How To Check Meesho Order Tracking Status Online

How To Check Meesho Order Tracking Status Online

1 December, 2023


Last updated on 1 December, 2023

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Meesho Order Tracking Online: How To Check in 2023?

Discover the process of checking Meesho order tracking status online to ensure a smooth and secure experience.


The company, launched in 2015 by IIT Delhi grads Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwal, has effectively proven its claims of having a unique business model benefiting small businesses. Meesho, with an estimated worth of over USD 5 billion, has become a highly successful e-commerce company, challenging Amazon and Flipkart's supremacy in the Indian e-commerce sector. Meesho currently has over 65 million active consumers and over 100 million app downloads.

The Meanings of Meesho Order Tracking Status

Knowing technical terms is essential while shopping online, especially in a large marketplace. You are aware of the phrase "Shipped," but others might not be. To keep such inexperienced customers, we created this table of Meesho order tracking status meanings. Skip it if you're already familiar with it.

Meesho Order Tracking Status Meaning
Dispatching It simply states that your order is being prepared for shipment.
Ready to Ship When the order tracking status displays "Ready to Ship," it indicates that the courier service has packaged your item and it is prepared for delivery.
Out for Delivery As the term implies, the package is on its way and is scheduled to be delivered very soon.
Delivered The status changes to 'Delivered' once you successfully receive it.
Cancelled When you break any order, the 'Meesho tracking status' indicates 'Canceled.'

How to Buy From Meesho?

See these simple steps to make your order on the site:

Step 1: Open your app, and on the home screen, you will see lots of options to shop.

Step 2: Once you've found it, click the "Add to Cart" next to the product.

Step 3: You have to pick your payment option after adding everything you need to your cart.

Step 4: At last, tap on the "Place Order" button.

So, did you encounter any rocket science when placing your order? Wasn't all of it easy?

It is now time to follow up on this order. So, jump to the next section.

How to Track Meesho Order? Step-by-Step Guide

Meesho makes it reasonably simple to track your order. On a computer or mobile, you may quickly ascertain the package's status and, in many situations, even view the real-time location of the package on a map. Simply choose any of these methods to track your order.

Method 1: Using the Meesho app to Track Orders

Meesho offers an easy-to-use app for tracking orders. Open up the Meesho app. When the home screen appears, five icons appear below it. Press the 'order' button. Choose the specific order that you wish to monitor now.

Next, select "Track," which is the "Meesho tracking order" option.

Finally, click "Open Courier Link." This will take you directly to the Meesho order tracking information. That's it. You're ready to track your lovely order.

Method 2: Track Orders using the Order Confirmation Email

After placing an order, Meesho users frequently receive an email order confirmation. This email includes vital information about the order, including the order number, the items ordered, and—best of all— when the package will be in your possession (the anticipated delivery date). To follow up on your order, use this hassle-free technique.

Method 3: Track Orders using SMS Notifications

Buyers of the platform can choose to get SMS notifications so they can monitor the status of their orders. Meesho automatically provides users with SMS updates with tracking information and estimated arrival times during the order shipment process. Make sure you don't miss any notifications in order to track your order and receive it successfully.

Isn't it simple to track your order?

If, on the other hand, you are reselling the product and your client wants to follow the order details, simply provide them with the tracking information via WhatsApp. The remaining steps are the same.

You can easily keep updated on the progress of your shipments and ensure a smooth and happy purchasing experience by using Meesho's tracking services. Say goodbye to the anxiety of not knowing when your Meesho orders will arrive and instead track them with Meesho's dependable tracking ID logistics system.

So, whether you're a seller or a consumer, use their effective tracking tools to experience a smooth ordering and delivery procedure.

What Happens If Your Tracking Number Is Missing? Alternatively, you might lose it.

When you shop at Meesho, there's no reason to freak out. The business has done all possible to persuade its customers. Just log in to your account to see the status of your orders instantly. After tapping "My Account," select the "My Orders." button. Now, click the "Track My Order" option and rejoice in having access to your Meesho order status.


There is no learning curve when using Meesho to place and track orders. You may easily monitor your orders at any moment with the help of Meesho's order tracking system. To make your buying experience easy and enjoyable, use these steps to quickly and conveniently find out the status of your order. For detailed guidance on Ecommerce selling and buying, visit Gonukkad.

Q. Does Meesho issue refunds in the event of a cancellation or return?

A. You don't need to worry if you decide to cancel your Meesho order because Meesho will pay back the entire amount. In accordance with your payment method, the refund will be rolled back.

Q. Is the buyer able to request a different delivery date?

A. No, you are unable to request a specific delivery date or alter the shipment time.

Q. After placing the order, how can I modify the address?

A. You can change the address if the order hasn't been verified; utilize the chat option to contact the support team. However, once confirmed, the address cannot be altered.

Q. What is the duration of Meesho's delivery?

A. When you place an order with Meesho, it will be shipped out in two to three business days and delivered in four to five business days.

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