How to Sell on ebay from India: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Sell on ebay from India: A Comprehensive Guide

24 July, 2023

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Last updated on 31 October, 2023

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How to Sell on ebay from India: A Comprehensive Guide

Learn how to sell on ebay from India and sell your products to a large customer base on eBay India. Start navigating the eBay India register process today!


Do you want to increase your company's reach and sell things online? If so, eBay India can be a great starting point as a platform. An online marketplace called eBay India allows people and companies to purchase and sell products and services. eBay India is an excellent place to launch your online company because of its enormous customer base and variety of items. This detailed tutorial will walk you through completion of the eBay India Register process.

Get step-by-step instructions on how to navigate the eBay India register process with our comprehensive guide. Discover the benefits of registering as an eBay India user, from accessing a wide range of products to buying and selling on the platform. Register now and start selling on eBay in 10 simple steps.

How to Sell on ebay from India

Selling on eBay might be simple yet tricky. Hence, you just need to do it with a little planning. Here, everything you need to know to sell well is laid out. Continue reading to find out the eBay India Register process and start selling on eBay.

Step 1: Research Your Product And Market

To sell on eBay India, you must first do market and product research. It's critical to comprehend the market for your goods, your competitor's offerings, and price. You may use this study to assess whether your product will be profitable on eBay India and to help you set reasonable sales goals.

Step 2: eBay Registration

Visit and click “register” in the top left of the menu to create an account. You must supply the necessary information, as well as proof of identity like a credit or debit card. For the registration procedure to be complete, eBay sends a PIN that must be entered.

Step 3: eBay Verification

Get over the limitations imposed on new eBay sellers by verifying your eBay ID quickly. It only takes a few minutes and increases your clients' perceptions of your credibility.

Step 4: Set Up Your eBay India Seller Account

Make a memorable and distinctive business name before you begin selling on eBay. Having an advantage over thousands of other merchants requires a strong business name. Following that, include your home and email addresses as well as phone numbers. In order to collect money from your sales, link your bank account.

Step 5: Create Your eBay India Listings

You may begin building your eBay India listings after setting up your seller account. Select the "List an item" option in the top right corner of the eBay India homepage. The title, description, and images for your product must be entered when requested. To draw potential purchasers, it's critical to offer precise and thorough information. And if you face any issues in ebay listing & cataloging, try our services.

Step 6: Set Your Price And Shipping Options

You must pick your pricing and shipping choices after entering the details of your product. Select the pricing and shipping options that suit you best from those eBay India offers. When determining your prices, it's crucial to take shipping costs and delivery times into account.

Step 7: Optimize Your Ebay India Listings For Search

You must optimize your eBay India listings for search in order to make sure that prospective customers can find them. Make your listings more searchable by including important keywords in the titles and descriptions. Use photographs that truly depict your goods and are of high quality.

Step 8: Manage Your eBay India Listings

You must maintain your eBay India listings after they become live. This entails keeping an eye on your listings for bids, responding to any inquiries from possible purchasers, and modifying your rates and delivery choices as necessary. You may improve your reputation on eBay India by answering questions as soon as they come in and taking care of any problems.

Step 9: Complete Your eBay India Sales

You must execute the transaction after receiving bids on your eBay India listings. Make arrangements for shipment and payment with the customer. PayPal and Cards are two of the best shipping and payment options that eBay India offers. Pick the one that works the best for you.

Step 10: Receive Feedback And Improve Your eBay India Selling Strategies

After your eBay India sales are finished, your customers will give you feedback. This positive criticism is crucial since it can enable you to increase future sales. Utilize the comments to pinpoint areas where you can improve, then change your selling tactics accordingly.

Tips and Tricks for Selling on eBay

There are a few more pointers to bear in mind when selling on eBay India in addition to the methods above:

Keep An Eye On Your Stock

To correctly update your eBay India listings, you must maintain track of your inventory. This will assist you in avoiding selling unavailable or out-of-stock goods.

Provide Top-Notch Client Service

Building a solid reputation on eBay India may be facilitated by offering first-rate customer care. To guarantee that your customers have a great experience, respond to questions as soon as they come in and address any problems that may occur.

Keep Current With eBay India's Rules And Regulations

Sellers must follow the norms and rules set out by eBay India. To prevent any problems with your eBay India account, it's crucial to keep up with these eBay policies.

Boost Traffic To Your eBay India Listings

You may enhance sales by promoting your eBay India listings and bringing in additional customers. You can also use email marketing, social media, and other avenues to advertise your listings.


Although challenging, eBay India Register sales can be lucrative. To realize the full potential of their eCommerce business on the site, eBay India sellers need to conduct research, make the necessary efforts, and have patience. Nothing comes close to the variety and breadth of unique products available on eBay, which enable sellers to market goods you wouldn't find elsewhere.

Using features like automated product updates and centralized inventory management with the help of an eCommerce shipping platform, you can improve your ability to sell on eBay. You may increase sales and expand your eCommerce business effortlessly by following the above recommendations. Gonukkad offers a number of services to assist merchants in managing their accounts on multiple online marketplaces.

Q. Are GST numbers required in India to sell on eBay?

A. Online sales are subject to GST; in that case, you must provide eBay with your GST number upon registering. However, if you only sell items from GST-exempt categories, this might not be necessary. This a gentle reminder that, in accordance with sales tax legislation, you must charge GST on each taxable item you sell.

Q. Can anyone sell products on eBay India?

A. All you need to start a company on eBay is a computer and an internet connection in order to sell the goods you already have. Learn what's popular on eBay. To discover the most popular searches on eBay India, visit the eBay Pulse. Start Your Sales!

Q. How are payments made on eBay?

A. You'll get paid as an eBay seller into the associated checking account. You can mail the item as soon as the buyer's order is verified. Your sales earnings will appear under Processing Money after the automated deduction of the selling fees and other expenses.

Q. Is it possible to sell second-hand goods on eBay India?

A. Yes, you can sell your used or outdated furniture, computers, books, cameras, or cell phones, etc. For you, eBay India is the best option! Making money off of secondhand, used, or outdated objects around the house is quite easy with eBay India.

Q. On eBay, who covers delivery costs?

A. The buyer pays the seller a shipping cost when the item is sold. The seller decides on the best shipping option, prints the mailing label, and deducts the postage from his or her PayPal balance.

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