How To Increase Product Visibility on Amazon in 2024

How To Increase Product Visibility on Amazon in 2024

29 December, 2023


Last updated on 2 May, 2024

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How to Increase Product Visibility on Amazon in 2024

Here is your comprehensive guide to how to increase product visibility on Amazon and more. Take expert advice to elevate your online presence.


With over 310 million consumers worldwide beginning their product exploration on Amazon, it is critical for every seller on Amazon to possess high product visibility to connect with prospective consumers and remain pertinent in terms of Amazon's ranking system. A consumer's search query is evaluated by Amazon's A9 algorithm in two phases: matching & ranking. Various parameters are used throughout both levels to determine the best product according to the consumer's search phrase. This article will go over how to increase product visibility on Amazon, as well as how to evaluate their conversion and click-through rates.

Increase Visibility on Amazon Using the A9 Algorithm

The two key factors that aid in the matching and ranking of products for Amazon SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are relevance and performance factors. Here's how the two can be comprehended.

Relevance Factors

Relevance factors correlate with the matching stage, in which an item is linked to a variety of keywords. The listings of products have to be optimized using keywords that are relevant to the product as well as the target audience. When matching items with search queries, Amazon takes various factors into account:

1. Product Title

2. Amazon Back-end Keywords

3. Bullet Features

Performance Factors

In the ranking phase, performance factors are employed to guide the algorithm about what products consumers engage with most often. It examines add-to-carts, product views, and transactions. Other metrics that play a key part in product ranking are:

CTR (Click-through Rate)

The CTR of your products is a count of clicks split by the amount of impressions. A greater number of clicks indicates that customers believe the products are relevant to their search.

CVR (Conversion Rate)

The CVR is the total amount of sales split by the volume of clicks for your product. This is a crucial metric since it demonstrates the value of the product information page's content quality.

How to Boost Amazon Product Visibility?

Amazon listing optimization is a considerably more extensive process than that employed on other online marketplaces, including Amazon competitors. Below is an in-depth process for optimizing your product listings.

1. Run Keywords Research

Amazon SEO is founded on a solid basis of thorough keyword research. To attain your target demographic, you must think as a consumer and identify specific phrases or words they employ in the Amazon search box. Almost every piece of advice on how to increase sales on Amazon will include the necessity of detailed research and a listing of relevant keywords.

2. Incorporate USPs in the Product Title

When planning your product's title, you should begin with your company's name. Apart from the reality that a significant amount of consumers search by a brand's name, it raises brand recognition and convinces them that you are a trustworthy, established company. Emphasize your main keywords to explain the kind of items you are offering after your brand's name. Employ the remaining characters to describe your item's USPs (unique selling points) and benefits.

There are specific phrases that Amazon does not allow in the title. To increase visibility on Amazon, make sure to read the seller guidelines to safeguard your product listing from getting suppressed.

3. Streamline Product Description and Key Features

You can utilize the remaining keywords in the production description box. This space can be smartly used to address consumer pain points and set yourself apart from your competitors. If you're a registered seller, you can take your product description to the next level by making use of the A+ content feature offered by Seller Central.

Another way to boost Amazon product visibility is by optimizing your product's key features. This section needs to be properly formatted and organized in bullet points so that the consumers have no trouble navigating through it.

4. Streamline Product's Search Term

Product search phrases, often known as back-end keywords, are concealed keywords that buyers do not see. They provide precise keywords related to an item to the algorithm. To increase visibility on Amazon, follow these tips:

1. This section allows only 250 bytes.

2. No mention of special characters, brand names, or competitor ASINs.

3. Do not repeat anything that's already mentioned.

4. Specify the left-out keywords with a volume search of low to medium.

Final Thoughts

Among the many vital aspects of becoming a lucrative Amazon seller is Amazon SEO. Your product content must be thoroughly optimized for organic visibility as well as retail-ready for maximum conversions. Recognizing your target market, content recommendations, content evaluation, and tools that can assist you in developing optimized listings faster are all required to meet those aims for your product listing.

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Q. How do I boost Amazon product visibility?

A. Increasing product visibility on Amazon is a step-by-step process. To know how to increase product visibility on Amazon, follow these steps:

  • Keyword Research
  • Streamline Product Title, Description, and Key Features
  • Choose High-quality Images
  • Optimize Item Search Terms
  • Build Positive Reviews and Ratings
  • Q. Which product is the most searched for in 2024 on Amazon?

    A. The most viewed items on Amazon are “Laptops” and “Nintendo Switch” as of 2024.

    Q. Why are some products not visible on Amazon?

    A. The product information page doesn't meet Amazon guidelines or the Buy Box eligibility. Another reason could be the high pricing of the product.

    Q. What does it mean to be Amazon #1 in the best seller?

    A. Any product with a #1 ranking in its category means it has sold the most compared to other products in that specific store.

    Q. How can I rank high on Amazon?

    A. To rank high on Amazon, improve the following aspects:

  • Good ratings and reviews
  • Integrate relevant keywords
  • High-quality images from different angles
  • Streamline product pricing
  • Be active on the product's FAQs
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