How To Delete Myntra Account? Step By Step Guide in 2024

How To Delete Myntra Account? Step By Step Guide in 2024

23 November, 2023


Last updated on 1 May, 2024

Written by Content Team

How to Delete Myntra Account? Ultimate Guide in 2024

How to delete Myntra account is as important as learning how to create an account on it. Learn the easy ways to delete your account from this shopping site.


Maybe you're not content with how your account has been handled, or perhaps some unauthorized party has stolen your login credentials. Or perhaps you simply no longer use the site and no longer require it. Whether it's one of the reasons mentioned above or something else entirely, removing your Myntra account is just as straightforward as setting it up. If you're wondering 'How To Deactivate Myntra Account' this concise guide is tailored for you. After directing you through the entire procedure, we will present several circumstances when you might want to consider deleting an account . Now, without further ado, let's get started.

How to Delete Myntra Account: Follow This Steps

Even when consumers choose to terminate their accounts, the Myntra website shines at delivering convenience. There are several ways to delete your account here. Read through each technique and choose the best one for you to deactivate your Myntra account.

Learn how to delete your Myntra account permanently with our step-by-step guide. Follow the simple instructions to ensure a smooth account closing process and manage your online presence effortlessly

Delete Myntra Account via Myntra App

Myntra app is one of the simplest ways for many customers to delete their account. Just follow these simple steps to terminate your account from this portal.

Step 1. Start your Myntra App and tap on Menu option

Step 2. Next, click on “Contact Us” and then tap on “Other”

Step 3. After choosing on other again tap on next “Other” option

Step 4. Now, select "Contact Us" and then "Call Now"; this will launch your calling app.

Call a Myntra support contact and explain your reasons for wanting to permanently remove my account. They will ask you general questions about your 'Myntra account delete'' intent. That's all.

If you do not wish to make a phone call, you can use the other ways provided below.

Delete Myntra Account via Email

You may terminate your account by sending an email to Myntra customer service. Here are some instructions for contacting Myntra customer service.

Step 1. Launch your Gmail App and choose Compose option from the bottom of the right side.

Step 2. You'll be prompted to enter some details.

Step 3. Select on Compose Mail and elaborate your problem.

Step 4. Ensure you have entered everything correct and click on Send Icon

Isn't it the simple way? You can remove your Myntra account in just four simple steps. If this does not suit you, you can opt for the third and final method of Myntra account delete via calling.

How to Delete Myntra Account via Calling

To begin, you must contact Myntra Customer Support. Simply saying "I want to delete my Myntra Account for some reason" is all that is required while speaking with them. The Myntra Customer Support phone number is listed on the website. After receiving your request, they will delete your account within a few working days.

In what conditions should you delete your Myntra account?

Though no business wants to lose even one customer, there are some critical scenarios in which even their customer service representatives will urge you to terminate your account. Look on the following scenarios:

1. Your Myntra account delete request is primarily being made in order to have your financial and personal data deleted from your user account. These days, hacking is commonplace. If you find that someone has accessed your information without authorization or that it has been altered, you should cancel your account.

2. Terminating your account can help you protect yourself and your data in the unlikely scenario when a third party obtains your login credentials or steals your password.

3. You may delete your account if annoying alerts distract you from important duties or cause you to hover over the website for no apparent reason. If you want to limit your online presence, you can erase your Myntra account permanently.

4. As technology advances, so do user preferences. If you notice that your buying preferences are changing and that they no longer coincide with the products and deals that the site provides, you can close your account.

Final Thoughts

Deleting your Myntra account is a personal decision that may be driven by privacy concerns or changing preferences. Understanding when to let go is essential rather than jeopardizing your bank or personal information. If you are unsure about your motivation for deleting an account, consult Gonukkad's specialists. They will provide you with accurate advice as well as other shopping possibilities.

Q. How do I completely remove my Myntra account?

A. You can permanently remove your Myntra account by calling Myntra Customer Service. You can make a deletion request by calling 080 6156 1999. It takes a few days to remove your account after you submit a request.

Q. What's the time frame for removing an account on Myntra?

A. Myntra may take up to 24 hours to complete an account deletion request. Myntra will send a confirmation email to the customer who requested the account deletion once it has been deactivated.

Q. How do I delete my Myntra app order history?

A. In general, Myntra does not allow its clients to remove their order history. You can, however, archive your buying and order history to keep it private from others.

Q. Why is there a convenience fee on Myntra?

A. The cost has been described as follows in the website's frequently asked questions (FAQ) section: Myntra charges a convenience fee in exchange for offering post-sale services like customer assistance and escalation, and technological expertise.

Q. How can I stay away from Myntra's delivery fees?

A. There are several methods available on Myntra for getting free shipping. Spending at least Rs. 1,500 on your purchase is the first option. Alternatively, you may become a member of the Myntra loyalty programme, which offers free shipping on all orders along with other perks like early access to specials and discounts.

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