How To Contact Meesho Customer Care: Step by Step Process

How To Contact Meesho Customer Care: Step by Step Process

19 December, 2023


Last updated on 20 December, 2023

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How To Contact Meesho Customer Care 2024 - Gonukkad

Explore hassle-free ways of how to contact meesho customer care at meesho with our detailed guide. Learn about various communication.


Meesho is an innovative online marketplace that empowers individuals to start their businesses by reselling products. To ensure a smooth experience for both buyers and sellers, Meesho offers several channels for communication. In the dynamic world of online shopping, Meesho has emerged as a prominent platform connecting buyers with sellers. However, customers may encounter situations where direct communication with sellers becomes essential. This guide explores “How to contact sellers on Meesho”. Offering insights into the various methods available to users. Whether you're a seasoned Meesho user or a newcomer, understanding the communication channels with sellers is crucial for a seamless and satisfying shopping experience.

How To Contact Meesho Customer Care: Easy Steps To Follow

For customers seeking assistance, Meesho provides a dedicated customer service feature to facilitate communication with sellers. If you are wondering “how to contact seller on Meesho customer service,” follow these steps:

1. Access the Meesho app or website.

2. Navigate to the customer service section.

3. Choose the option to contact the seller.

4. Follow the prompts to provide relevant details and submit your inquiry. This streamlined process ensures that you can easily reach out to sellers on Meesho and get the support you need for a seamless shopping experience.

Meesho Contact Number and Seller Contact Number

While Meesho primarily relies on in-app communication, there may be instances where a Meesho seller contact number is required. However, Meesho may need to provide a contact number for sellers directly. It is recommended to use the in-app messaging system for efficient communication.

For more information on contacting Meesho customer service, you can visit the PissedConsumer website.

Meesho Customer Service Email

For formal communication, Meesho offers a customer service email. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to reach Meesho's customer service through email at [email protected]. Providing comprehensive details in your email will help expedite the resolution.

Best Practices for Contacting Sellers on Meesho

For users seeking effective communication with sellers on Meesho, employing the right practices ensures a smooth interaction. Follow these steps on “how to contact the seller on Meesho” for optimal results:

1. Use In-App Messaging: Leverage Meesho's in-app messaging system for direct and prompt communication. This feature allows you to communicate with sellers in real time, fostering quick responses to your queries

2. Provide Order Details: When reaching out to sellers, include relevant order details such as order number and product information. This ensures sellers can quickly identify and address your concerns, facilitating a more efficient resolution process

3. Be Clear and Concise: Articulate your query or concern clearly and concisely. This helps sellers understand your issue accurately, reducing the chances of miscommunication and ensuring a more effective response

4. Check Seller Policies: Before reaching out, familiarize yourself with Meesho's policies and the specific policies of the seller. Understanding these guidelines enhances communication by aligning your expectations with the seller's procedures

By incorporating these best practices, users can enhance their communication with sellers on Meesho, leading to a more satisfactory shopping experience.


Contacting sellers on Meesho is a seamless journey with the convenience of the in-app messaging system. By embracing best practices, such as clear communication and providing relevant order details, customers can elevate their interaction with sellers, ensuring a smoother resolution of queries. This process not only facilitates effective communication but also contributes to an overall positive shopping experience on the platform. To enhance your online shopping venture even further, consider exploring GoNukkad.

Q. Can I contact Meesho sellers directly?

A. Yes, Meesho provides an in-app messaging system for direct communication with sellers. This ensures a convenient and direct channel for any queries or concerns you may have about a product.

Q. Is there a Meesho contact number for sellers?

A. Meesho may not provide a direct contact number for sellers; however, efficient communication is facilitated through the in-app messaging system. This helps maintain a streamlined and secure communication process between buyers and sellers.

Q. What is the Meesho customer service email?

A. You can reach Meesho customer service via email at [email protected]. This email provides a written record of your communication, aiding in efficient issue resolution and follow-up.

Q. How quickly does Meesho respond to customer inquiries?

A. Meesho aims to respond to customer inquiries promptly, typically within a reasonable timeframe. The quick response time ensures a positive customer experience and timely resolution of any concerns.

Q. Are there specific etiquettes for contacting sellers on Meesho?

A. It is advisable to be clear and concise and provide relevant order details when contacting sellers on Meesho. This helps sellers understand and address your queries more effectively, enhancing the overall communication experience.

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