Highest Selling Products to Sell on Meesho in 2023

Highest Selling Products to Sell on Meesho in 2023

12 July, 2023

Highest Selling Products on Meesho

Last updated on 15 March, 2024

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Popular Selling Products to Sell on Meesho in 2023

Are you on the lookout for the trending items on Meesho? This article highlights the most popular products on Meesho to help you become a successful seller.


The e-commerce market in India is expanding at a steady pace giving excellent opportunities for online sellers to list various products to reach out to a wide customer base. Meesho is one such online platform that is popular among its sellers for its various advantages. Let’s delve into the insight about Meesho, why the company is popular, learn more about the popular products on Meesho, and how much of these products are sold every year. Read on. Partner with the professional team at GoNukkad, for guidance to Meesho sellers to rake in profits in a short time.

What Is Meesho?

Meesho is a Bangalore-based start-up and the brainchild of Vidit Aatrey, an IITian. This online shopping platform helps people shop for their favorite products online within a budget. This online selling platform has over 2.6M sellers in India and recorded 1.8M searches last month.

Home-makers and small business owners are prominent sellers on this online shopping portal. Meesho clocked around 91 orders in 2022, maintaining a growth rate of 135% more than the previous year. Each year, the trending items on Meesho differ based on the buyer’s behavior. Keeping an eye on these popular products on Meesho will help you become a successful seller.

Reasons Why People Prefer Selling On Meesho?

Meesho has emerged as one of the best online marketplaces in India, as it offers a wide range of product categories, affordable pricing, and easy returns, making it a shopper’s delight. And for sellers, creating a seller account on Meesho is quite simple, and you can avail of the following benefits:

Lowest Commission Rate in the Industry: For all product categories, Meesho charges zero commission fees. You will be charged a GST of 18% for the sales you make. It is the lowest in the industry and helps sellers like you price your bestselling products on Meesho to get better margins.

Zero Collection Fees: While most of the big players in the online market deduct collection fees on the product sold, Meesho does not levy any direct or hidden collection charges, even if selling profitable items on Meesho, giving sellers more profits.

No Shipping Charges: Meesho sellers need not pay any shipping expenses for the transaction made on this online platform, as it is already included in the product price.

Simple Return Policy: Receiving Return-To-Origin requests from buyers can be a nightmare for every e-commerce seller. This occurs when the product is damaged while in transit or the wrong item is sent to the buyer. Meesho sellers need not pay any penalty fee for the return, as the company handles the reverse logistics.

Top 8 Bestselling Products On Meesho

The following are the categories that contain some of the popular products on Meesho, which can help you make a lot of profits as a seller.

1. Kitchen Items

Kitchen products are one of the trending items on Meesho, which are available in various sizes, styles, and price ranges to meet a buyer's specific needs. Whether it is kitchen tools, dinnerware, or glass sets, Meesho has them all. This online shopping platform has a variety of kitchen appliances, from toaster grills, storage containers, egg boilers, and hand blenders to mixer grinders. You can sell them all at an affordable price range..

2. Home Products

Home products are one of the bestselling products on Meesho, as they are must-haves in every home. Be it bedsheets, curtains, mattress protectors, or home décor, offering them in modern designs and styles can fetch you good profits. These trending items on Meesho are a favorite among Meesho shoppers, as they can find them within their budget and at good quality.

3. Ethnic Dresses for Women

Women love ethnic dresses, as they are comfortable, suit all occasions, and never go out of fashion, which explains why they are featured among the popular products on Meesho. You can sell ethnic wear like sarees, Kurtis, long skirts with tops, nighties, Anarkali Kurtis, dress materials, dupattas, and more. Meesho sells 148 sarees every minute, giving you enough scope to earn more by selling ethnic dresses.

4. Western Apparel for Women

Stylish and modern Western outfits for women are one of the bestselling products on Meesho, which ranges from jeans, tops, and t-shirts to gowns. Whether you are selling party wear for a night out, elegant office wear, or a stylish frock, Meesho buyers are keen on buying them at an affordable price. You can also sell profitable items on Meesho, like palazzos, lingerie, cotton pants, dress shirts, and more, to increase your profit margin.

5. Men’s Clothing

The men’s clothing range in Meesho has stylish modern wear and elegant cotton wear to dress up the modern man. Casual shirts, formal wear, shorts, party shirts, pants, tracksuits, and t-shirts are some of the profitable items on Meesho. The website sells around 93,000 t-shirts per day, which gives you more reason to choose men’s clothing as your selling category.

6. Kids' Dresses

Meesho is famous for selling stylish dresses for boys and cute dresses for girls in an array of sizes, materials, styles, and colors, making them one of the popular products on Meesho. You can offer frocks, midi sets, jeans and t-shirts, kurtas, shirts, and party wear for kids. Don’t forget to add profitable items on Meesho, like baby clothing made from skin-friendly cotton material in your kid’s wear collection.

7. Jewelry and Accessories

Jewelry and accessories are the next bestselling products on Meesho, as the shopping portal specializes in offering a wide range of handmade jewelry crafted by skilled artisans. Whether a simple accessory or a statement necklace, they are the trending items on Meesho.

Meesho encourages sustainable products, which gives you more opportunities to focus on silk thread bangles, terracotta jewelry, and paper mache jewelry. You can also sell earrings, bangles, nath, toe rings, and anklets in traditional and modern styles to instantly get noticed by buyers.

8. Electronic Appliances

As a Meesho seller, you can offer electronic appliances ranging from fans, weighing scales, washing machines, ear pods, refrigerators, headphones, washing machines, mobile phones, smart watches, power banks, and more. You can offer used or new products at an affordable price range, as these electronic items are bestselling products on Meesho. Around 51,725 Bluetooth earphones are sold by Meesho each day, which makes it one of the most profitable items on Meesho.


Selling some of the trending items on Meesho allows you the opportunity to reach out to more potential customers and become a high-rated seller that reflects your credibility. Focus on offering high-quality products at the best prices to increase your sales. Whether it is kid’s clothing, men’s and women’s clothing, or kitchen appliances, maintain a catalog with an array of products to cater to the needs and preferences of your buyers. Partner with the professional team at GoNukkad, for guidance to Meesho sellers to rake in profits in a short time.

Q. How can I improve sales on Meesho?

Have a broad catalog of bestselling products from different categories, set the perfect prices, and add appealing product images and quality packaging. Also, promote your products through social media to enhance sales volume on Meesho.

Q. Why is Meeshosho considered as a unique selling platform?

A. Meesho was established with the objective of making women and small business owners in India earn and become independent, which makes it unique.

Q. How many sellers are doing business on the Meesho platform?

A. Meesho has crossed the milestone of 1.1 million, of which 80% are new sellers.

Q. What is the commission charged by Meesho?

A. Meesho maintains zero seller commission fee but an 18% GST is levied.

Q. As a seller, will I be charged for the return requests placed by the customer?

A. No, you need not pay any penalty fee for the return, as Meesho will handle the reverse logistics of your order.

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