How to Delete Paytm History: Step By Step Guide in 2024

How to Delete Paytm History: Step By Step Guide in 2024

20 November, 2023


Last updated on 2 May, 2024

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How To Delete Paytm History: Guide For 2024

Are you a Paytm UPI user? If yes, then this post will tell you how to delete Paytm history in Paytm and keep your account safe.


People rarely carry cash because everything is digital; Paytm comes to the rescue in these situations. It is an excellent method for online transactions. You can send and receive money with the most incredible convenience when you use it. However, occasionally, people experience difficulties because they are unsure of how to delete Paytm history. If this is you, stick with us through to the very end. Discover the process to clear your Paytm transaction history in 2024 with our easy-to-follow guide. Ensure privacy and security while managing your Paytm account. Are you looking to sell on Paytm? Learn the essential steps with our comprehensive guide.

What is Paytm?

Debit cards, net banking, and wallet-to-wallet transfers are just a few payment methods provided by one of India's top financial services providers, Paytm. With over 50 million account holders, One97 Communication Limited owns the brand as one of the most prominent digital banks.

Under one roof, the online platform offers Paytm stock demat services, Paytm insurance, Paytm First Games, and other services. The company's primary motto is to simplify and streamline its services. The company became well-known during the lockdown, remarkably after most people were advised to pay with digital methods, even for tiny purchases.

Why Do Users Need To Delete Their Paytm History?

There can be numerous reasons for users to erase their Paytm transaction history. Let's try to understand a few of these:

1. Some Paytm users value their privacy above all else and would always prefer that their transaction history remain private. As a result, they can easily preserve their privacy after deleting their Paytm history.

2. Suppose users believe their Paytm account has been compromised or there has been fraudulent access. In that case, they can prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing their financial information by deleting the transaction history and stopping the leakage of any more vital information.

3. At times, users may decide not to maintain a record of every transaction, in which case it becomes imperative to eliminate any transactions that they deem unnecessary or unhelpful. It is, therefore, simple for them to manage the data by deleting the history and keeping everything arranged and sorted.

How To Delete Paytm History?

Paytm did not offer a direct way to delete transaction history directly from within the app as of October 2024. For the security and tracking of finances, transaction records are essential. Consider contacting Paytm's customer service for advice on privacy or look for any new features in their most recent app updates.

Remember that changing your transaction history could have negative legal or financial repercussions, so adhere to Paytm's official policies and procedures. When handling financial information, always use caution and get the most recent information by contacting the platform's support.

Open the Paytm app and log in to see your transaction history. Select the "Passbook" icon from the app's home screen. Your complete transaction history, including payments, recharges, and purchases, is shown in this section. To find specific transactions, you can filter them based on their date. Furthermore, the "Order History" section offers information regarding your purchases. If you run into problems, contact customer service or the Paytm help center.

To access the most recent features, always update your app. For financial tracking and security, as well as to help you manage your spending and ensure accurate records, you must regularly review your transaction history.

Is there any other way to delete the Paytm history?

Paytm did not offer an official way to delete transaction history directly from within the app as of October 2024. However, if you have decided to remove all the transaction history to keep your account safe from future infiltrations, there is a way.

To permanently delete the Paytm transaction history, you'll have to delete your account. Moreover, you can contact Paytm customer care if you want to delete particular transactions.

The most well-known digital payment platform that makes it simple for users to make payments is Paytm. Use these instructions if you wish to remove a particular transaction history and are unsure on how to delete payment history in Paytm:

1. To begin with, launch the Paytm app and sign into your account.

2. Select the icon for your profile now.

3. Press and choose "24/7 Help."

4. At this point, you can select the transaction history you wish to remove.

5. You must select "problem-descriptive issue" from the menu.

6. Select "message us" and provide a reason to delete the history. Your transaction history will be automatically cleared after 24 hours.

How can my Paytm account be deleted?

If you want to clear all your transaction history once and for all, it's achievable through deleting your Paytm account. To remove your Paytm account, take the following actions:

1. Utilize your current phone number to access your Paytm account.

2. Click on the three lines in the home page's upper left corner.

3. Click on "24x7 help" and select "profile settings."

4. Choose "I need to close/ delete my account" now.

5. Select "I don't use this Paytm account" now.

6. To submit a request, click "Message us" after that.

You're done now. After confirming your request, Paytm will delete your account and the transaction history.


Paytm constantly strives to offer simple payment options, and users can erase their Paytm transaction history if they want to keep it secure. Users can skillfully maintain their data and safely safeguard their financial information by erasing history selectively or deleting their accounts once and for all. For more professional advice, head on to GoNukkad!

Q. How can my Paytm account's KYC information be removed?

A. Yes. Although there isn't any direct way to remove KYC information from a Paytm account, you can still contact the customer support team by calling 0120-4456-456 or emailing [email protected].

Q. Can I open two Paytm accounts?

A. You can use the Merchant dashboard to quickly and easily create multiple Paytm accounts. You will have an account ID once for each new account made.

Q. Can my Paytm account be deleted?

A. Yes, you can disband your Paytm account according to the instructions in this post.

Q. Is it possible to restore them after deletion?

A. Your account's history will be haphazardly restored after you reactivate it.

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