How To Sell on eBay: A Beginner’s Guide

How To Sell on eBay: A Beginner’s Guide

6 May, 2024


Last updated on 6 May, 2024

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How To Sell on eBay: Start Selling in 2024

Learn how to sell on eBay through our comprehensive guide! From product listing optimization to customer engagement tactics, learn how to start selling on eBay!


eBay is an e-commerce platform most recognized for its consumer-to-consumer sales and auctions. eBay offers a platform for people to purchase and sell items. To kick off your sales journey on eBay, begin by setting up an account and showcasing your products with descriptions and high-quality images. Take advantage of eBay features like promotions. Sponsored listings enhance exposure and connect with customers. By following these steps, you'll soon be on the path to becoming a thriving eBay seller.

Are you not sure how to start your journey as a seller on eBay? You are in the right place.

How Does eBay Work?

eBay is an internet platform where people can buy and sell a range of items through auctions or fixed-price sales. To begin selling on eBay, you must first. Create a seller profile. You can then list your products, establish a price, and choose whether to provide shipping or local options. After your item is sold, you'll receive payment. Can you send it to the purchaser?

How To Sell on eBay? A Step-by-Step Guide

The step-by-step instructions for how to sell on eBay are listed below

Sign up for an eBay Account

You can create a seller account on the registration page if you are an owner of a registered firm (single proprietor, LLC, etc.). To register, you'll need to supply more details like your address, business name, and kind of business.

  • Proceed to the page where registration is required.
  • Put your email address and business name here.
  • Select a password.
  • Enter the location of your company.
  • Click on Create an account.
  • Entering a username is optional; you can modify it at a later time.

Set up a Seller Account

eBay will send you an email to validate your account when you create one.

Subsequently, you will be asked a series of questions concerning your business details, such as your business address, connections and stakeholders, bank details, and if you are a nonprofit, single proprietorship, or registered firm.

After taking the time to double-check everything, you should see eBay's homepage.

Create a Listing

It takes inventory to list things on eBay. You're good to go if you're a well-established and active vendor. Add merchandise to your store if you're new.

When your items are prepared for listing, click the Seller Hub Listings dropdown menu and choose Create Listing.

Set up your eBay listing with the following configurations:

  • Brand name or identification
  • Description of the product
  • Type and information
  • Type and information
  • Weight, cost, quantity, and further choices
  • Package parameters and delivery information
  • Specifications and variants of the item
  • Product conditions and pricing

List Your Item

Once you've filled out all the details, review your listing and publish it to make it visible to potential buyers.

eBay Labels often offers discounted shipping rates compared to direct carrier purchases and eliminates the need to wait in line at the post office.

Print labels on standard paper with any printer, and easily add services like signature confirmation.

Tracking information is automatically uploaded to eBay. Include order numbers or other text on your labels.

Choose from FedEx, USPS, or UPS labels.

Just Ship It

Determine how you'll handle shipping costs and services. Consider offering calculated shipping based on the buyer's location or fixed-rate shipping.

If you would like to offer free shipping through the Advanced Listing, make sure you have selected your preferred service under Domestic Shipping. Once the shipping service is selected, you will see the Offer Free Shipping option under Preferred Service. You may ship products to your customers in a variety of methods. You can draw in a variety of customers by providing many delivery options.

Pay for labels with eBay funds, an on-file payment method, or PayPal (for USPS only).

Payment Tab

The Payments tab shows you a summary of your available, on-hold, and processed funds. You can also see recent transactions and payout settings. From the Payments Tab, you can update your payout schedule or download your monthly financial statement.

Return and Exchange Option

Dealing with buyer issues on eBay requires timely response and compliance. Leave a track on missing items or offer a refund. Process cancellation within 3 days and return as per policy, which covers the return of damaged products. Offer a refund up to 90 days after the event. If the problem is not resolved, eBay may intervene. Implementing automatic return policies and following best practices can prevent disputes.


In summary, making sales on eBay can turn out to be an endeavour if you tackle it with these tactics. Newcomers can grasp the advice and techniques for launching an online enterprise on eBay by adhering to this detailed instructional manual. Keep in mind the significance of customer service, competitive pricing, and efficient marketing strategies in unlocking sales opportunities. To improve your online presence, you can avail eBay marketing services from GoNukkad. Best of luck with your selling!

Q. How to find a seller on eBay?

A. If you are wondering how to search for a seller on eBay, follow these steps.

Find sellers by username/ID:

  • Go to the eBay search bar.
  • Type the seller's username or ID and press Enter.
  • View all current listings from that seller.

Find sellers with details (no username/ID):

  • Go to the eBay search bar and click "Advanced."
  • Under "Sellers," check "Only show items from."
  • Enter the username (if known) or leave it blank and filter by location/feedback score.
  • Click "Search" to see matching sellers.

Q. How to sell on eBay for beginners?

A. Setting up a shop on eBay entails setting up an account showcasing your products well, providing top-notch customer service, and shipping items promptly. With commitment and perseverance, you can establish a flourishing eBay venture from scratch.

Q. How do I handle shipping on eBay?


  • Use eBay Labels for discounted shipping rates and avoid post office lines
  • Print shipping labels on standard paper with any printer and add services like signature confirmation.
  • Tracking is automatically uploaded to eBay. Customize labels with order numbers or messages.
  • Offer various shipping methods like USPS, FedEx, or UPS to attract a wider customer base.

Q. How do I manage payments on eBay?

A. The Payments tab displays your available funds, on-hold payments, and processed transactions. You can update your payout schedule or download monthly financial statements

Q. What are some additional tips for success on eBay?

  • Provide exceptional customer service to build trust and encourage repeat business.
  • Research your competition and set competitive prices to attract buyers.
  • Utilize eBay promotions and explore paid advertising options to increase product visibility.

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