How To Use The Flipkart Seller Calculator: A Comprehensive Guide

How To Use The Flipkart Seller Calculator: A Comprehensive Guide

21 July, 2023

Comprehensive Guide

Last updated on 31 October, 2023

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The Flipkart Seller Calculator: Your Key to Success!

Looking to become a successful Flipkart seller? Use our exclusive seller's guide and guidebook to drive sales and make money with your new venture. Learn about the Flipkart seller calculator and strategies!


If you want to become a new seller, one thing always comes to mind. How to set the prices so that your business should be profitable? In online business, a lot of sellers suffer losses because they do not set the prices in the beginning. So being a new or existing seller, you should know the selling prices and other things to start the business. The purpose of the Flipkart seller calculator is to inform sellers about the final pricing and selling strategies. Customer feedback and transaction information are typically the two components that make up the Flipkart seller calculator.

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Flipkart Seller Calculator

The Flipkart seller calculator helps to know the overall selling score based on the performance. You can access it along with your Product and Service Quality Score on the app and website. It is also helpful to interact with more customers because having a good selling score is the first priority of every customer.

How To Use The Flipkart Seller Calculator?

Let's see how to use the Flipkart seller calculator:

1. The Flipkart seller calculator represents the average scores of product and service quality.

2. As a result, if your service quality score is 4 and your product quality score is 4.3, then your seller score will be (4.3 4)/ 2. This totals 4.1.

3. Evaluate your performance frequently and implement corrective methods to increase the Product Quality and Service Quality Score.

Improve The Seller Score On Flipkart

A good seller score will increase the trust of the customers and it will have a great impact on your online business. It also helps to increase the visibility of the products. So, your sales will automatically increase. A good seller score helps you to grow as a Flipkart seller. Your seller rating is determined by product quality score and service quality score. As a result, it's critical that you focus on these two areas if you want to raise your Seller Score.

1. Let's work on the following to raise your product quality score:

a. Customer reviews of products (Score weighting: 30%)

b. Offer photographs of your product in accordance with the requirements to enhance your ratings. Let your customers know what to expect when they place an order. List accurate and comprehensive product descriptions as well.

c. Make sure the packing is durable to prevent product damage during delivery to the consumer.

d. Customer refunds (20% of the total score)

e. Your focus should be more on delivering high-quality products. This will automatically lower the customer returns.

f. Give detailed information about the product to the customer. This will help them determine whether it is what they are looking for before making a purchase.

2. Now, take a look at the following to see how you can raise your service quality score.

a. Cancellations by sellers (7% of the final score)

b. Update stock information frequently so you never have to cancel an order due to out of stock products.

c. Some ready to dispatch breaches (Score Weight: 18%)

d. Make sure your product is delivered on time.

e. Avoid late deliveries as it can result in order cancellations and a reduction in your rating

f. Rapid fulfillment (25 percent of the total score)

g. Increase the proportion of purchases that are delivered via Express Delivery, Smart Fulfillment, and Flipkart Fulfillment.

Flipkart Fees For Selling Products

1. On each sale, Flipkart takes a small commission which is calculated as a percentage of the product's worth.

2. Shipping costs are the seller's responsibility.

3. Additionally, Flipkart charges a flat rate based on a range of order costs.

4. For instance, if the cost of a product is ₹2,000, there will be roughly 10% commissions deducted from it, along with ₹35 for shipping, ₹30–50 charges for collection fees, ₹40 in fixed fees, and GST.

5. Now, you’ll decide whether you want to sell your product on Flipkart given their potentially exorbitant fees. Even if there are some deductions, reaching out to millions of potential customers is worthwhile.

6. Flipkart also offers a seller insurance scheme. This is useful when the products are damaged or lost in transit due to the negligence of the courier, maybe the result of false claims made by customers.

7. Flipkart would reimburse the merchant even if customers return goods in poor condition so you can sell the products happily.

8. The funding colleagues of Flipkart, who provide money at reasonable rates so you may stock more items in your inventory, is another benefit.

9. Flipkart also provides various training sessions on how to sell and how to use the selling calculator.


Selling on Flipkart is a fantastic method to generate extra income and get your goods to a broad market. It takes more than uploading a few product information and waiting for sales to start trickling in to become a vendor on Flipkart. Before you sell anything on Flipkart, you need to know what the Flipkart seller calculator is. You have to know how much it will cost you to list your products there, and whether or not its user base price is likely to expand. Ensure that you follow the advice in this blog post if you want to get started.

Q. How can I verify the final settlement following the launch of GST?

A. Follow the below steps to verify your final settlement:

1. First, select My-listings from the Listings tab.

2. Click on the Flipkart profit calculator icon to view your listings.

3. Enter the selling price and choose "Check settlement value post GST".

4. Select the tab labeled "Calculate/Recalculate":

5. You can see the GST charged for services for each fee component.

Q. How can I sell on Flipkart?

A. To start selling on Flipkart, follow the given steps:

1. Create an account at

2. Make a list of product categories.

3. After receiving an order, pack the item and write on the attached label, "Ready to Dispatch".

4. The merchandise order will be picked up and delivered to the address of the customer by the logistics partner.

5. Depending on your seller tier, Flipkart will settle your money if an order is successfully sent between 7–15 business days.

Q. What charges are made for selling on Flipkart and using the Flipkart revenue calculator?

A. The order item value is reduced by the following:

1. A proportion of the order's item value is the commission rate, which varies by vertical and subcategory.

2. The cost of shipping the item is determined by the weight, the shipping location, and other factors.

3. Depending on the cost of the item which is ordered and the customer's payment method (prepaid or cash on delivery), the collection fee will change.

4. A flat rate is a slab-wise flat rate. depending on the order item value

5. GST (applied to all the aforementioned parts).

Q. How to list the products on Flipkart?

A. Following are the steps to list your products on Flipkart:

1. Selecting the best category for listing your goods is crucial because it will make it easier for customers to find them.

2. You'll be prompted to provide product information such as size, model, color, etc. depending on the category you select.

Q. How do I manage my Flipkart orders?

A. Simply use the process of managing your orders by accessing the seller dashboard. You will be notified through email each time a client places an order. Within the time range specified by you, you must pack the order, maintain it prepared for shipping, and notify us via the seller site. This will inform the logistics partner that the merchandise is ready for pickup from you.

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