazon Easy Shipping Charges in 2024: The Ultimate Guide

Amazon Easy Shipping Charges in 2024: The Ultimate Guide

25 July, 2023

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Last updated on 2 May, 2024

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Amazon Easy Shipping Charges in 2024: The Ultimate Guide

In this article, you will discover details about the Amazon easy shipping charges, benefits, and the process of calculating your shipping charges.


Amazon is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms. Millions of merchants are contributing to the daily expansion of this market with such a large user base. But what runs Amazon? How are nearly 1.6 million orders handled so quickly every day? Is it their model of fulfillment? Let's examine. There are three Amazon fulfillment options: Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA), Amazon easy ship, and Amazon Self ship. However, investing in Amazon FBA might be intimidating for new sellers. The least expensive alternative is Amazon's self-ship, but it also requires much individual labor. The best option is Amazon's easy ship. Let us get to know in detail about Amazon's easy shipping, including charges, how it works, and benefits.

What is an Amazon Easy Ship?

All Amazon sellers have access to the delivery service known as Amazon Easy Ship. While creating an account, providing a company pin code will specify whether the service is offered there. The best part is that Amazon Easy Ship assists with most Indian pin codes. With Amazon Easy Ship sellers can package their products as soon as they get an order and then arrange for an easy ship pick up. The seller must process a charge when it is received in Amazon Seller Central by issuing a tax invoice, a packing slip, and scheduling for collection. Listing the item's exact size and weight is all that is required from sellers.

Amazon will automatically initiate the Amazon easy shipping charges for a shipping service based on the weight and size of the merchandise. Several factors are considered when Amazon calculates delivery costs. The location of the consumer where the products need to be delivered is considered in addition to the product's size and weight. When packing your products, Amazon always advises using products bearing the Amazon logo, such as Amazon polybags, boxes, and tapes. All Amazon sellers may find and acquire these packing materials at extremely reasonable pricing.

After the item is packed, the invoice and shipping labels are the two most essential items. The invoice contains the item's cost, the customer's address, tax information, the authorized signature, etc. For traceability, the shipping label features a barcode. Easy Ship Amazon is automatically enrolled for Amazon merchants. Sellers may, however, choose not to use Amazon's delivery service at any moment if they so want. Simply disable the service by going to the Amazon Easy Ship settings tab. The seller must use a self-ship option to ship the products after turning off Amazon's Easy Ship service. When processing an order using Amazon's self-ship service, they must provide information such as tracking numbers and other requests from Amazon.

How Does Amazon Easy-Ship Work?

You can expand your business and eliminate your delivery hassles with Amazon Easy-Ship.

1. Create an Account as a Seller and List Your Products

Create an account by signing up as an Amazon seller and logging into Amazon Seller Central. You can update your company information and add new product listings using the user-friendly listing tools. You can check the Amazon Seller registration process to create a seller account.

2. Store Your Goods in Your Warehouse and Provide Amazon with the Pick-up Address

Store your products in your warehouse after you've listed them. For convenient pick-ups by our Amazon Logistics delivery associate, you may enter your warehouse address in your Amazon Seller Central Easy Ship settings.

3. Receive Orders for Your Products

You get notified of orders consumers place on Amazon by email, Amazon Seller Central, and SMS. The merchandise can then be prepared for collection and packaged per Amazon shipping policies.

4. Customers Receive Their Orders from Amazon

Amazon delivery services will deliver products to the consumer swiftly and dependably due to their top-notch fulfillment network, which serves 99% of India's pin codes. Additionally, consumers may track their orders.

Amazon Easy Shipping Charges

Several variables affect Amazon's easy shipping charges in India. These include package size, weight, distance, and COD orders. The consumer will get your products from Amazon if you utilize Easy Ship or Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), and you will be charged a fee. (If you opt for Self-Ship, you must cover the shipping expense and send through 3rd party courier service/own delivery agents). Depending on the distance, different charge amounts are applied.

1. The local rate will apply when the pick-up and delivery occur inside the same city or intra-city pick-up and delivery.

2. The regional zone is divided into four regions. The regional rate will apply if the shipment moves within the same region and not inside the same city.

3. If a cargo crosses regional boundaries, the national rate will be applied.

Your product's size categorization is determined by its weight and unpacked length, breadth, and height. The table below demonstrates how various packages have varied costs.

Standard Size Local Regional National
Upto 500 gms Rs.44 Rs.53 Rs.74
Each additional 500 gms (up to 1kg) Rs.13 Rs.17 Rs.25
Each additional kg after 1kg Rs.21 Rs.27 Rs.33
Each additional kg after 5 kg Rs.12 Rs.13 Rs.16
Heavy & Bulky Items Local Regional National
First 12 kgs Rs.193 Rs.277 Rs.371
Each additional kg after 12 kg Rs.5 Rs.6 Rs.12

Note: Easy Ship does not offer nationwide shipping for large and heavy items.

It would be best to remember that Amazon's easy shipping charges are not the same as their referral and closure fees. These two charges are made in accordance with the item's selling price, which is shown in the managed inventory section. To obtain a precise estimate of the shipping costs for a particular cargo, it is crucial to utilize Amazon's easy shipping charges calculator or contact Amazon's customer support.

How to Calculate Amazon's Easy Shipping Charges?

Total shipping costs are calculated as the sum of the distance traveled and the item's weight (see the size recommendations above).

If your item weighs 3.5 kg and is sent nationally by Easy Ship from Bangalore to Shillong, the transportation costs are as follows: Rs.74 plus Rs.25 plus Rs.(33*3) = Rs.198

Advantages of Amazon Easy-Ship

Stress-free Shipping

By selecting Amazon Easy-ship, you may send your products from your preferred location.

Pick-up at Your Residence

They provide the ease of picking up the cargo from your pick-up address using Amazon Easy-Ship.

Customized Packaging

To package your items, you may either utilize materials you already own or buy packaging materials from Amazon.

Payment through Pay on Delivery

Pay on Delivery (also called Cash on Delivery), widely utilized in India, will be available for Easy Ship orders. The money is immediately put into your bank account.


Amazon's easy shipping service makes it simple and affordable for merchants to deliver their goods to clients throughout India. Several variables, including package weight, distance, delivery time, package dimensions, and COD orders, are considered when determining Amazon's easy shipping charges. Sellers may obtain a precise estimate of the shipping costs for a particular shipment by utilizing Amazon's easy shipping calculator or by calling Amazon customer support.

Q. How does Amazon Easy Ship operate?

A. After processing the purchase using the easy ship option, they cooperate with Amazon merchants. The item will be picked up from the seller's business address by an Amazon-approved employee, who will then deliver it to the consumers.

Q. What is Amazon's easy ship?

A. It is a delivery service made just for Amazon vendors, allowing them to deliver their goods to Amazon buyers.

Q. How to check the availability of Amazon Easy Ship for a particular pin code?

A. You will be informed of the availability of the Easy Ship Amazon service at the time of registration on Amazon Seller Central for the pin code you enter.

Q. How can I switch Amazon from self-ship to easy-ship?

A. By default, Amazon merchants are qualified for easy shipping. They must only verify the account information tab under the shipping options before activating the service.

Q. What are the advantages of utilizing Amazon Easyship?

1. Stress-free shipping

2. Pick-up at your residence

3. Customized packaging

4. Payment through Pay on Delivery

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