How To Compare Products in Flipkart: A Detailed Guide in 2024

How To Compare Products in Flipkart: A Detailed Guide in 2024

10 November, 2023


Last updated on 2 May, 2024

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How To Compare Products in Flipkart: Step By Step Guide 2024

Learn how to compare products in Flipkart with our step-by-step guide. Make informed decisions and find the best deals with ease.


In our techie times, we aim to get the most bang for our buck. Comparing things online for the best deals. Flipkart provides a cool tool to make comparisons easy, guiding your choices. It might be difficult to find the perfect fit among the wide variety of options offered. Your purchasing selections will be simple after reading this guide, which walks you through the process of comparing items on Flipkart's website and app.

Comparing Products on Flipkart Website

Here’s the guide on how to compare products in Flipkart online:

1. Title and Initial Search

To begin, open your preferred web browser and navigate to the Flipkart website. Once there, type the name of the product you want into the search field. Select the search icon.

2. Choose a Product

When you see the list of search results, click on the product that piques your attention. This brings you to the product's page.

3. Checkbox for Comparison

On the product's page, there is a checkbox titled "Compare." Simply click on it. You can compare multiple products, so go ahead and select others you are considering.

4. Compare Page

Click the Compare option in Flipkart, which is often found near the top of the page, to examine and compare the goods you have selected. A side-by-side comparison of the selected items' salient attributes, technical details, and costs can be found here.

Compare Products using the Flipkart Mobile App

Here’s the guide on how to compare products in Flipkart app:

1. Open the app

Open the Flipkart app on your smartphone if you want to buy there. Install it from the app store on your smartphone if you have not already.

2. Search and Select

To locate the desired product, use the search bar. When the results are listed, click on the item that piques your curiosity to see more information about it.

3. Compare Feature

The "Flipkart Compare" option is located on the product's page. The item will be added to your list of comparisons when you tap it.

4. Compare Page

Navigate to the "Compare" area of the app or your basket to examine and compare the products you have selected. As on the website, you can view a thorough side-by-side comparison here.

Benefits of Comparing Products

After learning how to compare products in Flipkart, let us talk about why this is crucial:

1. Well informed selections: By comparing items, you may assess features, costs, and specs to make well-informed selections.

2. Cost Savings: It assists you in locating the greatest offers, which may result in financial savings.

3. Quality Assurance: You may make sure you are purchasing a product that satisfies your needs by comparing items.

4. Time Efficient: This process streamlines your shopping, saving you time and effort.

Tips for Effective Product Comparison

To get the most out of your product comparisons, consider these tips:

1. Compare Similar Products: When comparing, select products with similar features and specifications to make a meaningful decision.

2. Read Reviews: Check customer reviews to gather real-world insights and feedback.

3. Consider Shipping and Returns: Pay attention to shipping costs and return policies, especially for large or expensive items.

4. Set a Budget: Determine your budget before comparing products to narrow down your choices.

5. Check Seller Ratings: Ensure you are buying from reputable sellers by checking their ratings and reviews.


Comparing products on Flipkart is a valuable tool for modern shoppers. It gives you the power to decide wisely, cut costs, and make sure you are getting the most out of your purchases. The process is simple and effective whether you use the mobile app or the website. You may purchase with confidence knowing that you have chosen the ideal option for your requirements if you use comparison shopping. So why hold off? Head over to the Flipkart platform now and make your shopping experience even more rewarding. Enjoy the satisfaction of well-informed, budget-conscious purchases.

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Q. Is product comparison on Flipkart free?

A. Indeed, comparing products on Flipkart is a complimentary service. There are no additional fees; you can utilize this feature to make well-informed buying choices without incurring any costs.

Q. Can I compare products from different categories?

A. No, you can only compare products on Flipkart within the same category on Flipkart. This ensures a meaningful and relevant comparison.

Q. How do I remove products from the comparison list?

A. Just uncheck the "Compare" box on the product's page or the comparison page to delete a product. It is going to be taken from your list.

Q. Does Flipkart offer any tools to assist in product comparison?

A. Flipkart provides detailed product specifications, customer reviews, and ratings to help you in your comparison. These tools enhance your decision-making process.

Q. Is it possible to compare items offered by various Flipkart sellers?

A. As long as the items fall into the same category, you may compare items from various merchants. Flipkart's comparison feature is seller-agnostic, focusing on product attributes.

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