How To List Products on eBay in 2024

How To List Products on eBay in 2024

20 December, 2023


Last updated on 20 December, 2023

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How To List Products on eBay in 2024 - GoNukkad

Learn how to list products on eBay by digging into this piece and eBay marketplace, optimize your listings, and manage your products effectively.


The decision to list a product on eBay can be one of the most significant decisions for your business. It can either make or destroy your business, depending upon your approach to listing a product on eBay. By knowing how to list a product on eBay without a brand name, you can build a brand image and a strong dominant position in the market.

To list your product on eBay, you must ensure that you fulfill all the requirements of the eBay platform. Read the complete guide to learn how to list your product on eBay.

Working of the eBay Platform

EBay is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms, with millions of users across the world. Sellers and buyers from around the globe come together to deal in various goods and services. It is usually best known for auction-related services. However, due to the presence of a large number of buyers and sellers, it experiences huge and tough competition.

Learn how to list generic products on eBay. Sellers need to pay a required amount of fees, which is known as the listing fees. This amount of listing is variable and not fixed. It usually depends on the selling price of your product and the period for which your product is showcased in the market.

Any random product, from toys and vehicles to electrical appliances, can be sold on eBay. There are two methods of selling your product on eBay. The first method is to adopt an auction-style listing, and the other method can be the 'buy now' option. In an auction-style listing, you need to be a price acceptor from the bidders. Meanwhile, in the 'buy now' method, you will be a price maker, and you will get a fixed amount of sale as decided by you.

How To List Products on eBay: Step By Step

Given below are the steps to list your product on eBay -

1. Create a Seller Account

Start by creating a registered seller account on eBay. Provide the relevant information, such as the name of your business, type of business, and so on.

2. Create an Online Business Store

Creating an online business store is essential for making a strong online presence. Subscribing for an eBay store can provide you with additional tools to promote and list your product. In addition to this, you also get the following benefits when you open your eBay store -

1. Lower eBay selling fees

2. Improving brand image

3. Availing discounts on eBay shipping

3. List Products for sale

You should have inventory items to list your products on eBay. Add relevant descriptions of your product, such as its name, merits, demerits, and shipping details, and also support it with relevant images.

4. Set up the pricing details

Since there are large numbers of sellers on eBay, there are certain factors on which the buyer's decision depends. The price of the product is one of those factors on which buyers' decisions depend. As discussed above, the eBay platform offers two methods of pricing a product -

1. Auction Method - The auction can last from 1 to 10 days. You need to set up the initial price of the product, which is your minimum selling price. This method can sometimes result in a higher selling price of the product. You can choose this method of listing when your product is in high demand but limited supply.

2. Buy Now Option - Here, you need to set up a fixed selling price of the product. The buyer can purchase the product by paying that fixed amount and can get the product shipped immediately. This option is suitable when the supply of a product is more than its demand.

5. Set Up the shipping details

You must provide all the information about the shipping costs and details on the page of your product listing. Today, all buyers expect free shipping from the sellers. Therefore, you must also provide the details that can help the buyers avail of the benefits of free shipping.

6. Return and exchange policies

It is also possible that your product doesn't fulfill or match the expectations of the buyer. In such cases, the buyer must be given the option of returning or replacing the product with a new piece. The period of 30 days is the standard day of return as per the eBay platform.


Making a strong online presence in the global market is the mark of success for any business. It is important to connect with buyers on an online platform. You can sell multiple products on eBay with the correct approach of listing your product on eBay. You must fulfill all the requirements of listing a product on eBay and must also do good research about the needs and requirements of your target audience. To enhance your online presence on eBay, head on to GoNukkad!

Q. What are the two methods of sale on the eBay platform?

A. The two methods of sale on the eBay platform are the auction method and the buy now method.

Q. What are the best practices to list products on eBay appropriately?

A. The best practice to list products on eBay appropriately is to optimize the product listing page using appropriate titles and images of your product.

Q. What are some popular payment methods that eBay accepts?

A. The popular payment methods are -

  • Paypal
  • Apple Pay
  • Credit card and debit card
  • Google Pay
  • Ebay gift cards or vouchers
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