Creating a Snapdeal Seller Account: Everything You Need to Know

Creating a Snapdeal Seller Account: Everything You Need to Know

7 June, 2023

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Last updated on 26 October, 2023

Written by Melven

The Ultimate Guide To Create Snapdeal Seller Account

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If you are reading this article, you may want to sell one of your belongings. You may have a range of things lying around the house that you no longer use or do not wish to own anymore. A Snapdeal Seller Account is the best place for you to sell such items, especially in the face of issues such as a lack of capital, no physical space for a storefront, and lack of experience — Snapdeal is the platform that solves all these problems from you and allows you to sell your belongings independently.

Setting up a Snapdeal seller account is easier than ever, and simply following a few steps can set you on the path to setting up your own business. Snapdeal is one platform allowing you to exhibit your products to potential buyers without owning a store. You must set up a Snapdeal seller account and add products to your online storefront.

You only need a few steps and documents to set up an account at www Snapdeal track my order com. Setting up a Snapdeal seller account is completely free of cost, besides a processing fee payable on some orders. However, you can include this fee in the selling price of your products to maximize your profit. You need to follow the steps in this article to get orders from buyers nationwide. This article is packed with information about setting up a Snapdeal seller account, and by the end of this article, you will have a cohesive understanding of the following:

1. How to set up a Snapdeal seller account

2. Benefits of selling goods on Snapdeal

People Who Can Set Up a Snapdeal Seller Account

1. Anybody can become a seller on Snapdeal simply by providing the required information and documents in order to verify oneself as a reliable seller. Once that is done, your registration as a seller is complete, and you are set to sell your products all by yourself on Snapdeal.

2. A Private Limited Company: Any business registered as a Private Limited Company is two or more people forming a limited company. The company needs to be registered by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. As a Private Limited Company, you need to furnish a Certificate of Incorporation on www Snapdeal Track My Order com, and you can proceed with the steps to set up an account.

3. Limited Liability Partnership Firms: Any business comprising two or more people who are registered as a limited liability partnership firm can become a seller on Snapdeal. After completing registration with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, the certificate needs to be furnished before you can become a seller and generate a Snapdeal invoice number.

4. A One-Person Company: Suppose you are an individual who wants to enjoy the benefits of limited liability partnership firms but does not want to set up a business with someone else or does not have a business partner. In that case, you can register your business as a one-person company. (OPC). One-person companies can register themselves as sellers on www Snapdeal track my order com.

Documents You Need to Register Yourself as a Seller on Snapdeal

Here are the documents that Snapdeal requires you to upload while being registered as a seller. It is vital to keep these documents handy and ready in PDF forms to submit while applying on Snapdeal to become a seller:

1. PAN Card: Your PAN card is the most important proof of identification to have in India. You'll need to apply with either your personal PAN card if you are selling as an individual or the company's PAN card. If you are interested in selling as a one-person company, a private limited company, or a limited liability partnership, it's best to use your company's PAN card.

2. GST Registration: Since the 1st of April, 2017, the government has insisted on businesses being registered under GST. Regardless of the turnover of your business, you must register yourself as a business selling goods on an e-commerce platform under GST.

Documents You Need for GST Registration

It is imperative to complete registration under GST before applying to sell goods on Snapdeal, with the help of a few documents.

1. One canceled cheque from the company or individual's bank account

2. Aadhar card of the individual, directors, or partners

3. PAN Card of the individual or the firm

4. Details of the bank of the individual or the firm

In case your firm or you as an individual do not have a bank account, it's important to set one up as the fastest before selling goods on Snapdeal and generating a Snapdeal invoice number. Here are some documents you need to set up a bank account.

1. PAN Card of the individual or the firm

2. Address proof of the individual or firm

3. In the case of a firm, a Certificate of Incorporation from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs

4. Bank form

5. Partnership deed in case of businesses

6. Two valid email IDs.

7. A canceled cheque

8. Identify proof of directors or partners in the case of a firm.

Steps for Registration on Snapdeal as a Seller

Here are some steps to set up a Snapdeal seller account and a Snapdeal invoice number.

1. Keep the necessary documents handy.

2. Make a list of products you are planning to sell.

3. Create a catalog of the products you want to sell. Hiring a professional to format your catalogs is advisable, establishing an interesting balance between pictures and product descriptions for a good customer experience.

4. Go to

5. Click 'Register Now,' fill in the form, and upload your legal documents.

6. Click 'Sell Now'

7. Update your profile

8. Upload your product catalog

9. Pack and prepare your products once you start receiving orders

10. Please wait for the Snapdeal courier services to pick up the products and ship them to customers.

Why You Should be Selling on Snapdeal

Here are a few reasons why selling on Snapdeal is an easy way to grow your business:

1. Accessibility: Registering as a Snapdeal seller makes business easier for you or your company. Reaching customers in different parts of the company becomes easier since Snapdeal executives pick the products from your doorstep and ship them to customers. This spreads awareness about the business and is one of the benefits of selling on Snapdeal.

2. Large Marketplace: You will be working alongside many buyers and sellers on Snapdeal. This means that Snapdeal is trustworthy and will help you grow a customer base quickly.

3. Ease of Transactions: You can avoid the hassle of handling payment gateways by registering yourself as a seller on Snapdeal, as they help you carry out different transactions seamlessly.


In conclusion, establishing and managing a seller account on Snapdeal can open up lucrative opportunities for your business. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can confidently navigate the registration process and optimize your listings to attract more customers. Remember to pay close attention to tracking Snapdeal invoice numbers to ensure smooth order management and efficient fulfillment. Remember, success on Snapdeal requires dedication, adaptability, and a continuous effort to improve your selling techniques. Stay informed, be proactive, and seize the opportunities that arise. With determination and the knowledge gained from this guide, you are well on your way to becoming a thriving Snapdeal seller. Visit GoNukkad for professional advice!

Q. How to register a catalog of products on Snapdeal?

A. The first step is to complete registration by providing Snapdeal with the required information and documents. Snapdeal will reach out to you after you complete your registration to help you set up and upload your catalog of products.

Q. Since when has Snapdeal been selling products?

A. Snapdeal was founded in 2010 and has been selling products to satisfied customers ever since.

Q. Can I sell products on Snapdeal easily?

A. Yes, selling products on Snapdeal is quite easy. You may receive your first order on the day you register as a Snapdeal seller!

Q. Do sellers need to pay subscription charges to Snapdeal?

A. No, sellers registered with Snapdeal only have to pay a processing fee upon receiving orders.

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