How To Claim Warranty on Flipkart in 2024

How To Claim Warranty on Flipkart in 2024

14 December, 2023


Last updated on 14 December, 2023

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How To Claim Warranty on Flipkart in 2024 - Pro Tips

How to claim a warranty on Flipkart? Understand the process, prepare documents, and contact support effectively with the comprehensive steps.


When you make a purchase on Flipkart, the comforting thought of most items being covered by a warranty against manufacturing defects or malfunctions is indeed reassuring. However, what steps should you take if your product develops a defect within the Flipkart warranty period? Don't worry; we've crafted a comprehensive and reader-friendly article to assist you through the process of seamlessly claiming a warranty on Flipkart.

What is Flipkart's Warranty Claim?

It is a customer's formal request sent to either a company or a manufacturer asking for some kind of repair and compensation concerning a product or service that failed to meet the customer's demands and preferences. It usually entails a repair, replacement, or refund of faulty or defective merchandise claims. By taking the Flipkart warranty claim, the customer's right to correct remedy whenever there is an issue with the bought product or service is assured.

How To Claim Warranty on Flipkart Step-by-Step Process

Let's break down how to get a warranty from Flipkart into simple steps, making it easy for you to navigate effortlessly.

Step 1: Evaluate the Warranty Period:

Before commencing the claim process, ascertain the Flipkart warranty period for your product. This information can be gleaned from the product page or detailed in the user manual.

Step 2: Gather Essential Documentation:

Streamline the claim process by compiling indispensable documents. These may encompass the product invoice, warranty card, Flipkart warranty claim number, and a photocopy of your ID proof. Ensuring these documents are readily available expedites the verification process.

Step 3: Reach Out to Flipkart Customer Support:

Initiate contact with Flipkart's customer support via their website, mobile app, or dedicated customer care number. Opt for the method that aligns with your preferences.

Step 4: Clearly Express the Issue and Submit Documents:

When corresponding with Flipkart's customer support, articulate a comprehensive explanation of the product issue. Ensure clarity and conciseness in detailing the problem. Additionally, submit the requisite documents for verification. A comprehensive information package accelerates the process.

Step 5: Flipkart Initiates the Claim Procedure:

Following the submission of the necessary information, Flipkart's customer support will inaugurate the warranty claim procedure. Depending on the product and issue, they may prompt you to dispatch the product to the brand's authorized service center for meticulous inspection.

Step 6: Product Inspection and Resolution:

The authorized service center will meticulously scrutinize the product to validate the warranty claim. If the issue is substantiated and falls within the purview of warranty coverage, Flipkart will enact judicious measures. This might involve rectifying the defective product or furnishing a suitable replacement.

What to Do If Flipkart Warranty Claim Gets Rejected?

If the Flipkart claim process gets rejected, follow these simple how to get a warranty from Flipkart steps to acknowledge the situation:

1. Carefully review the specific reasons for the rejection and ensure that your claim falls within the warranty coverage outlined in the terms and conditions.

2. Promptly reach out to Flipkart's customer support, providing details about your warranty claim. Inquire about the reasons for rejection and seek clarification.

3. Offer supplementary evidence, such as photos or documentation, to bolster your claim. Present a clear case that substantiates the validity of your warranty request.

4. Politely request a reconsideration of the warranty claim. Clearly articulate why you believe the claim should be approved. Maintain persistence while maintaining a respectful tone.

5. If initial contact doesn't yield results, escalate the concern to higher levels of management or the relevant department within Flipkart.

6. Familiarize yourself with consumer protection laws in your area. If necessary, explore legal avenues to address the dispute.

Reasons for Flipkart Warranty Claim Getting Rejected

Understanding the potential reasons for the rejection of your Flipkart warranty claim is essential. Let's delve into common factors leading to claim denials to empower you to navigate possible hurdles effectively.

1. Expired Warranty Period: If the product is outside the specified warranty period, the claim may be rejected. It's essential to be aware of the warranty duration for each product.

2. Improper Use or Negligence: Warranty typically covers defects in materials or workmanship, not damage caused by misuse, accidents, or neglect. If it's determined that the damage is a result of customer mishandling, the claim may be rejected.

3. Unauthorized Repairs or Modifications: Attempting to repair the product yourself or having it repaired by an unauthorized service center can void the warranty. Only authorized technicians or service centers approved by the manufacturer should handle repairs.

4. Missing Proof of Purchase: In many cases, a valid proof of purchase, such as a receipt or invoice, is required to process a warranty claim. Without this documentation, the claim may be rejected.

5. Limited Warranty Coverage: Some warranties have limitations and exclusions. Certain components or types of damage may not be covered. It's important to review the terms and conditions of the warranty carefully.

6. Wear and Tear: Warranties typically do not cover normal wear and tear. If the issue is considered a normal part of the product's aging process, the claim is denied.

7. Failure to Follow Maintenance Instructions: If the product has specific maintenance requirements outlined in the user manual, failure to follow these instructions may lead to a warranty claim rejection.

8. Incomplete Return: When returning a product for warranty service, it's crucial to follow the specified return process. Failing to include all required components or information may result in a rejected claim.

9. Damaged Packaging: Some warranties require the original packaging for returns. If the packaging is damaged or missing, it may affect the warranty claim.

10. Non-Covered Incidents: Certain incidents, such as accidental damage, exposure to extreme conditions, or acts of nature, may not be covered by standard warranties.


Getting help through a warranty on Flipkart becomes a breeze when you follow these steps carefully. Simply check the Flipkart warranty claim period, gather essential documents like your bill and warranty card, and reach out to Flipkart's support with a clear explanation of the issue. Patience and politeness go a long way in this process, and you can trust Flipkart to address your product concerns promptly. So, dive into the hassle-free process of Flipkart shopping with ease.

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Q. Can I claim a warranty if I've lost my product's invoice or warranty card?

A. It's advisable to contact Flipkart customer support for guidance and to provide any available proof of purchase.

Q. What if my warranty claim gets rejected?

A. Review the rejection reason, double-check documents, contact customer support for clarification, and appeal the decision if needed.

Q. Are there legal rights for claiming warranties on products?

A. In many regions, consumers have legal rights to claim warranties on products backed by consumer protection laws.

Q. Can I claim a warranty directly from the brand's service center?

A. If the brand has its own service center, customers may need to visit or claim a warranty from them.

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