How to Make Money on Amazon in 2024: Top 10 Methods

How to Make Money on Amazon in 2024: Top 10 Methods

10 November, 2023


Last updated on 2 May, 2024

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Top 10 Methods To Make Money on Amazon in 2024

Explore the most lucrative avenues to make money on Amazon in 2024. From selling products to leveraging affiliate marketing and discover expert strategies


In 2024, Amazon's diversified potential is going to continue to give opportunities for both individuals and companies to create money. To make money on Amazon, there are many opportunities for potential income by utilizing the platform's broad reach and powerful network. Multiple approaches cater to different skill sets, ranging from selling physical things through Amazon's FBA service (Fulfillment by Amazon) to creating digital content through Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). Whether it is buying and selling, or customizing products, these ways offered provide flexibility and the possibility for profit. To develop a sustainable enterprise in the ever-changing e-commerce world, success often depends on a combination of market awareness, adaptation to the latest developments, and an in-depth knowledge of Amazon's laws and requirements.

The popularity of Amazon as the foundation of online shopping continues to persist in 2024, providing fertile ground for both aspiring business owners and established companies. The platform's revenue streams go beyond typical shopping, including digital printing services, as well as potential for artists to sell their handmade items. Furthermore, the capacity to connect with a global audience, and the simplicity of Amazon's logistical facilities, it allows individuals to carve out revenue streams, and answers the question as to 'How to make money on Amazon'. To thrive, however, more than just product placement is required; it demands intelligent market evaluation, an eye on the ever-changing digital marketplace in order to take advantage of emerging trends and assure a successful future on this constantly evolving platform.

Top 10 Methods to Make Money on Amazon in 2024

To make money on Amazon a variety of alternatives for both people and organizations are available. Utilizing the platform's global reach and sturdy foundation is a practical choice in 2024. Here are ten popular methods:

1. Amazon allows users to sell products; FBA

This process involves finding or manufacturing things and then storing, packing, and shipping them to clients using Amazon's infrastructure. Amazon FBA handles customer support and shipping, enabling users to concentrate on acquiring and promoting their products.

Breakdown of how to make money on Amazon using this method:

A. Product Choice.

B. Register an Amazon Seller Account.

C. Products sourcing

D. Sales & Marketing

E. Monitor and refine

2. Private Label Products

Entail locating a manufacturer to develop a one-of-a-kind item, marking it with the label, and selling it to make money on Amazon. To be successful, research, money, and strong marketing are required.

3. Retail arbitrage

It is the practice of purchasing cheap or clearing goods from physical retailers and reselling them on Amazon for a profit. It need a keen sense of product efficacy and market demand

4. Online Arbitrage

Like retail arbitrage, online arbitrage includes buying things at a reduced price from online sellers and reselling them at a higher price on Amazon.

5. Wholesale

Purchase things in bulk for reselling on Amazon at wholesale prices. This strategy often requires contacts with distributors or manufacturers and needs an enormous initial spending.

These are the options to generate income via selling goods, however, the bigger question is ‘How to make money on Amazon without selling’?

6. Kindle Direct Publishing

KDP can be used to create and publish eBooks on Amazon. One can make money on Amazon by marketing digital books on a variety of themes, from fiction to nonfiction, without having any physical inventory.

7. Merchandise

It allows businesses to create and distribute customized T-shirts, sweatshirts, and other goods without having to handle production or inventory. Companies earn royalties when Amazon produces and ships items to customers, which helps them to make money online Amazon.

8. Affiliate Marketing

Generate content such as blog posts, videos on YouTube, or social media postings which contain affiliate links to Amazon purchases. One can earn a commission on any sale made as a result of their referral.

9. Develop/release audiobooks on Amazon

By using ACX (Audiobook Creation Exchange) this can be done, whether narrating oneself or paying voice actors. Users will receive income from audiobook sales.

10. Influencer Program

Users are eligible for the Amazon Influencer Program if they have a large social media presence. They can promote the best Amazon products with the followers and earn money from any eligible purchases made as a result of their recommendations.


The company continues to offer a variety of alternatives for those wishing to make money on Amazon, through its many platforms and services in 2024. Through classic retail channels like FBA or innovative paths like content production and service offering, the potential for profit remains enormous. Adjusting to the changing landscape of e-commerce, keeping up to date on Amazon's policies, and recognizing market trends are all critical to success on this ever-evolving marketplace. The flexibility provided by Amazon's different income streams allows both new and experienced entrepreneurs to expand their earnings and develop long-term streams of income in 2024 and afterwards. Head on to Gonukkad for professional advice on how to make money on Amazon in 2024.

Q. Is there any initial investment required to begin with Amazon FBA?

A. Yes, there may be some initial expenses associated with purchasing products, advertising, branding, and Amazon seller registration fees.

Q. What are the most common errors to avoid while using Amazon's platforms to generate income?

A. To produce income, it is critical to avoid inadequate product research, inadequate advertising, disregarding customer service, and noncompliance with Amazon's rules.

Q. Is Amazon FBA the only method to profit from Amazon?

A. No, since Amazon provides a variety of ways to earn money, including audiobook development, content production, print-on-demand etc.

Q. What are the benefits of using this platform to make money online on Amazon?

A. The main advantages include having access to a large consumer base, utilizing Amazon's practical infrastructure, and having a variety of revenue sources catering to different skill sets.

Q. Can newcomers with no experience at all make money from Amazon in 2024?

A. Yes, beginners can begin, but learning the ropes needs extensive research, perseverance, and adaptability.

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