Top 6 Hacks to Increase Your Product Sales on Amazon

Top 6 Hacks to Increase Your Product Sales on Amazon

18 October, 2023

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Last updated on 3 May, 2024

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How To Increase Amazon Sales in 2024: GoNukkad

Discover proven strategies on how to increase Amazon sales in 2024. Optimize listings, increase visibility, and get more conversions for your products.


The modern digitized marketplace is a fast-paced and super-competitive landscape where learning sales tricks can prove extremely rewarding for businesses. No matter what size your business may be, knowing how to increase Amazon Sales will help you grow your business and take it to the next level.

With over 150 million active users on its mobile application alone, Amazon is truly a behemoth in the e-commerce space and offers visibility to businesses like no other platform can. However, it comes with the flip side of conducting business in a highly competitive environment alongside experienced big and small players.

A platform like Amazon has a broad range of products available on their platform, and there are many strategies to make sure you stand out from the rest of the traffic. Whether you are a seasoned marketeer or a complete newcomer, this article will guide you toward understanding how to approach sales through innovative techniques and by taking a closer look at Amazon's algorithm.

6 Steps to How to Increase Amazon Sales in 2024

Let's look at some of the most important points to keep in mind while you start planning to increase your Amazon sales in 2024.

1. Optimizing Your Product Listings For Amazon SEO

The product page for each item you have up for sale on Amazon is called the product listing. A good product listing contains the following in a succinct manner:

1. Title

2. High-quality Images

3. High-quality Videos

4. Product Description

5. Price

The first step to optimizing your listing is constantly updating yourself about Amazon's SEO algorithm. By doing so, you better understand how impactful certain keywords can be and, as a result, have better visibility.

Next, ensure all the relevant details regarding your product are covered in a detailed yet concise manner in the product listing; this includes adding your brand name, product features, specifications about material, color, and warranty terms.

It's highly recommended that you either capture high-res images yourself or hire professional services to make your product look even more enticing for your customers. You could also add short infographic videos to provide more engagement opportunities for your customers.

2. Leveraging Multi-Channel Promotion

One of the biggest advantages of the digital age is that a single business can create its market presence through multiple channels targeting many different audience segments. How to increase Amazon sales, businesses should also work on designing intriguing marketing campaigns on other channels while also focusing on building engaging content for their audiences

Some of the most important platforms for marketing your brand are:

1. Instagram

3. Google

4. Youtube

5. Facebook

6. Pinterest

7. Blogs

3. Securing Customer Reviews to Increase Your Sales on Amazon

One of the first things that many customers visit an online store for the first time is to go through customer reviews for the business. Generally, reading multiple reviews gives the consumer a decent judgment about the veracity and credibility of the brand. However, it is somewhat of a challenge for many businesses to generate reviews because most online buyers don't leave reviews for the products. Businesses can increase Amazon sales by using review software such as the Amazon Vine Program. Several programs can also simply automate review requests, thereby increasing the likelihood of getting a better ranking.

4. Automating Product Pricing

It is a fact about human psychology that we are drawn towards a product that is priced lower than its competitors in the market. Although it's not always recommended that a business only compete in terms of its price point, it is certainly important for businesses to optimize their pricing to increase sales on Amazon.

Repricing is also equally important in a marketplace overflowing with competitors, as there is a constant change in the demand and supply of goods. Keeping track of these aspects and implementing these insights manually may be difficult for businesses dealing with several different products. Thankfully, there are a bunch of automation tools online that can help you with repricing options.

One such tool is Prisync, which recommends repricing automatically, thus helping your brand stay competitive. Such tools should be considered an essential investment as they save time while ensuring you remain competitive.

5. Utilizing Amazon Promotions

Besides following the aforementioned multi-channel promotion, there are a number of on-Amazon promotions that can help you and your business increase sales on Amazon. When you register for such a promotion, you receive heightened visibility for your product in addition to increased customer conversions at a cost.

Often businesses that participate in such showcase deals witness a rise in momentum which can potentially increase organic sales and rankings.

Some of the different types of promotions to increase sales on Amazon are:

1. Lightning Deals

2. 7-Day Deals

3. Amazon Coupons

6. Observing Customer Metrics

Any brand striving to build itself with long-term vision knows the value of customer satisfaction and acknowledging grievances. This metric assumes even more importance in a densely populated marketplace.

Wrapping Up

As you may have come to know in the course of reading this article, sustaining your business on Amazon requires disciplined strategic planning along with fast adaptability. While not exhaustive, the six methods mentioned in this article are meant to guide you through your journey to improve and understand more about how to increase Amazon sales.

To know more about the tools you need to scale your business, visit GoNukkad and bolster your brand.

Q. How can I increase my Amazon sales fast?

A. There are a number of ways to increase your Amazon sales.

1. Optimize your product listing keeping Amazon SEO in mind

2. Create a brand presence on multiple channels like Instagram and Google

3. Automate your product pricing

4. Utilize on-Amazon Promotions like Lightning Deals and 7-Day Deals

Q. What is Amazon SEO?

A. The search engine optimization employed by Amazon is called Amazon SEO. It is a process by which product listings are optimized on Amazon. By following positive SEO practices, brands can improve discoverability and boost sales.

Q. How do I attract customers to Amazon?

A. You can attract new customers to your online marketplace by:

1. Avoiding products that have high competition

2. Identifying products with good sales margin

3. Not dabbling in the sale of seasonally specific products

Q. How do I promote my brand on Amazon?

A. 1.Through sponsored brands, expose your brand to more buyers

2.Enlist sponsored products to generate more traffic for your products

Q. Can I sell on Amazon without branding?

A. Yes, it's possible to be an Amazon seller without applying for a Brand Registry.

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