Why You Should Never Buy Amazon Fake Reviews

Why You Should Never Buy Amazon Fake Reviews

28 June, 2023

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Last updated on 27 March, 2024

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Decoding the Code: Why You Must Avoid Amazon Fake Reviews

How to avoid fake Amazon reviews and prevent review manipulation to increase your long-term success on Amazon. This blog contains the answers to all the questions.


If you sell on Amazon, you should be aware of the importance of consumer reviews in digital marketing. This testimonial validates you as a merchant and your products. Genuine customer reviews are also an important feature in rating your online products and services. This is why purchasing false reviews is appealing these days in order to increase your product rating and urge buyers to purchase. Although it may be enticing, there are numerous grounds why you should not buy fake reviews. Read on to find out why you should avoid fake Amazon reviews.

Learn about the pitfalls of buying fake Amazon reviews in this important blog. Learn why authentic feedback matters and explore the benefits of professional Amazon account management for sustainable growth and success.

What Issues do Fraud Reviews cause Amazon

If all of this appears to be innocuous, reconsider. Fake reviews strike to the heart of the Amazon marketplace, impacting buyer trust and experience. Sellers who follow the guidelines receive bogus negative evaluations, while their competitors receive fake favorable reviews. It's sufficient to turn some good vendors away for forever. With every passing day, Amazon itself becomes less and less confident in the reliability of the reviews. Finally, the trustworthiness of the entire marketplace is called into question.

Why Purchasing Fake Reviews Is Unhealthy for your Business

False reviews are not worth the effort! We've all encountered false web reviews at some point. Have you ever come across five-star ratings that appear unreal? Or the ones written in sloppy English that make you suspicious? There's a good chance that those reviews are fraudulent, and Amazon and your consumer base might find out. It's unquestionably a risk whose benefits outweigh its drawbacks.

Is it worth compromising everything for a few more nice reviews? A digital marketing strategist would scoff and shake their head. Don't put your Amazon Seller account or your customer connections at danger by purchasing fake reviews. It's simply not worth it. Since we've discussed the crucial role of customer evaluations in your Amazon marketing plan, obtaining favorable Amazon reviews must be appealing in order to help your business. It's no secret, though, that vendors like you can easily buy false reviews. If you've already purchased them, you'll be aware of their shortcomings sooner or later. Here are a few of the many good reasons why acquiring untrue feedback is a poor idea for your company:

1. Shoppers may easily distinguish between fake and genuine reviews

Gone are the days when consumers would buy a product without first researching its credibility. The modern consumer is far more intelligent, and they will go above and beyond to determine whether your offering is worthwhile. They can readily detect false reviews thanks to this. Your target audience will eventually figure out that you're buying false Amazon reviews. They're unlikely to be pleased when they do. They will stop viewing you as a reliable Amazon seller in addition to losing faith in you.

2. Not trustworthy and unethical

Buying false reviews is more than simply a sales tactic; it is deceiving to your prospective clients. You're misleading potential customers about the caliber of the item you are selling. Buyers are more inclined to take their money to a vendor where they can feel confident that they won't be misled about the item they're about getting if you're caught engaging in this dishonest behavior.

3. It would cost you a hefty sum

If you believe that purchasing internet reviews is simple and inexpensive, you are mistaken. We're not referring to the expenses of obtaining fake reviews in and of itself. It's about the cost you'll incur if you get caught by Amazon, instead. In the short run, purchasing false reviews can save you a few bucks. In the long run, though, it will end up costing you even more than it is worth. When you begin to buy false reviews, you put your entire business at danger because you could get in problems with Amazon. The major retailer has been tightening up on online merchants who use fake reviews, and if they find whiff of someone doing this, their Amazon account may be suspended. It would be extremely inconvenient for you, and you risk losing access to your account as well as all of Amazon's resources.

How to Avoid Fake Amazon Reviews

It's critical to get truthful input on how your products function if you sell them on Amazon. You're wondering what happens if the review is negative. The issue is, negative feedback is still feedback. But that doesn't mean your business will be over. You may always use these negative reviews to your business advantage by viewing them productively and as a reference point for betterment. Here are some pointers to help you get honest reviews and avoid fake Amazon reviews on your purchases:

1. Inquire with your customers

It is never a bad idea to ask customers who have purchased from your store. However, people occasionally neglect to leave a review. That is why you must have a mechanism in place to remind customers to post a review for your product. You may request them if they'd like a review for a specific order using email or Buyer-Seller Messaging service.

2. Make it simple for consumers to provide input

Making it simple for reviewers to share their ideas is critical when seeking input. No one likes to have to wade through hurdles or deal with a complicated process just to share their thoughts, so make sure to provide simple directions on how to post a review. Streamlining the procedure will also increase the likelihood of people providing feedback in the first place. Don't make it too difficult for them to leave a review, to put it another way. Making it simple for reviewers to offer feedback increases your chances of getting feedback you require to grow your business.

Effective Strategies to Build Trust on Amazon

There are numerous honest and ethical ways to grow your organization, according to a reputable Amazon marketing service. One proven strategy to build trust on Amazon is to concentrate on providing excellent items and services. Customers will value your dedication and are more likely to suggest you to different people if they know you aren't lowering corners.

As a result, you should concentrate on providing an outstanding client experience rather than buying fake reviews or employing other dubious methods. Customer testimonials praising your goods and services will quickly reach you without you feeling guilty.


Buying fake Amazon reviews is not only unlawful, but it can also harm your business. Providing a fantastic product and outstanding customer service is the best method to earn more genuine reviews. To delve deep into the mechanism of fake reviews and demonstrate why it is always a good idea to avoid them, visit GoNukkad!

Q. Are half of the Amazon reviews fake?

A. Richard Blumenthal highlighted a research from Fakespot, a business that monitors fake feedback from consumers on the internet. Fakespot discovered that 45-50 percent of the 790 million Amazon reviews in 2022 were fake.

Q. How does Amazon handle fraudulent reviews?

A. The company strives to ensure that every review displayed in its stores is reliable and reflects an actual consumer experience. Amazon rigorously forbids false reviews and employs over 12,000 people worldwide to safeguard its stores from abuse and dishonesty.

Q. Is Amazon completely trustworthy?

A. Amazon is as secure as any other well-known e-commerce website. It safeguards all of your financial and personal data and safely moves it.

Q. How much does it cost to buy false Amazon reviews?

A. The study discovered that fake testimonials cost customers $0.12 for every dollar invested.

Q. Does Amazon validate reviews?

A. "Verified Purchase" indicates that the reviewer purchased or used the item on Amazon at a price open to the majority of Amazon customers. When a user submits a feedback, Amazon checks to see if they ordered the item on Amazon and paid a price.

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