Flipkart Seller Registration Guide

Flipkart Seller Registration Guide

14 July, 2023

 Seller Registration

Last updated on 4 January, 2024

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The Ultimate Guide to the Flipkart Vendor Registration Process

Flipkart Vendor Registration Process allows businesses to reach a much wider audience and enables sellers to use the brand value of Flipkart while having a solid logistics structure in place.


Online shopping has become synonymous with the new way of life worldwide, and nothing is far from the grasp of online shopping, from groceries to electronics. When it comes to India, one of the giants promoting this trend is Flipkart. If you are a vendor looking to expand your sales reach, keep reading as we tell you about the Flipkart vendor registration process. Learn about the top highest-selling products and categories on Flipkart and maximize your profits. From the eligibility and the requirements for registration to signing up, listing your store, and the fee structure, we guide you through it all. Your Ultimate Flipkart Seller Registration Resource Is Here! Learn how to create an account, manage products, and gain a competitive edge in the e-commerce market

Who is Eligible to Register?

1. Select a Company Structure

Before starting the Flipkart vendor registration process, you must confirm whether you are eligible to be listed as a seller. While the criteria are not strict, it is a requirement. So, if you fall under any of the following categories, then you are eligible to register with Flipkart:

Sole Proprietor

You are eligible if you are a registered sole proprietor selling goods through your store.

Companies Registered under Indian Partnership Act

Any establishment that is registered under the IPA 1932 is also eligible. In the case of multiple partners in a firm, any of the partners are authorized to complete the process.

Limited Liability Partnership

Like a sole proprietorship, any LLP registered under the LLP Act of 2008 is also eligible on Flipkart.

Registered under the Companies Act

Any public, private, or one-person company registered under the Companies Act of 2013 can register as a seller on Flipkart.

Which Documents Do You Need to Register on Flipkart?

Once you have determined that you are indeed eligible to complete the Flipkart vendor registration process, the next step is to collect all the documentation for a smooth and easy registration process. These documents confirm your business's identity and the banking details associated with you or your company. So, here are the documents you need for Flipkart seller registration

PAN Card

The PAN card is the first documentation you need. If registering as a Sole Proprietor, you must provide your PAN details. But if registering as a legally registered company, you must provide Company PAN details.


It would be best if you kept your GSTIN handy to be entered when providing your company details. While this is needed, it is optional for a few exempted categories of goods and services, like books and groceries.

KYC Documents

You must provide your KYC documents and bank account details when registering on the portal.


You must upload a clear scan of your signature to complete the Flipkart vendor registration process.

Trademark Confirmation

If you are selling your goods on the platform, you must provide the trademark number. Similarly, a Brand Approval Letter or Certified Invoice is needed if you intend to sell branded products and are an authorized dealer.

How to Sign Up on Flipkart as a Seller?

The first step in this process is signing up as a vendor on the platform. To do so, here is all that you have to do:

Step 1Go to the Flipkart sellers' website (www.seller.flipkart.com) and click the "Start Selling" button on the top right.

Step 2:Enter your mobile number and email ID, then enter the OTP that you get on your mobile number (depending on the kind of products you intend to sell on Flipkart, you can also enter your PAN number of GSTIN at this stage. However, if you wish not to, you can enter it later on as well).

Step 3: Click "Register and Verify" to proceed to the next stage.

Step 4: Create a password for your account and enter your name and your display name.

Step 5: Click on the button at the end to finish creating your account and go to your Flipkart seller dashboard.

How to List Your Store on Flipkart?

After creating your account comes creating a listing for your store. You can do this by creating a listing for the products you want to sell. So, after ensuring you have provided all the details on the dashboard, such as your ID and signature verification, pickup address, and specifying whether you are selling exempted or non-exempted goods, you need to create your product listings.

To create a product listing, keep these things in mind:

1.Make sure to choose between the single listing or bulk listing options correctly.

2.Select the correct product category option that seems most suitable for the product you are selling.

When creating the listing, you can choose from the existing Flipkart catalog of products or add an entirely new product listing. If you are creating bulk listings, you may also upload an Excel file to make the process faster and easier.

What is the Flipkart Seller Fee Structure?

While the registration process is free and open for all those eligible, you need to remember that there are minimal charges associated with the process. So, once you enter the Flipkart seller agreement by signing up, the following are the minimal charges you will incur:

Fixed Fee

This is the base fee Flipkart charges you for every transaction done from your store. While this fee changes depending on the item value of the entire order, no such fees are charged for courier returns

Shipping Fee

The shipping fee also varies from order to order, depending on the weight of the parcel being sent and the location to which the product will be sent.

Collection Fee

Depending on the customer's chosen payment method, you will also be charged a collection fee. In the case of online payments, this fee will be as per the charges levied by the payment gateway, while in the case of COD orders, the fees are charged based on cash collection charges.


Creating a Flipkart seller account can benefit sellers looking to expand their sales reach cost-efficiently. Keep the various requirements and standards in mind, and you can also be ready to sell your products online through Flipkart's established channel.

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Q. What are the benefits of using Flipkart's seller platform?

A. Some exceptional benefits of using the service include Flipkart's seller protection fund, pan-India reach, low setup costs, an established logistics system, and minimal marketing costs.

Q. My KYC verification failed. What do I do now?

A. KYC verification is a necessary step for registering as a seller on Flipkart. If you failed once, you would need to make the required corrections depending on the reasons for failure and then apply for the KYC again.

Q. Will my PAN and TAN details be verified?

A. Yes. To maintain the authenticity of all the sellers, Flipkart verifies the PAN and TAN details you have entered to ensure they are genuine.

Q. My pickup address is different from the address mentioned in my TIN/VAT. Will that create a problem?

A. This will not create any problem if the pickup is carried out in the same state as the one mentioned on your TIN/VAT.

Q. Is Flipkart seller free?

A. Listing your products on Flipkart is absolutely free.

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