How To Check Price History on Amazon in 2024

How To Check Price History on Amazon in 2024

16 November, 2023


Last updated on 2 May, 2024

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How to Check Price History on Amazon in 2024

Read on to learn how to check price history on Amazon and the importance of Amazon price history! Our comprehensive guide empowers you to track down the product.


People who work with Amazon understand that the price is the amount they contribute, while value is something they receive. Buyers maintain records of pricing history to save money. However, sellers keep an eye on Amazon price history to remain ahead of the competition. Retailers seek out the most effective market prices. In reality, nine in ten customers price-check an item before purchasing it on a particular platform. For all parties involved, knowing how to check price history on Amazon is crucial in making decisions.

Importance of Knowing Amazon Product Price History

To overcome your rivals and earn the Buy Box on Amazon, you need to strategically plan product prices. Nevertheless, it cannot be static because developments in the business community occur frequently. New items emerge while other brands employ new marketing strategies.

You must continually reprice what you sell for a variety of reasons. To avoid losing market share to your competition, you ought to track your inventory’s price history on Amazon. Furthermore, you should examine the outcomes to reprice things.

Obviously, doing it manually is an option but not a simple task. In most instances, trackers for Amazon price history are used by retailers to assess and regulate dynamic pricing. Continue reading to learn how to see price history on Amazon and how a tracker can aid in boosting your sales.

How to Check Price History on Amazon?

You may manually track pricing in a spreadsheet, wasting valuable time that could be spent on more productive duties. Manual price monitoring yields fewer data points, which means you won't be modifying pricing as regularly, resulting in lost sales.

Evidently, there are various advantages to adopting a digital Amazon product price history tracker that can assist you in growing your business. Employing a price tracker is beneficial to both businesses and buyers.

The following are the steps to check price history on Amazon:

1. Open an Amazon price tracker tool.

2. Provide the ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) of the product you want to track using the tool.

3. Click on the "Track" button.

4. You will be directed to a page showing the product's price history.

5. If you want to keep an eye on a product price and get notified when it goes down, you can set up price alerts.

Price Tracker: Keeping Track of Amazon Price History

A tool that monitors price changes is referred to as the price tracker. This program also compares and evaluates product prices. Notably, a price tracker aids in the price comparison of Amazon items. It tells the shopper or seller when prices drop or rise. It additionally helps to check Amazon price history of the goods. Furthermore, certain price trackers send you price notifications.

A price tracker is a tool that customers and organizations may use to keep track of prices to establish informed pricing decisions. It is beneficial for retailers, distributors, sellers, and manufacturers in both B2C and B2B transactions. Implementing a price tracker helps you to establish the correct price while still maintaining oversight of the market's general structure.

Factors to Consider While Choosing a Price Tracker

When choosing a Price Tracker tool, you must prioritize the most important functionality and ease. As an ideal price tracker, the tool must boast the following features:

Unlimited ASINs Number

You must be allowed to add any number of ASINs that you would like to monitor their pricing history using a reliable price tracker.

Detailed Overview of Competitor

The tracker should provide you with all necessary rival pricing information so that you can effectively position your goods against other offerings.

Lengthy Amazon Price History

Certain trackers are able to show viewers the Amazon price history spanning the last 30 days. That is insufficient for a thorough examination. Using software that is capable of showing you price patterns for more than a year will prove to be the most beneficial option.

Straightforward Charts

Price history monitors often capture a wide range of data. A dashboard or chart must convey facts in an understandable manner. Whatever is displayed must be easy to comprehend and read.

Price Notifications and Alerts

The tool will notify you immediately of pricing changes. In that scenario, you can act right away. The smallest price change can have an impact on your product's exposure and buyer preference. Without these alerts, you will be responsible for double-checking all details and orders every time. This is quite inconvenient and consumes a lot of energy.

Unrestrictive Tracking of Any Product Details

The information obtained from the tool is not supposed to be limited and must allow you to track every product detail on Amazon.


Utilize an effective price tracker to accumulate data to gain insight into products and their pricing, identify opportunities and gaps, match competition comparables, and so on. By knowing how to check Amazon price history, you can respond quickly to execute data-driven pricing choices and maximize profits. This proactive technique enables you to handle market fluctuations and maximize your sales performance on Amazon.

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Q. How can I set up a price alert on Amazon?

A. Amazon has yet to provide an inbuilt feature that allows you to set up such alerts. However, you can make use of tools offered by the third-party to keep track and get pricing notifications for Amazon products.

Q. How can I create an order history report on Amazon?


1. Navigate to “Business Analytics”.

2. Select “Orders” from the “Reports” menu.

3. Choose a time period, any applicable columns, filters, order invoices, and documentation to download.

4. Give your order report a name.

5. Choose “Download CSV”.

Q. How do I track an Amazon product price history?

A. To monitor an Amazon product price history, you can make use of third-party websites and tools such as a price tracker. An ideal price tracker enables you to look up an item and view its graph of price history, including its recorded trends, fluctuations, and prices over time. You can even set up product alerts to get notifications regarding any changes in the cost, allowing you to execute informed selling decisions depending on the product’s history.

Q. Where do I find the price history tab on Amazon?

A. Although Amazon provides a tab for checking product prices, it does not have any dedicated section for looking up the historical costs of a product. In such instances, you need to make use of third-party websites and tools such as a price tracker.

Q. Does Amazon provide any tracking?

A. Other than price tracking, the platform of Amazon provides you with shopping and package tracking access. This allows you to track your orders and their prices.

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