Maximizing Your Sales: How To Register For Flipkart Sale

Maximizing Your Sales: How To Register For Flipkart Sale

24 July, 2023

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Last updated on 3 May, 2024

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Quick & Easy Tutorial: How to Register for Flipkart Sale

Learn how to register for Flipkart Sale quickly and easily with our step-by-step tutorial. Our guide provides all the necessary information to help you sign up for Flipkart Sale and start selling your products to millions of customers across India. Don't miss out on this lucrative opportunity - register for Flipkart Sale today!


The world today revolves around ways to get what you desire. Everything you need can be found online and delivered right to your doorsteps. One of the most renowned online shopping platforms is Flipkart. This website has altered the buying experience with numerous new ideas such as delivery on the same day, test & exchange, cash-on-delivery, and so on. Flipkart Sellers are people that sell their goods on the Flipkart platform. On Flipkart, businesses like sole proprietorships, partnerships, LLPs, and corporations can sign up for sales. This article will solve all of your doubts about how to register for a Flipkart sale.

Who Is Eligible To Sell On Flipkart?

1. Individuals who run their businesses on their own can register as Sole proprietors.

2. Any company that has been registered under the Indian Partnership Act 1932. It can assign the completion of the Flipkart Seller Registration Processes to any of its partners.

3. Any Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) created under the LLP Act is allowed to register with Flipkart Business.

4. Any company registered under the Companies Act 2013, whether public, private, or one-person can register.

5. Any other registered entity engaged in any product-selling business.

How To Become A Flipkart Seller

To learn how to register for a Flipkart sale, a corporation or individual must first join as a Flipkart Seller. This straightforward procedure may be initiated from the Seller page on Flipkart's portal. A corporation or a single person can become a Flipkart seller by submitting information about their business and the products that they desire to offer on Flipkart. Some of the information that must be supplied and confirmed while applying for a Flipkart Seller account include:

1. The seller's name

2. Seller's phone number

3. Seller's email address

4. Pickup address/Business address

5. Product classification for which the seller wants to sell on Flipkart

Ways To Increase Your Sales On Flipkart

If you want to increase your sales on Flipkart, you can try our Flipkart account Management services and get better results.

1. Take Part In Spike Sales

Flipkart experiences sales surges, allowing you to expand your online business. As a result, the number of purchasers and visitors to the Flipkart platform increases. Participating in Flipkart sale events increases buyer's happiness and identifies you as a preferred provider.

2. Ensure Proper Packing

Good packaging reduces the possibility of damage during transportation. Additionally, it denotes exceptional customer service and boosts customer confidence.This will enhance your business and increase your Flipkart sales.

3. Ensure On-Time Delivery

Achieve RTD (Ready to Dispatch) status for your products so your logistics partners can deliver them. Returns and exchanges must be performed to preserve positive customer ratings and reviews.

Flipkart Seller Benefits

Flipkart is the market leader in India's e-commerce market and it offers numerous advantages and helps your business reach millions of customers. Flipkart teaches the "smart selling" technique and other advantages which are as follows:

1. The online listing of your catalog is free of charge.

2. Flipkart is also in charge of product delivery. You need to pack your products and prepare them for shipment. A Flipkart Logistics partner will deliver it to the customers.

3. You can decide the pricing for your goods.

4. Payments are executed within 7-15 business days of the sale of your product.

5. Flipkart also protects sellers against fraud. It has established an SPF (Seller Protection Fund).

How To Register For Flipkart Sale

The following documentation must be submitted to sell a product:

1. GSTIN PAN Card (Personal PAN for "Proprietorship" business type and Personal Business PAN for "Company")

2. GSTIN/TIN Number (optional for a few categories)

3. Bank account and KYC documentation (Address Proof and Canceled Cheque)

Your seller profile will be completed once all relevant documents have been validated.

Top Upcoming Sales on Flipkart

As a seller, the following dates and days will likely yield profit via Flipkart Sale Events:

1. Big Bachat Dhamaal Sale (20th - 22nd May 2024)

Big Bachat Dhamaal Sale is the ultimate Flipkart sale event for those looking for incredible bargains and savings. It has an extensive selection of products such as fashion, beauty, home, mobiles, electronics, and more. This is expected to occur between May 20th and May 22nd, 2024. During this sale, users may enjoy fantastic bargains and reductions of up to 70% off their favorite products. Additionally, Flipkart provides short deals and offers only accessible during the Flipkart sales event period.

2. Flipkart Big Billion Days 2024 (3rd – 10th October, 2024)

The Flipkart Big Billion Days sale is the most expected Flipkart sale event in 2024 which will take place from October 3rd until October 10th, 2024. Users can get big price drops on mobiles, TVs, laptops, and other electronic items during this event. They can also get 10% extra savings on ICICI and Axis bank cards. The auction provides excellent exchange rates for outdated mobile phones. Shopping at the Big Billion Days 2024 Sale would be a definitive mood booster for all Flipkart customers.

3. Flipkart Diwali Sale (November 1st - 6th, 2024)

The big Flipkart forthcoming sale after Big Billion Days is the Diwali sale which will take place on October 11th, 2024. Customers may shop more and get significant discounts during the Flipkart Diwali Sale. Customers can take advantage of fantastic deals. Buyers no longer concern about the expensive costs of kitchen appliances, home decor goods, gadgets, Smartphones, and clothes! This Diwali, customers can get discounts of up to 70% on all of the categories mentioned previously.

How To Make The Most Of Flipkart Promotional Offers

After learning how to register for a Flipkart Sale, it is a good idea to work on raising your sales to advance to the gold Seller Tier. Customer buying habits and promotions are one simple approach to do this. Flipkart provides this service via the Flipkart Promotional Offers category. Below given is more information about Flipkart promotions:

1. Flipkart Coupons

a. Customers can get these from Flipkart.

b. So, if the price reduction is ₹50, Flipkart's portion is ₹50, and your portion as the seller is ₹0.

c. By selecting 'Flipkart promos' on the 'Growth' page, you can view the 'Ongoing' and 'Upcoming' promotions.

d. Additionally, you will be able to look at the specifications of the offer. There is an 'i' icon wherever there is extra information. For example, if one offer says '10% discount,' you can check the 'i' sign to discover how it would be calculated.

e. You will also be informed about the kind of deal when it begins and the locations where it is relevant.

2. Savings on MRP

a. Flipkart promotional offers come in different variations. They can be applied to the listing price, the basket, a fixed promotional offer, or a combination discount. Flipkart has launched a new promotion called MRP discount.

b. In this case, the discount is decided by the MRP of the goods instead of the FSP (Final Selling Price). For example, if a t-shirt's MRP is ₹1,000, the FSP is ₹950, and the discount is 10%, the reduction will be calculated on ₹1,000, and the buyer is going to pay ₹900 (1,000 - 10% of ₹1,000).


Flipkart is a fantastic place to start your online selling journey thanks to its straightforward sales process and flexible shipping options. With many available product possibilities, pick one that works for your company, finish your documentation, and you'll soon be selling on Flipkart. To scale up your business with expert advice, you can surely collaborate with Gonukkad!

Q. What is the ideal file size for a product image on Flipkart?

A. The ideal file size for a product image on Flipkart is 1 MB.

Q. What file formats are supported by Flipkart?

A. Flipkart supports JPEG and PNG file formats.

Q. What is the recommended image resolution for product images on Flipkart?

A. The recommended image resolution for product images on Flipkart is 1000 x 1000 pixels or higher.

Q. Can I edit my product images before uploading them to Flipkart?

A. Yes, you can edit your product images before uploading them to Flipkart. However, make sure the edits do not misrepresent the product.

Q. Mention some of the best photo editing software for modifying product images for Flipkart.

A. Adobe Photoshop, Canva, Lightroom, Fotor, etc., can help you adjust product images.

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