Analyzing Traffic Sources with Amazon Brand Analytics

Analyzing Traffic Sources with Amazon Brand Analytics

14 August, 2023

E-commerce analytics

Last updated on 30 October, 2023

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Using Amazon Brand Analytics to analyze traffic sources

Discover the power of Amazon Brand Analytics in our comprehensive blog. Learn to analyze traffic sources, boost competitiveness, and make informed decisions with valuable data insights.


Introducing Amazon Brand Analytics - a new tool on Seller Central, giving registered brands valuable data and useful insights. Boost your competitiveness with customer shopping patterns, targeted ads, and smart pricing. Find top keywords, customer info, and product comparisons to improve your Amazon store and enhance the shopping experience.

Amazon seller data insights, with this invaluable resource, are available at no cost. It guarantees a cost-effective solution for sellers looking to amplify sales and thrive in the fiercely competitive marketplace. Seize the chance to leverage the might of Amazon Brand Analytics for unparalleled growth and triumph for your brand.

What exactly is Amazon Brand Analytics?

Amazon Brand Analytics, or ABA, is an invaluable tool available on Seller Central. It empowers registered brands with rich data and stats, enabling informed decisions for enhanced online sales and customer loyalty. The user-friendly interface offers insights into customer shopping patterns, enabling targeted ads, strategic pricing, and identifying potential customers.

Amazon Brand Analytics (ABA) further amplifies marketing insights for Amazon sellers. ABA gives you a competitive edge by suggesting portfolio inclusions, making it an essential asset for optimizing your Amazon store and improving customer experience.

How Does Amazon Brand Analytics Benefit Sellers?

Amazon Brand Analytics operates by providing access to valuable data, including:

1. Search terms and keywords utilized by Amazon shoppers during product searches.

2. Top-performing terms and keywords in comparison to others in the Amazon store database.

3. Customer demographics, offering insights into your target audience.

4. Product comparison based on Search Frequency Ranks.

This data enables a comprehensive analysis of your Amazon store's performance, empowering you to optimize and enhance your product listings effectively.

Why Use Amazon Brand Analytics?

Utilizing Amazon Brand Analytics involves the following steps:

1. Choose a specific date or time range from the provided report dropdown list.

2. Retrieve relevant data by inputting related search terms, keywords, product titles, or ASINs.

3. Alternatively, narrow your search by exploring product categories for the desired insights.

How to Access Amazon Brand Analytics Tools for Amazon Traffic Source Analysis?

Accessing Amazon Brand Analytics tools requires brand ownership and meeting specific criteria:

1. Own the brand: You must be the rightful owner of the brand.

2. Be internal to the brand: You should be directly associated.

3. Sell the brand on Amazon: Your products should be available in the Amazon store.

If you meet these criteria, register your brand through Amazon Brand Registry. Once registered, log in to the Amazon Seller Central Dashboard. Click "Brands" in the top right corner, then select "Brand Analytics" from the drop-down menu.

What is included in Amazon Brand Analytics?

Amazon Brand Analytics offers valuable insights through its dashboard with six detailed reports:

1. Amazon Search Terms Report: Identify keywords shoppers use to find products.

2. Demographics Report: Learn about customer location, gender, age, income, and marital status.

3. Item Comparison Report: Discover which products customers view after seeing your offers.

4. Alternate Purchase Report: Analyze products customers buy after viewing your offers.

5. Market Basket Report: Find product combinations customers frequently purchase together.

6. Repeat Purchase Behavior Report: Understand popular products by viewing what customers buy repeatedly.

Understanding Amazon customer behavior is vital for sellers. Additionally, the Search Catalog Performance Dashboard allows product comparisons and ratings to aid decision-making on which products to sell.

What are the benefits of Amazon Brand Analytics?

Benefits of Amazon Brand Analytics:

As Amazon's business scale grows, competition intensifies. Accessing data on competitors becomes vital. Amazon Brand Analytics offers numerous advantages:

1. No Investment Required: Unlike other tools, Amazon Brand Analytics provides valuable customer, competitor, product, and keyword data for free. Empower marketing and advertising strategies without hefty costs.

2. Potential Keywords: Identify relevant search terms used by your target audience through "search frequency ranks," optimizing organic rankings, and driving traffic source analysis to your Amazon Brand store.

3. Effective Marketing Strategies: Analyze competitors' promotions to bridge gaps and attract more shoppers to your brand. Frame precise marketing and advertising approaches for increased brand awareness.

4. Targeted Customer Behavior: Understand customer buying habits using specific keywords. Tailor your Amazon brand store to appeal to different segments effectively.

5. Valuable Product Insights: Discover top-performing search terms that drive sales. Optimize products based on customer preferences for increased sales and business growth.

6. User-Friendly: Amazon E-commerce Analytics offers an intuitive interface for easy navigation. No specialized training is required; access valuable insights effortlessly.


In the realm of brand ownership on Amazon, the valuable Amazon Brand Analytics tool offers indispensable insights, encompassing product data, market trends, competition analysis, search terms, and keywords. Provided at no cost, these insights can be a game-changer for your brand's success. However, it's crucial to comprehend that Amazon prioritizes data over brand loyalty. To thrive in 2023, harness the power of Brand Analytics to interpret metrics and develop effective marketing and advertising strategies.

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Q. What is Amazon Brand Analytics?

A. Amazon Brand Analytics is an add-on feature available to registered brands on Seller Central, providing reports and metrics to make data-driven decisions for increased sales and customer loyalty.

Q.How can I access Amazon Brand Analytics tools?

A. To access Brand Analytics, you must qualify as a brand owner, meet specific criteria, and register your brand through Amazon Brand Registry. Then log into Seller Central Dashboard, click "Brands," and select "Brand Analytics."

Q. What insights does Amazon Brand Analytics include?

A. Brand Analytics, a powerful tool for analyzing brand performance on Amazon, offers six comprehensive reports: Amazon Search Terms, Demographics, Item Comparison, Alternate Purchase, Market Basket, and Repeat Purchase Behavior. These reports provide invaluable customer behavior data, empowering sellers to effectively enhance their sales and marketing strategies.

Q. How can I use Amazon Search Terms Report effectively?

A. The Search Terms Report reveals the keywords customers use to find products. Use this data to optimize your product titles and descriptions, targeting lower competition keywords to improve visibility.

Q. Why is the Repeat Purchase Behavior Report important?

A. The Repeat Purchase Behavior Report identifies products that customers buy repeatedly. Utilize this information to invest in advertising for these items and build a loyal customer base.

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