How To Increase Product Visibility on Meesho in 2024

How To Increase Product Visibility on Meesho in 2024

29 December, 2023


Last updated on 29 December, 2023

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How to Increase Product Visibility on Meesho in 2024

Explore proven tactics for increasing product visibility on Meesho in 2024. From optimizing catalogs to leveraging Meesho ads.


Optimizing your product visibility on Meesho requires a strategic approach tailored to the platform's dynamics. In the ever-expanding realm of e-commerce, Meesho stands as a conduit for micro-entrepreneurs and small businesses, fostering a unique ecosystem where products find their way to consumers through social selling. As we explore some ways of increasing product visibility on Meesho in 2024, we unveil practical tips and insights that will make a difference to your products. From crafting compelling product catalogs to harnessing the power of Meesho's features, each strategy aims to empower sellers and enhance their presence in this thriving digital marketplace. Join us as we navigate to unlock the potential to elevate your products and capture the attention of your target audience on Meesho.

Tips to Increase Product Visibility on Meesho

Increase the visibility of your products on Meesho by following these tips:

Crafting Compelling Product Catalogs

Upon entering the Meesho ecosystem, the creation of compelling product catalogs becomes the cornerstone of visibility. Begin by registering and strategically curating catalogs with a focus on quality over quantity. For beginners, starting with 10-15 catalogs is optimal, gradually increasing as orders accrue. The emphasis here is on striking a balance—avoid listing too many products in a catalog to ensure each item receives due attention. As you expand your product range, adapt your catalog strategy to maintain visibility.

Enhancing Product Descriptions

The product description serves as the seller's pitch, providing crucial details about the product's material, design, size, and category. Avoid the temptation to copy-paste descriptions from other listings, as originality is key. Completing recommended fields such as category, style, price, and color improves discoverability through filters. When selecting a category, opt for the most relevant and popular choice related to your product, broadening its visibility in search results.

Captivating Product Imagery

In the absence of physical interaction, captivating product imagery becomes the bridge between potential buyers and products. Utilize Meesho's Seller Panel to add multiple high-quality images for each product, showcasing various angles, designs, and materials. Essential photo tips include presenting the product against a clean, white background without watermarks, displaying the full product in the first image, providing a size comparison, and offering close-up shots to highlight intricate details.

Strategic Product Pricing

Meesho's reputation for affordable products makes strategic pricing crucial. Utilize Meesho's Price Recommendation Tool and assess competitor pricing to strike a balance between affordability and profitability. Buyers often seek the best quality at the most reasonable price, making competitive pricing a key factor in attracting and retaining customers.

Expedited Order Dispatch

The unique Next-Day Dispatch (NDD) feature on Meesho can significantly enhance product visibility. By signing up for the NDD program, catalogs are prioritized in search results. Timely order dispatch not only improves visibility but also contributes to a lower cancellation rate. Maintaining an updated inventory through Meesho's Smart Inventory Suggestion feature ensures seamless order fulfillment.

Meesho Advertisements: Effective Visibility

Effective visibility often comes through strategic Meesho advertisements. Utilize the Supplier Panel to create compelling ad campaigns, focusing on creative and eye-catching campaign names. Set daily budgets and campaign durations thoughtfully. Beyond Meesho, consider creating product advertisements for social media platforms directing traffic back to your Meesho store.

Thoughtful Packaging Practices

Meesho facilitates nationwide deliveries, making thoughtful packaging essential to prevent damage during transit. Prioritize compact and durable packaging, and consider adding freebies such as stickers or hand-written notes. These small gestures leave a positive impression on buyers, encouraging repeat business and positive reviews.

Harnessing Shop Analytics

Understanding and leveraging Meesho's shop analytics is pivotal for continual improvement. Regularly track performance metrics on the Seller Panel Analytics. Identify top-performing catalogs and products, gaining insights to innovate and optimize for increased views and sales. Informed decision-making based on analytics is a key driver of sustained success.

Utilize Social Media as an Effective Tool

Harness the expansive reach of social media to bolster your product visibility on Meesho. Utilize platforms like Facebook and Instagram to showcase your catalog, engage with potential customers, and create a compelling brand presence. Share aesthetically pleasing visuals, run targeted campaigns, and encourage customer reviews. By integrating social media seamlessly into your Meesho strategy, you tap into a dynamic avenue for connecting with your audience and driving increased visibility for your products.


As we conclude this journey through strategies to boost product visibility on Meesho, it's evident that success on this dynamic platform requires a multi-faceted and adaptive approach. From crafting appealing catalogs to employing analytics for continuous improvement, each step contributes to the broader narrative of thriving within the Meesho community. Implementing these strategies positions sellers to not only enhance visibility but also to navigate and succeed in the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce. Ready to apply these strategies? Explore GoNukkad for additional support on your Meesho journey!

Q. How many catalogs should I start with on Meesho?

A. Begin with 10-15 catalogs initially, adapting your strategy as orders increase.

Q. Why is Next-Day Dispatch important on Meesho?

A. Joining the NDD program improves catalog visibility, and timely dispatch reduces order cancellations.

Q. How can Meesho Ads contribute to visibility?

A. Meesho Ads are strategic for visibility; create eye-catching campaigns for optimal results.

Q. Why is strategic pricing crucial for Meesho?

A. Meesho buyers seek affordability; strategic pricing attracts customers without compromising profits.

Q. How can analytics improve my Meesho store's performance?

A. Utilize Seller Panel Analytics to track catalog and product performance, enabling continuous improvement for better views and sales.

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