eBay Global Shipping Calculator: The Ultimate Guide

eBay Global Shipping Calculator: The Ultimate Guide

25 July, 2023

Global Shipping

Last updated on 31 October, 2023

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eBay Global Shipping Calculator: The Ultimate Guide

Start selling to a global audience on eBay with confidence by using our comprehensive guide to the eBay global shipping calculator!


Global shipping is an activity that requires a lot of pre-planning from business owners. It is a set of activities including taxes, customs duties, delivery time frames, and parcel tracking disputes. eBay has introduced the eBay Global Shipping Calculator as a part of its Global Shipping Program (GSP) for the ease of eBay sellers. This article covers everything you need to know about eBay's international shipping options, regulations, and eBay Global Shipping Calculator.

Discover how to estimate shipping fees, taxes, and import duties for your eBay listings, and learn how to adjust your pricing and shipping strategies to increase your global sales. Learn how to calculate and optimise your international shipping costs with our comprehensive guide to using an eBay global shipping calculator.

eBay International Shipping

eBay International Shipping allows business owners like you to reach buyers in around 200 countries without having to personally manage overseas shipping, returns, or customs fees. You might need to manually update certain listings to offer this program to your buyers.

In this case, eBay will let you know if a product sells to any international buyer, and you will receive the domestic shipping hub address. While you will send your ordered items to eBay's domestic shipping hub, eBay will manage the customs process and international shipping for you.

Even though international sales can benefit the seller, it is important to ensure that your items are not prohibited on eBay's global websites as per import/export regulations.

Benefits of eBay International Shipping

1. The seller is only responsible for handling the packages to the US shipping hub. And if the buyer reports any damaged or lost items during international shipping, eBay will directly handle the buyer. Thus, the seller will not have any obligation to refund any buyer, payment disputes, or eBay Money Back Guarantee cases, including “not as described” returns in the service metrics.

2. Lots of savings on international fees and selling fees for international trades.

3. Any neutral or negative comments regarding item handling during international transit will be deleted.

4. 100% protection against not received items and chargebacks.

5. The costs are 5% cheaper than the pre-negotiated USPS international charges.

6. The estimated delivery date will be automatically updated in the case of a scheduled delay.

Global Shipping Program

This section covers all essential information about GSP or Global Shipping Program carried by eBay.

What is the Global Shipping Program?

eBay buyers across the globe can view your listings using the Global Shipping Program (GSP). eBay calculates the international shipping charges, taxes, duties, and the estimated time of delivery beforehand and adds them to your listing.

If an international buyer orders any product, the seller sends it to the nearest shipping centre in their country. From there, Pitney Bowes, a global shipping company, handles the customs and international delivery on behalf of eBay. Thus, Pitney Bowes is now responsible for the item after the seller delivers it to the shipping centre.

Benefits of the Global Shipping Program

1. Sellers don't need to fill out customs forms, pay duties, calculate taxes, or organise international deliveries.

2. If the seller provides free domestic shipping, they will receive 5 stars

3. For damaged or lost items on the international journey, eBay protects the sellers, and the sellers still receive 5 stars for the shipping time and receive guaranteed protection from negative feedback regarding shipping.

4. Orders are tracked automatically.

5. Buyers can access more international shipping.

6. Buyers also view the full cost with shipping, taxes, and duties.

7. GSP ensures that customs clearance and shipping are easy and fast since all duties are paid upfront.

If you have opted for the Global Shipping Program and transferred to eBay International Shipping, there will be some significant differences between GSP and International Shipping.

Even though for GSP you will only be responsible for handling orders until the shipping hub, with eBay International shipping you will get extra facilities as

a. You won't have to pay any international fee

b. Your buyers will have to pay lower shipping costs

c. All refunds and returns are handled by eBay

Fees for Global Shipping Program

Some listing charges, excluding any joining fee for the Global Shipping Program, apply to the seller and the buyer.

a. Seller Fees

eBay's shipping charges for sellers depend on the product's price, format, and category of the listing, any optional upgrades on the listing, and seller performance and conduct. There are two main types of fees- an initial fee to create a listing and a final value fee after selling any item.

b. Buyer Fees

The buyer can view estimated import and shipping charges in the seller's listing. However, they can view the final charges at checkout and the details of the charges on the Order Details page.

c. The buyer will see the shipping charges, including seller-specified US shipping charges and international handling, shipping, and inclusive fees.

d. The import fees include taxes, customs duties, brokerage, etc.

e. The seller receives the domestic handling and shipping price along with the item price from the buyer.

How to Use eBay Global Shipping Calculator?

The seller needs to create a listing utilising the calculated shipping option so that eBay can automatically update the shipping rates a buyer will see. This charge is calculated by the shipping calculator based on the buyer's location and other detailed information on the delivery service and the package.

Here is how you can use the eBay Global Shipping Calculator while listing the items as a business owner.

1. Visit www.ebay.com in the web browser and visit any item's details page.

2. Go to the Shipping section and select 'Calculated: Cost varies by buyer location'.

3. Select the 'Calculate Shipping' option next to Services.

4. Now enter your package details in the calculator. Enter the weight, type, and dimensions of your package. In the case of any irregularly shaped item, estimate the dimensions by measuring a box that can hold the item.

5. Now enter your ZIP code along with the handling fees in your details section.

6. You can add any destination of your choice. In the case of international shipping, avail yourself of eBay International Shipping or Global Shipping Program.

7. Now select the 'Calculate Shipping' option.

8. Select the services you choose to offer and drag them into specific orders you want your buyers to see.

9. Now choose the 'offer shipping services' option.

10. Complete the listing.


eBay's international shipping has drastically changed the business scenario across the globe. It creates new scope for the sellers and an easy shopping platform for the buyers as well. While shipping rates can fluctuate at different points in time due to new courier partners, the global calculator keeps you updated with the latest shipping prices, courier services, and charges.

Thus, the seller can solely focus on the business while eBay takes care of international shipping. However, if you sell low-value items, your buyers might not want to buy via GSP as the program will cost more than the item itself.

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Q. What is the Global shipping calculator?

A. In order to sell products, the seller needs to create a listing utilising the calculated shipping option so that eBay can automatically update the shipping rates a buyer will see. This charge is calculated by the shipping calculator based on the buyer's location and other detailed information on the delivery service and the package.

Q. How does a Shipping Calculator work?

A. A shipping calculator utilises basic information like the weight, type and dimensions of your package to give you an estimated figure of the shipping charges.

Q. Is the global shipping program worth it?

A. It is decided by the kind of products you sell. While it can be beneficial for high-end items, if you sell low-value items, your buyers might not want to buy via GSP as the program will cost more than the item itself.

Q. What is the best way to calculate shipping costs?

A. It is generally calculated by using the dimensional weight gained by multiplying the width, height, and length of the package.

Q. How long does global shipping take?

A. Your parcel can take anywhere from 1 to 10 business days when shipping internationally.

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