How To Increase Meesho Sales in 2024: 10 Proven Strategies

How To Increase Meesho Sales in 2024: 10 Proven Strategies

2 January, 2024


Last updated on 8 January, 2024

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How To Increase Meesho Sales in 2024: 10 Proven Strategies

Maximize your Meesho sales with our top-notch strategies in 2024! Explore 10 proven strategies on How To Increase Meesho Sales.


In the expansive domain of Meesho, where businesses of all sizes and types are experiencing growth, including resellers, amplifying product reach has become a common strategy. The accessibility afforded by Meesho has empowered countless entrepreneurs to launch their online ventures, leading to increased competition. However, mastering the art of connecting with customers and devising a strategic plan is essential to understanding how to increase Meesho sales effectively.

For those eager to surge ahead and learn how to increase Meesho sales, this article provides valuable insights into the dynamic and competitive landscape. Continue reading this blog to learn 10 proven strategies tailored to elevate Meesho sales in the face of fierce competition.

How To Increase Meesho Sales: 10 Proven Strategies

Here are the top strategies on how to increase Meesho sales in 2024:

1. Broaden catalog variety

Enhance your Meesho store's attractiveness by expanding your product catalog. Customers value having diverse options when making purchase decisions. Curate your product selection thoughtfully, ensuring variety. For example, if your focus is on tech gadgets, include complementary items like headphones and accessories. In the world of home decor, go beyond just cushions and offer a diverse range, including curtains and wall art. A diverse catalog boosts your chances of engaging and satisfying customers.

2. Include additional images in your product listing

Increase sales on Meesho by adding multiple product images, allowing customers to view items from various angles. Optimal placement on a clean background ensures high-quality visuals. Use online photo editors like Canva to seamlessly integrate product information into images, offering customers comprehensive details at a glance and boosting the likelihood of successful purchases.

3. Use Appealing Product Packaging

Enhance your product packaging when you sell on Meesho to make a lasting impression. A meticulously designed and visually appealing package can significantly improve the customer experience and foster brand loyalty.

Incorporate considerate touches, such as a personalized message or a small gift, to express gratitude for their purchase. These thoughtful gestures play a crucial role in building a positive relationship with your customers and fostering repeat business.

4. Engage in Social Media Marketing

To broaden your customer base, harness the influence of social media. Actively participate on platforms frequented by your target audience to extend your reach and draw in new customers. While commencing with Facebook is advantageous, diversify your presence beyond a single platform. Explore alternatives like Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter to discern what resonates with your audience.

5. Maximize Returns with ROI-Optimized Ad Campaigns

In the pursuit of how to grow sales on Meesho, effective advertising is crucial, but achieving a significant return on investment can be challenging. This is where Hasslefree ROI-optimized ad campaigns come into play. Meesho's ROI-optimized ads leverage advanced algorithms to identify optimal ad placements, ensuring they reach the most relevant buyers. This results in maximum return on investment with minimal effort on your part.

6. Competitive pricing

To enhance your success when you sell on Meesho, it's imperative to price your products competitively. Thoroughly examine other Meesho stores, scrutinize their product listings, and observe their pricing tactics. Establishing a competitive price is pivotal; if customers discover a more budget-friendly option elsewhere, they may prefer that alternative. Strike a balance by offering appealing prices while ensuring a healthy profit margin. Keep your overhead costs minimal and manage expenses diligently, contributing to your competitiveness and increasing the likelihood of attracting customers on the Meesho platform.

7. Optimize Sales through Next-Day Dispatch

Maximize sales potential by joining Meesho's Next Day Dispatch (NDD) program. The NDD badge signals quick dispatch, attracting more buyers and increasing product visibility. Swift shipping minimizes cancellations and returns, enhancing customer satisfaction. Join NDD to elevate sales and advance your Meesho store.

8. Explore Different Product Categories

The visibility of your products can vary based on the categories your customers frequent for browsing. Enhance discoverability by placing your products in popular categories. For instance, categorize children's sports shoes under Kids Footwear or Sports Shoes. Consider classifying tech accessories as Gadgets or Electronics Accessories. By strategically adjusting the categories in your product catalog, you can witness a notable increase in Meesho sales. Experiment with different categorization approaches to identify the optimal fit for maximizing your Meesho store's success.

9. Grow Sales on Meesho with Ads

Utilize Meesho advertisements to boost sales in your store significantly. These promotions elevate product visibility, securing a prime position above other listings. Meesho Ads offer a straightforward means to connect with customers while providing valuable data for informed decision-making. Ensuring timely and targeted visibility helps attract more orders, driving the overall growth of your sales on Meesho.

10. Check your sales data on the seller panel

Analytics is like a helpful friend in the world of online selling, especially on Meesho. It shows you which products are selling well and which ones aren't doing so great. By keeping an eye on your sales, you can spot trends and figure out what changes or marketing tricks work best. So, remember to look at the Seller Panel regularly—it's like your sales report card and can teach you how to grow sales on Meesho.


Meesho offers an excellent opportunity for individuals to start an online business journey. However, in the face of increasing competition, it becomes imperative to formulate a strategy that sets you apart. Utilize these 10 proven strategies on 'How To Increase Meesho Sales' to enhance your visibility, make informed decisions based on data, and ultimately elevate the sales performance of your store with GoNukkad!

Q. How can one achieve success on Meesho?

A. Increase Catalogs: Upload 10-15 catalogs, each featuring 3 products, to attract orders on the platform swiftly. The more catalogs you have, the higher the chances of securing initial orders. Prioritize Image Quality: Utilize high-quality images that vividly showcase your products, incorporating multiple angles for enhanced visibility.

Q. What fueled Meesho's rapid growth?

A. Meesho originated from the aspiration to provide every small business with an online store, empowering business owners to manage operations efficiently, expand their reach significantly, and gain well-deserved recognition. Meesho was crafted to empower small businesses.

Q. Is Meesho beneficial for sellers?

A. The primary advantage of selling on Meesho lies in its extensive reach throughout India. Another notable benefit is the effectiveness of the product recommendation tool, which has proven to be highly advantageous for businesses.

Q. How can one achieve 100 orders a day on Meesho?

A. Attaining 100 daily orders on Meesho necessitates a blend of effective product selection, competitive pricing, targeted marketing efforts, and exceptional customer service.

Q. How do I register my brand on Meesho?

A. For branded products, brand approval is required. Follow the brand registration process by logging into your Supplier Panel, navigating to 'Support,' clicking 'View All' under 'Cataloging & Pricing,' selecting 'Our brand is not shown in the dropdown while listing the product,' and raising a ticket.

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