Uncovering Best-Selling Products with Amazon Business Reports

Uncovering Best-Selling Products with Amazon Business Reports

16 August, 2023

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Last updated on 30 October, 2023

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How to Uncovering Best-Selling Products with Amazon Business Reports

Finding a market for your best-selling products is crucial to the success of your online store. Find out in this article how to locate items that are selling well on Amazon Brand Analytics Features.


One of the first steps to a company's success is determining whether or not there is a market for the product. In the past, startups were often founded on the sheer inspiration of an idea or a hunch. Later, companies learnt to do thorough pre-launch market research with tools like surveys and focus groups. If you want to see Best-selling products and How to Access Amazon Brand Analytics, you can now just check the numbers on Amazon.

What is Amazon Best Sellers Rank?

Here's how Beginners Guide to Amazon Data Analytics and how Setting Up Seller Central Analytics to boost online sales. Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR) is a number displayed on a product's detail page that reflects how well that item is selling in comparison to others in the same Best-selling products category on Amazon. The Best Sellers list on Amazon is updated multiple times a day to reflect the current popularity of items in various categories.

In general, a lower Amazon BSR score corresponds to a better Amazon sales rank, however this is not always the case. If a set of satin sheets is listed as #4 in the Home & Kitchen section, it is the fourth most popular item there. We'll go through how monitoring BSR and its evolution may help you better understand your customers, choose the best things to offer online, and increase revenue overall by knowing Amazon Brand Analytics Features.

Use Amazon's Seller Central Data to Expand Your Enterprise

You can use the following ways to use Amazon's seller central and expand your business:

Determine Your Top-Performing Amazon PPC Products

Advertised Products on Amazon PPC advertising is an excellent tool for increasing sales, but which of your goods has the greatest potential for generating incremental revenue and how to Access Amazon Brand Analytics?

PPC advertising is most effective for items that have few views but a high conversion rate. To get the most out of your advertising budget, focus on increasing visits to the product detail pages that have shown to be the most successful in the past.

Here's how to leverage Amazon Seller Central reports to zero in on obscure items that sell like hotcakes when shoppers finally stumble across them.

To begin, select Business Reports from Seller Central's main Reports page.

Business reports include traffic and sales data from several perspectives, but only for sold items, not the full stock.

If you have a large number of selling SKUs, the data here may seem disorganized and laborious at first glance, but if you know what to look for, you can go through it quite quickly.

Identify non-performing goods

On the other hand, there are things that get a lot of attention but not many purchases.

To locate these items, utilize the "By ASIN" option in Amazon Seller Central's Business Reports. pick Unit Session Percentage, then click the white arrow and pick "sort descending" to quickly locate goods with a low Unit Session Percentage (conversion rate) but high Sessions.

We should prioritize enhancing the Best-selling products information to take advantage of the high level of visitors to this page, as a low Unit Session Percentage typically indicates a weak product page.

Keep in mind that we are competing with other merchants, but probably just one, despite owning 84% of the Buy Box for these goods. It would be worthwhile to get in touch with the competing vendor if we are unable to update the product description ourselves. Both of us will profit if they are able to enhance the product page.

See how your business is doing overall

To do this, we will once again consult Business Reports, but this time we will utilize the "By Date" section of the site rather than the "By ASIN" section.

The "By Date" set of reports differs greatly from the others in that you may make dynamic charts out of any of the columns.

The Business Reports "By Date" are summarized here.

1. The Sales and Traffic report provides a high-level summary of key sales metrics, including overall product sales and unit sales. You can choose a time range of seven days to two years for the list to be shown in chronological order.

2. This report is fairly similar to the Sales and Traffic report, but it provides access to more product-centric data like conversion rate, Buy Box %, etc., that are exclusive to the detail page.

3. Seller Efficiency: This Report Breaks Down Important Metrics Like Refunds, Feedback, and Claims from A to Z. Any significant changes should be investigated further so that Amazon doesn't take any corrective action.

4. While the "By Date" reports are helpful for presenting an overview of your Amazon sales, they do not get into the nitty-gritty details of your Amazon seller account on a product level. The "By ASIN" reports are better appropriate for this purpose.

Conduct keyword research with Amazon's ad keyword tool

For Amazon sellers, the previous top-tier reporting tool known as ARA Premium has been replaced by Amazon Brand Analytics. This feature is exclusive to vendors that have joined the Amazon Brand Registry.

Despite Brand Analytics' immaturity and certain reports' simplicity, the platform does offer some useful insights that may be used to boost businesses' effectiveness. Under the reporting tab of Amazon Seller Central, you'll discover Brand Analytics.

1. Brand Analytics reports contain tools for identifying popular search phrases on Amazon.

2. How many buyers come back to buy more of your product?

3. Checking out the competition and how their products stack up.

Use comparative reports to better your products

The Item Comparison and Alternative Purchase Behaviour report is another part of understanding Amazon data insights accessible through Amazon Seller Central.

This study may be used to investigate similar goods and uncover ways to advance your own offering.


There is still space for development in Amazon's reporting, despite the fact that it has gone a long way in recent years. While it's true that you may gain some information from using third-party analytics and product research tools, you should start with Amazon's own data.

Not only do they come directly from the source, but they are also included in your monthly membership for Navigating Brand Performance Analysis on Amazon. Amazon's own data should be accurate to the last detail, and they will always have access to information that is unavailable to other service providers. Head on to Gonukkad. for more details!

Q. What are Amazon Business Reports?

Amazon Business Reports are a set of data tools that sellers can use to track their sales, inventory, and other metrics. These reports can be used to identify best-selling products, track trends, and make informed decisions about their business.

Q. What are some of the most important Amazon Business Reports for finding best-selling products?

A. There are many different Amazon Business Reports that can be used to find best-selling products. Some of the most important reports include:

1. Best Seller Rank (BSR)

2. Sales Rank

3. Product Insights

4. Traffic Sources

Q. How can I use Amazon Business Reports to find best-selling products in my niche?

A. To use Amazon Business Reports to find best-selling products in your niche, you can follow these steps:

1. Identify the product categories that you want to sell in.

2. Review the BSR and sales rank reports for those categories.

3. Look for products with low BSRs and sales ranks.

4. Review the Product Insights report for those products to learn more about them.

5. Consider the traffic sources for those products to see where customers are coming from.

By following these steps, you can use Amazon Business Reports to identify best-selling products in your niche that have the potential to be successful.

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