A Comprehensive Guide on How to Delete Amazon Seller Account

A Comprehensive Guide on How to Delete Amazon Seller Account

3 November, 2023

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Last updated on 3 May, 2024

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How to Delete Amazon Seller Account in 2024

Ready to move on? Learn the step-by-step process of closing your Amazon seller account, ensuring a smooth transition and safeguarding your business interests in 2024.


To close Amazon account is an important decision that requires a number of processes in the Amazon Seller Central system. Knowing the process for deleting an account on Amazon is vital as an Amazon seller. In general, the deletion process involves going through the Seller Central account's settings and following Amazon's specific rules. Making the decision to delete an Amazon Seller account is a big step that demands serious thought and a thorough understanding of the procedure. Whether the user is migrating to a new company model, exploring new initiatives, or simply ending their Amazon selling activity, closing the seller account contains several important actions. Since Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms, it has a well-structured account closure process.

Depending on any unresolved issues or ongoing transactions related with the account, the process of deleting an Amazon Seller account may require up to 90 days. The user account and all related information, including documents and history of orders, will be permanently erased once the waiting period is over. Take a look at how to delete Amazon seller account:

How to Delete an Amazon Seller Account?

Below listed are the steps on how to delete Amazon Seller account:

1. Go to the 'Settings' tab after logging into the Amazon Seller account: When a seller logs into Amazon Seller Central, they receive accessibility to a detailed dashboard intended to manage a variety of the Amazon platform's selling activity. This is where sellers manage their product listings, track sales performance, manage orders, answer customer inquiries, and navigate for operating a successful online business.

1. Navigate to settings: Sellers often meet a wide range of choices and features in the Settings section-

a. Account Specifics

b. Preferences for Notifications

c. Settings for fulfillment and shipping

d. Payment and Banking Information

e. User Permissions

f. Business Policies

g. Compliance Requirements

3. Cancellation Procedure: One should look for the option that says "Close Account" or "Request Account Closure." There may be a section dedicated to managing your account, such as closing or deactivating it.

4. Follow the instructions: Before closing an account, Amazon normally wants sellers to remove any unpaid orders, fees, or other unresolved concerns. One may be required to settle all outstanding transactions or debts.

5. Close Account: Confirmation to delete the Amazon seller account is demanded. Amazon may issue last warnings and information regarding the consequences of account closure.

6. Contact Support: If one runs into problems or is unable to locate the closing option, call Amazon Seller Support for help. They can walk customers through the procedure or resolve any problems that are preventing the account from being closed.

7. Post-Closure Check: After starting the closure process, it's a good idea to double-check the bank accounts to make sure that there are no unexpected charges or payments relating to Amazon Seller fees. Delete any preset methods of payment from the platform as well.

Take into account the following points:

Pending Purchases: Amazon may refuse to close the account unless all pending operations, fees, or difficulties are resolved. Ensure that all orders are filled and costs are paid.

Inventory and funds: Any remaining funds in the seller account will be sent to the bank, and the inventory and listings for products will be deleted. A strategy should be made for the remaining merchandise and cash.

Service Impact: If the account gets closed, it will lead to the loss of access to Amazon Seller services and tools, like the seller profile & product listings. This action is binding, so it should be made certain if it is wanted.


Initiating the closure procedure normally involves going through parts of Seller Central relating to account closure or deactivation and according to Amazon's specific rules. These measures could include completing any outstanding transactions, paying financial obligations, and terminating sales operations. Once all of the prerequisites have been satisfied, sellers can request account closure, which is normally done through the account settings page.

Given the possibly irreversible nature of this, sellers must thoroughly grasp the consequences of closing their Amazon Seller account. It leads to the deletion of product listings, the discontinuation of selling operations, and an absence of access to Amazon Seller services and tools.

Q. How can one delete the Amazon Seller account?

A. To delete an Amazon Seller account, log in to Seller Central, go to settings, and seek for an option to close or deactivate the account. Follow the instructions provided, making sure that all pending orders, expenses, and other obligations have been satisfied before beginning the closing process.

Q. What are the requirements for closing an Amazon Seller account?

A. Before terminating the account, verify that all pending orders have been fulfilled, all financial obligations have been met, and you meet Amazon's closure conditions. Resolve any unresolved issues or Amazon-specified needs.

Q. Can I reclaim an Amazon Seller account that has been closed?

A. A deleted Amazon Seller account may usually be reinstated. One may, however, be able to open a new seller account, according to Amazon's policies and conditions.

Q. What if users have any unresolved fees or purchases on the account when they wish to close it?

A. Before terminating an account, Amazon normally demands that all pending charges and payments be settled. To continue with the closure procedure, ensure that any remaining financial concerns are resolved.

Q. Will deleting an Amazon seller account affect my Amazon buyer account?

A. The closing of the seller's account has no effect on the buyer's account. As a customer, the capacity to purchase things and use Amazon's services will be unaffected.

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