How to Create an Amazon Storefront in 2024

How to Create an Amazon Storefront in 2024

11 December, 2023


Last updated on 11 December, 2023

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How to Create an Amazon Storefront in 2024

Build your Amazon storefront and optimize your earning path by streamlining your product sales and learning how to build an Amazon storefront.


With countless small and intermediate businesses within Amazon, your company is required to be prominent from the finish and launching of an Amazon Storefront, also called an Amazon Store, which distinguishes your brand from your rivals and ensures the trust of shoppers.

Amazon keeps on investing in the latest features, programs, and tools to help the development of small businesses on Amazon, particularly the ones owned by brand-registered sellers.

Amazon Storefront carries the look and feel of an actual eCommerce store with Amazon's huge audience base. If you want to learn about how to create an Amazon storefront, continue reading.

What is Amazon Storefront?

An Amazon Storefront comprises a customizable, dedicated space inside the Amazon ecosystem that enables sellers to furnish a branded shopping adventure for their customers. An Amazon Store allows sellers to mention their brand's story, display a wide range of products, and connect with their target audience.

Further, Amazon Storefronts permit sellers to acquire useful insights into customer behavior through strong analytics. Monitoring metrics like traffic sources, page views, and conversion rates can provide profound insights into customer choices and assist sellers in refining their marketing plans for improved results.

How To Create An Amazon Storefront? Step By Step Process

Understanding how to create an Amazon storefront is fairly easy by following some steps.

Enlist In The Brand Registry Program

You are required to enroll in Amazon's brand registry program to be able to sell the products on the platform with authenticity. Prior to your brand registration, you have to obtain a trademarked logo or emblem from the organization World Intellectual Property to be qualified for a brand registry.

Create Your Account For Selling

Amazon prefers that every Amazon seller should set up their account with identity verification and proper documentation. This will comprise the name, contact information, ID verification, and bank details of the main brand owner for sales deposits every two weeks.

Build Your Amazon Storefront

After you have enlisted in the Brand Registry, it's time to design your Amazon outlet. Amazon Storefronts are designed with user-friendly templates without the need for coding.

Go to “Manage Stores” within Seller Central or the Amazon Ad console to find brand records within your account that are qualified for building an Amazon store. When you pick your preferred brand, you will be guided to Amazon's Store Builder console to develop your Amazon outlet. Then, click “Create Store” and select your brand.

Insert Brand Logo And Brand Name

Now, the following information will appear in your Store Builder:

Brand Display Name

The name of your brand display will appear within your storefront so that you can select an associated name for your customers to identify.

Brand Logo

Your brand's logo also shows inside your Amazon outlet, where you can upload a picture or select an available uploaded picture with a minimum pixel count of 400x400. Though you can change the settings for concealing the logo of your brand, it can be identifiable for your audience.

Select A Pre-Built Homepage Design

This step requires you to pick your homepage layout for opening Amazon Storefront through pre-built designs. You can personalize your Amazon store simply by dragging and dropping, which doesn't need any developer background.

Before selecting your design for the homepage, insert a brief meta description of the page. Utilize this like a tagline for summing up your business, items, and how to aid Amazon shoppers. When prepared, select your preferred template and click “Save.”

Personalize Design Of Your Amazon Store

Selecting your design enables you to personalize your store's homepage. Building an outlet multi-page by utilizing pre-built templates or drop-and-drag tiles is simple. To personalize your Amazon outlet, insert images, videos, and descriptions.

The builder allows you to view separate tiles, which can be aligned according to your selected design, for you to personalize them with products, text, images, or videos. There is a default box above the page to upload a hero picture with a minimum of 3000 x 600 pixels. Select a picture that aligns with your brand or your best-seller item.

Include Items To Your Amazon Outlet

Products for creating your Amazon outlet can be included via tiles. Before including items on your storefront, products need to be uploaded to your Amazon Seller Central account to be formed gradually or bulk-wise.

You can create product listings for them to feature within the tile slot. Your main product pictures and price are displayed on the tile.

Store Pages may be included where your outlet has multiple products, which will make discovering the products they are searching for simpler for the shoppers. Personalize every secondary page as you want.


Building an Amazon Storefront is a powerful tool for enhancing your brand's visibility and engagement on the platform. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily create, manage, and scale your online selling presence with the support of GoNukkad, your trusted partner, in maximizing your brand's potential and providing a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

Q. Who can launch an Amazon storefront?

A. Vendors, sellers, and agencies can start an Amazon storefront. To start an Amazon store, you must enlist in the Amazon Brand Registry, which requires applicants to possess a certified and active text or image-related trademark.

Q. How much do you need to pay for an Amazon storefront?

A. An Amazon storefront comes free. Companies do not need to pay a fee to start an Amazon Store. Many companies have an Amazon Store; nevertheless, do register for the Professional selling plan, which costs $39.99 each month.

Q. Do you require followers for an Amazon Store?

A. You don't essentially require followers to build a storefront. While social media followers can fuel more buyers, it's not needed.

Q. How do I build a link to my Amazon Storefront?

A. The link to your Amazon Storefront is below your seller profile page, reachable from Seller Central.

Q. How do I include my Amazon Storefront link to my TikTok page?

A. You need a minimum of 1,000 followers on TikTok to include a link to your bio.

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