Learn How To Become A Flipkart Seller

Learn How To Become A Flipkart Seller

21 July, 2023

Flipkart Seller

Last updated on 31 October, 2023

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The Essential Flipkart Seller Tutorial

Expand your customer base and generate revenue for your business with Flipkart Seller Tutorial. Display your product catalogs and information to a wide reach of customers and increase your sales leading to maximization of profits.


Among all eCommerce sites, Flipkart is the top choice. Flipkart has expanded tremendously and has over 30 million monthly active users. In this way, becoming a Flipkart merchant creates a huge commercial opportunity for those who want to sell on the website. As a seller on Flipkart, you have the chance to expand your consumer base and access new revenue streams for your company. But, becoming a seller on Flipkart involves more than just posting a few product information and waiting for a few leads to start coming in. This Flipkart seller tutorial will teach you all there is to know about selling on Flipkart.

How To Sell On Flipkart

Below given are a few quick and easy steps to register as a Flipkart Seller:

Sign Up To Become A Flipkart Vendor

Start by signing up as a Flipkart seller before you may sell your goods there. The business-related information listed below is required before you may begin selling products on Flipkart:

1. Documentation

a. PAN card

b. A bank account with the person's or company's name on it.

c. GST registration

d. A valid email address

e. A correct phone number

f. A document proving your address

g. A bank statement or canceled cheque from your registered account

h. Identification proof

Sellers must submit the above mentioned documents proving the trust and recognition in order to sell goods on Flipkart.

2. Add Products

The process of listing products on Flipkart is quite simple. The Flipkart website utilizes a self-service system. Sellers who want to list and sell on Flipkart must have a minimum of one product.

3. Dashboard To Manage All Products

Once you have registered as a Flipkart seller and listed your products, you may begin selling on the Flipkart platform. Your Flipkart seller account allows you to control all activities. Additionally, Flipkart advertises and promotes the goods while also giving you access to analytical support so you can learn about the goods that are selling well. On the dashboard, you may also modify information about the products you wish to sell on Flipkart, including their description, price, and other aspects.

Shipping And Logistics

After receiving an order, you must package the item and get it ready for shipping. It will be picked up by the logistics partner for delivery. The delivery team at Flipkart has added a number of courier companies that would pick up the packages and deliver them everywhere in India. They also help with training and the packing of materials. Flipkart employs thousands of delivery drivers and hundreds of pick-up locations.

Order Completion

The following steps are part of the final phase of selling products on Flipkart:

1. Receive and accept new orders that customers have made on the portal or panel.

2. When packing the order, add the shipment label bill and maintain the items prepared for shipping.

3. On the "Flipkart seller onboarding" dashboard, select "Ready to ship" to dispatch the order.

4. A printable label will be available to help you confirm that you transferred the cargo to the Flipkart coordinating partner in accordance with the label when it was picked up.

Compensation For The Sold Goods

Flipkart collects payment for the sold item and sends it to the vendor by bank transfer or UPI transfer with a daily limit of ₹1 lakh. This is completed within 7 to 15 business days following the transaction,

Charges For Selling On Flipkart

On each sale, you need to give a commission based on a percentage of the product's worth. Additionally, Flipkart levies a flat rate based on a range of order prices. Also, Flipkart charges fees for payment methods like COD and prepaid. The cost of shipment must be covered by the vendor. Therefore, pricing must include freight costs in order to sell. Flipkart provides a seller protection program to assist if products are lost or damaged during delivery due to a customer's false claim or the courier's error.

Flipkart's Return Policy

Flipkart's straightforward return policy permits customers to return any item, even if there was no fault. However, when a product is returned for any reason, Flipkart does not charge the seller for shipping charges, and they also pay for the merchandise if it is damaged during transportation. If you choose to exchange a product, you are not liable for the reverse shipping cost.

Benefits For Flipkart Sellers

Since Flipkart is a market leader in India's e-commerce sector, using it might have several advantages and expand your consumer base. The "smart selling" technique is offered by Flipkart. There are several other advantages, including:

1. There is no cost to list your catalog online.

2. Flipkart also handles the shipping of the goods. Your goods merely have to be packaged and prepared for delivery. It will be delivered to the clients via the Flipkart Logistics partner.

3. Lets you decide how much to charge for your goods.

4. Flipkart has established a Seller Protection Fund (SPF) to safeguard merchants against fraud and settle payments.

5. It releases payment within 7-15 business days of the date your product was sold.

6. Flipkart has a straightforward return policy that allows customers to send back products they don't like (T&C). It does not charge the seller any shipping fees if the product is returned for any reason and is not accepted by the customer. It also pays the product cost if the product is damaged during shipping.

7. Flipkart financial partners, who provide funds at reasonable rates, are an additional benefit for sellers. This can help you add more items to your inventory.

8. Additionally, Flipkart provides online "Flipkart seller training" as well as essential "Flipkart seller tips and tricks" and instructions on how to sell on the website.


The Indian e-commerce market is expanding daily, and Flipkart is giving people the chance to start their own business. Sellers on Flipkart are highly regarded and have a wide online audience. Being able to deliver your goods to customers across India makes it a valuable partner. Selling on Flipkart is a fantastic method to generate extra income and expose your goods to a broad market. Make sure to heed the advice in this "Flipkart seller tutorial" post if you want to get started. You may start making a smart living by selling on Flipkart with a little work.

Q. Is GST allowed when I sell on Flipkart?

A. You cannot sell non-GST items on Flipkart. Only if you sell GST-exempt goods online, you may avoid paying sales tax. There is no such threshold as indicated in some other sources; you must have a GSTIN even if your business is less than ₹ 20 lakh.

Q. What does GST registration cost?

A. The GST registration process is free to complete. Companies would be penalized 10% of the outstanding balance or ₹10,000 for incomplete registrations.

Q. Can I sell items without a brand name on Flipkart?

A. Yes, you may sell unbranded goods on Flipkart if you are the product maker or if you have an appropriate invoice. This implies that you lack a brand certificate, barcode, etc. and this does not permit the sale of original products.

Q. What does Flipkart Seller Hub mean?

A. It is the department that benefits full visibility, competitiveness, and performance tracking that Flipkart Seller Hub provides to sellers. Flipkart seller support service provides timely responses.

Q. What are the Flipkart seller guidelines?

A. Regarding the specific items owned by its customers, Flipkart provides no guarantees or claims. You are urged to act in this regard to the best of your knowledge and to independently investigate the credibility of any specific person you are dealing with on the Platform.

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