How To Use Flipkart Super Coins: The Ultimate Guide in 2024

How To Use Flipkart Super Coins: The Ultimate Guide in 2024

22 November, 2023


Last updated on 2 May, 2024

Written by Content Team

How to Use Flipkart Super Coins 2024? | Detailed Guide

Learn how to use super coins in flipkart for shopping, travel, and more! Learn how to earn, where to spend, and maximize your savings with this detailed guide.


Welcome to the ultimate guide on how to use Flipkart Super Coins. If you frequently shop at Flipkart, you've undoubtedly heard about these virtual supercars and their potential for big rewards. We'll explore the definition of Flipkart Super Coins, how to obtain them, and—above all—how to maximize their value in this article.

Understanding Flipkart Super Coins

Flipkart Super Coins is a loyalty program launched by Flipkart to thank its consumers for their continuing support. These coins are collected via different platform activities and may be used to access a variety of advantages and discounts.

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Earning Super Coins

Before understanding how to use them, let's explore the ways to accumulate Super Coins:

1. Shopping on Flipkart: For every purchase, you earn a certain number of Super Coins, usually based on the total amount spent.

2. Participating in Flipkart Activities: Flipkart often runs contests, quizzes, and other engagement activities where you can earn Super Coins.

3. Flipkart Plus Membership: Being a Flipkart Plus member brings additional benefits, including earning Super Coins with every order.

4. Special Promotions: Keep an eye out for special promotions or events where Flipkart may offer bonus Super Coins.

How to Use Super Coins in Flipkart: Follow This Steps

How to Use Super Coins in Flipkart for Shopping

The opportunity to utilize Flipkart Super Coins for extra discounts when buying on the platform is one of the most fascinating features of the coin. Here are the steps on how to use how to use super coins in flipkart to shop

1. Add Products to Your Cart: As usual, shop for the things you want and add them to your cart.

2. Go to Checkout: Go to the checkout page as soon as you're prepared to make the transaction.

3. Select the Payment Option for Super Coins: You'll see an option to purchase with Super Coins when you look for payment alternatives.

4. Choose Super Coins: After selecting the Super Coins option, you'll be asked to determine how many Super Coins to utilize for this transaction.

5. Enjoy Discounts: Confirm your choice, and that's it! You will see the total amount discounted based on the Super Coins used.

How to Pay Using Super Coins in Flipkart

Beyond shopping, Flipkart allows you to use Super Coins for various other services:

1. Flight and Hotel Bookings: If you're planning a trip, you can use Super Coins to get discounts on flight and hotel bookings.

2. Food Delivery: Flipkart has partnered with various food delivery services where you can use Super Coins for discounts.

3. Entertainment: Unlock discounts on subscriptions to streaming services and other entertainment platforms.

Tips and Tricks

Here are some strategic tips to ensure you make the most of your Flipkart Super Coins:

1. Regularly Check Super Coin Validity: Super Coins often come with an expiry date, so it’s crucial to keep tabs on their validity. By staying aware of expiration dates, you can plan your purchases to make the best use of these rewards.

2. Combine Super Coins with Ongoing Discounts: Boost your savings by combining Super Coins with other existing discounts. Flipkart frequently allows users to stack Super Coins with ongoing promotions, providing you with an opportunity for substantial cost reductions.

3. Participate Actively in Flipkart Events: Stay engaged with Flipkart's various events, contests, and quizzes. These activities not only make shopping more entertaining but also present opportunities to earn bonus Super Coins. The more actively you participate, the more you stand to gain.

4. Strategic Shopping for More Super Coins: Plan your purchases strategically to maximize Super Coin earnings. Keep an eye out for special promotions or events where Flipkart offers extra Super Coins per transaction. This way, you not only get what you need but also accumulate more rewards for future use.

5. Consider High-Value Purchases: When making significant purchases, such as appliances or gadgets, the Super Coins earned can be substantial. This is an excellent opportunity to make sizable redemptions and enjoy more significant discounts on your next shopping spree.


In conclusion, Flipkart Super Coins are a fantastic way to enhance your shopping experience on the platform. You may open a world of discounts and perks by learning how to earn and use them properly. So, the next time you shop on Flipkart, remember to check your Super Coin balance to make your purchases more lucrative.

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Q. How can I earn Flipkart Super Coins?

A. To accumulate Flipkart Super Coins, engage in activities like shopping on Flipkart, participating in contests, becoming a Flipkart Plus member, and seizing opportunities presented by special promotions.

Q. Can I use Super Coins for any purchase on Flipkart?

A. Indeed, Super Coins typically offer versatility, allowing users to apply them to a broad spectrum of purchases, covering shopping, travel bookings, food delivery, and entertainment subscriptions.

Q. Do Super Coins expire?

A. Yes, it's crucial to be aware that Super Coins often come with an expiration date. Stay vigilant and ensure you utilize them before they lose their validity.

Q. Can I combine Super Coins with other discounts?

A. In many instances, Flipkart generously permits users to blend their Super Coins with existing discounts, offering an optimal strategy to maximize savings.

Q. How do I check my Super Coin balance?

A. Monitoring your Super Coin balance is conveniently done through the Flipkart app or website. Simply navigate to your account settings to view your current Super Coin tally.

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