The Power of Social Media Marketing for Flipkart Sellers

The Power of Social Media Marketing for Flipkart Sellers

14 July, 2023

Power of Social Media Marketing for Flipkart Sellers

Last updated on 31 May, 2024

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Harness the Power of Social Media Marketing for Flipkart Sellers: Boost Your Sales and Reach New Customers

Discover the untapped potential of social media marketing for Flipkart sellers. Learn how to leverage popular social platforms to increase your sales, expand your customer base, and stay ahead of the competition. Unlock the secrets of successful social media advertising for Flipkart sellers here.


Flipkart, one of India's enormous success stories, was founded in 2007 by two friends, Sachin and Binny Bansal, in Bengaluru. Walmart currently owns Flipkart. With a number of highly memorable ads over the past ten years, Flipkart has firmly established itself. They have enlisted actors like Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor, and they have developed stories about kids who act like grownups (kidults). Since 2007, this online retailer has expanded greatly. With Flipkart Video, they made their first venture into original content this past year. Social media marketing has been a key element of the Flipkart mission.we look at the Flipkart social media strategy components. Learn how strategic social media strategy can propel your Flipkart seller journey to new heights, reach a wider audience and increase your brand visibility.

Flipkart's Journey

Flipkart began in Bengaluru, India, while both co-founders held positions for global e-commerce giant Amazon. Flipkart began by selling simple books on its online store. They expanded into additional categories after obtaining finance and demonstrating great growth.

With growth numbers tripling every quarter, the Bansals struck gold following their initial funding, and they attracted many rounds of funding from both American and Indian investors. Their ground-breaking "cash on delivery" feature cleared the door for their expansion among skeptical Indian consumers who had only just discovered buying things online. This allowed customers to obtain the items before paying for them, serving as protection against India's numerous logistical challenges.

This was not a quick success story. It took a lot of effort to complete. Here, we'll look at the social media strategies that have made this company so successful!

Flipkart Social Media Strategies

Flipkart has a strong social media presence, backed by celebrity influencers and brand advocates. They frequently run ads for certain sales, occasions, and products. On social media, the brand promotes its products, spotlights the causes it supports, and occasionally posts engaging illustrations. They also have a significant ORM presence on Twitter (with Flipkart Support) and in Facebook comments. Flipkart's sophisticated social media marketing enables retailers to distinguish among competitors and move to the next level. The development can be ascribed to the fact that many consumers discuss their problems in the feedback box and are replied to by the brand's ORM team.

Twitter is a vital social media tool for any e-commerce firm when it comes to following conversations and attitudes. Flipkart has two primary Twitter accounts. They are Flipkart, the brand's main advertising account, and Flipkart Support, the account that responds to all requests and concerns. Below mentioned are some of the important strategies for Flipkart Sellers:

Star Power

Flipkart makes use of celebrities in two ways. For one thing, they frequently include images of celebrities who are closely associated with them, such as Ranbir and Alia. Second, they generate content centered on well-known individuals, such as wishing fighter Mary Kom a happy birthday.

Product is the Star

Products are stitched into Flipkart's social networks profile in two ways: posts that subtly discuss an assortment of highest rating products and those that are straightforward seller promotions of a product. While communication is clear in the latter area, the former is where they produce interesting material.

Causes are being Supported

While managing COVID-19 and its implications, Flipkart has been posting positive examples of impact under the hashtag #FlipkartBrightSide. With such communication, they position the company as one that thinks about people besides delivering them goods. This isn't completely new, as Flipkart has previously released information on causes they support and how individuals may help. A good instance of this was the collaboration with Nanhi Kali on Women's Day.

Special Days

The brand recognises major days on the social networking sites schedule and engages in related conversations. These could be national holidays like celebration of independence day or more universal holidays like Mother's Day. These posts are not intended to persuade consumers to shop on the website, but rather to provide an occasional push in terms of brand recall if they are preparing to shop at the very last minute.

Abundant Campaigns

Flipkart runs a variety of marketing. While some are directly related to a forthcoming or existing sale (No Kidding Days and Big Billion Days), others are social media category/brand development activities (Flipkart Fashion Capital Dictionary and Choose Your Age). Both instances aid in the development and shaping of the brand in accordance with the basic ethos of an online shopping site that offers a diverse range of items and brands.

3. Sustainability

Indian customers are actively looking for companies and goods that are sustainable as their environmental consciousness grows. DTC companies are responding to this trend by emphasizing ethical sourcing, employing recycled materials, and using eco-friendly practices. This emphasis on sustainability appeals to customers who care about the environment and is consistent with the beliefs of the younger generation, which is responsible for pushing DTC Trends in India.

Brand of brands

Flipkart, being an e-commerce platform, deals with a variety of brands. Some of these organizations, based on commercial arrangements (presumably) and contemporary trends (such as the Games of Thrones Monologue Game), contribute to their social networking presence as creators.activity as well as DIY artwork opportunities (as people are cooped up at home with ample time to explore and create new items).

Games and Participation

Flipkart also uses games and enjoyable occasions to keep users engaged on the mobile application even when they are unable or unable to make purchases. A cricket game has recently been promoted because the summertime is associated with the One of the main obstacles for DTC corporations is the fierce competition in the Indian e-commerce industry. Due to the growing number of DTC firms, the marketplace has gotten more crowded, making it harder for small enterprises to stand out and pull in clients. DTC enterprises can differentiate themselves in terms of their product offerings, name recognition, and client satisfaction in order to gain an advantage over their competitors.

Customer-friendly Programs

1.EMI and COD facilities: They were able to win over the skeptical Indian customers who had just learned about the advantages of internet purchasing thanks to their innovative cash-on-delivery option. Flipkart was also one of the few e-commerce businesses to take a COD risk on a temporary basis. This allowed clients to receive their items before making a purchase as a safeguard against India's various logistical difficulties. Simple EMI alternatives move a puzzled customer towards becoming a buyer. Flipkart persuades the buyer that EMI will boost accessibility without significantly increasing their monthly expenses or burdening them.

2.Buy Now, Pay Later: In this world, while your closest buddy can refuse credit in a dire situation, Flipkart cannot. The creators of Flipkart decided to include the "Pay later" option so that more customers could shop on the website after the COD campaign. It is one of the best marketing strategies for luring in new clients. You may swiftly and easily make transactions online with Pay Later. To take advantage of this selection, customers who have been with Flipkart for a long time have been chosen.


Flipkart's marketing approach is highly solid and comprehensive - of course, it will not affect firms like Flipkart that have significant funds and can make their advertising campaigns come to life. Flipkart's social media advertising heavily relies on the influence of superstars. That's one of the first things you notice as you scroll through their pages. They emphasize products and employ eye-catching creatives to maintain online engagement. The nicest part about Flipkart is that they are excellent at communicating clear messages across channels. For more professional advice, head on to GoNukkad!

Q. Which social media platform has collaborated with Flipkart?

A. Flipkart has teamed with native-speaking social media service ShareChat to host real-time conversations on its short video app Moj, and customers can purchase things directly from Moj.

Q. What kind of advertising does Flipkart employ?

A. Flipkart Marketing is a performance-based marketing strategy that allows you to reach millions of shoppers every day.

Q. Who is Flipkart's intended marketplace?

A. Flipkart caters to everybody who uses the internet to browse but lacks the time to shop. Nevertheless, the age range of 75% of its readership is from 16 to 55.

Q. Is Flipkart a firm engaged in digital advertising?

A. A dedicated digital marketing squad helps Flipkart, a well-known online retailer in India, raise brand recognition and income through multiple online platforms.

Q. How does promotion on Flipkart operate?

A. To promote their campaigns, Flipkart largely relies on the use of influencer marketing and superstars.

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