Case Study: Remarketing Strategies to Recover Abandoned Carts

Case Study: Remarketing Strategies to Recover Abandoned Carts

8 August, 2023

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Last updated on 8 August, 2023

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Remarketing Strategies to Recover Abandoned Carts: A Case Study.

Are you an eCommerce retailer wondering, 'How do Remarketing Strategies help you in cart abandonment recovery and boosting sales recovery?' Read on to learn about Remarketing strategies and reasons for abandoned carts.


In the modern eCommerce sector, browsing carts, and checkout abandonment are all too prevalent habits among online consumers. A significant amount of potential money is lost due to this abandoned cart. Additionally, this issue impacts your conversion rate and goes beyond merely abandoned carts. eCommerce retailers should begin by actively measuring and analyzing shopping cart abandonment KPIs to increase cart abandonment recovery and enhance sales recovery. Thankfully, several remarketing strategies significantly lower cart abandonments and boost returns. This blog explores 'How to recover abandoned carts,' including remarketing strategies and reasons for cart abandonments.

What is Abandoned Cart Recovery?

Abandoned Cart Recovery is a conversion optimization strategy utilized by e-commerce to re-engage potential consumers who have abandoned their shopping carts before making a purchase. Enhancing consumer engagement and their purchasing experience seeks to decrease cart abandonment in the first instance. To encourage customers who are on the verge of purchasing to do so, it follows up with them.

7 Remarketing Strategies for abandoned cart recovery

1. Personalized Email Follow-ups.

An email campaign for abandoned carts should include a pleasant reminder of the items in their basket (you can accomplish this by including an itemized list with accessible Links). In your email templates, include additional products comparable to or complement the main goods, such as accessories. Recommending additional things in a reminder email might be useful because it's conceivable that they abandoned their cart because they couldn't locate what they were looking for. Offer a promotion or discount coupon if it is their first visit.

2. Show an Exit-Intent Pop-up

Exit intent pop-ups are an effective abandoned cart recovery strategy. You may employ exit-intent pop-ups to attract visitors' attention as soon as they indicate a desire to depart. Exit-intent pop-ups employ a technique that monitors users' mouse movements on your website. After determining that a person intends to leave your website without making a purchase or providing any contact information, it initiates a pop-up.

3. Examine User Behaviors for Conversion Funnel Leaks

To determine precisely where customers have dropped out, you can develop through conversion funnels using tools like Google's Advanced Ecommerce Analytics. You may create a funnel visualization report to see which pages customers visit and how many stick around at each funnel step.

4. Retargeting Campaigns

Retargeted Campaigns provide customers with a warm invitation to complete their purchases. Look at the main reasons why people abandon their carts. Doing so allows you to customize the advertisement and make templates for the most typical cases. After visitors leave your website without making a purchase, retargeting campaigns remind them of your offerings. It enables you to display your visitors with appropriate graphic or text adverts on other websites they visit after viewing particular pages.

5. Facilitate Easy Shopping For Your Users

Making your consumers' buying experiences simple is crucial. They should receive all the details they require about a product and its features. Images, a price range, a list of available sizes, and thorough descriptions might all be included. Don't add extra stages to the checkout process; keep it easy for users.

6. Send Customers Push Notifications

You may also contact users who have abandoned their carts using push notifications. Your customers who have abandoned their carts will be curious to learn what you have in store after you give them an intriguing notification. It's simple: the more frequently you display the abandoned item to them, the more likely it is that they will visit your website again and take a look. Push notifications serve as reminders, and if they are effectively used, they improve customer engagement chances and result in sales recovery.

7. Give Multiple Payment Options at Checkout

Customers want companies to provide alternatives and flexibility over how they pay for their purchases, including digital wallets, cryptocurrencies, and Buy Now, Pay Later programs. When customers use their preferred means of payment, they're more at ease, which increases their confidence in the security of the transaction and makes the process go more smoothly.

Common Reasons for Cart Abandonments

You must comprehend the fundamental reasons for cart abandonment to prevent it. Otherwise, no significant technique would aid in lowering cart abandonment. Here are some of the common reasons for cart abandonment:

1. Many online retailers offer new customers promo coupons or other account creation incentives. If you don't provide incentives but your competitor does, the customer may choose to purchase with them instead.

2. Users may become irritated and leave their carts if the checkout procedure is complicated or long.

3. Customers may decide not to finish the transaction if shipping charges or other expenditures are excessively huge.

4. People become less confident in your goods or service if your website is slow or has a confusing interface.

5. Due to the widespread use of contactless payment methods and the general anxiety over data breaches, customers want various payment choices. So, if they do not provide different payment options, they will not make purchases.

6. Customers may abandon their carts for quicker alternatives if expected delivery timeframes are lengthy.


E-commerce businesses employ the abandoned cart recovery remarketing strategy to find customers who abandon their shopping carts and persuade them to finish the transaction. You may provide a consumer with a promo code or discount to encourage them to finish their purchase, for instance, if they add products to their basket but don't check out. By doing this, you may profit from clients who have shown interest in your product but didn't buy it. As discussed in the article, you can implement seven remarketing strategies to improve your revenue. Don't let abandoned carts haunt your e-commerce business! Learn the most effective remarketing strategies to recover abandoned carts and boost your sales recovery with Gonukkad.

Q. Why is the cart abandonment rate so high?

A. A complicated checkout procedure, large shipping fees, a sign-up requirement, or a few payment alternatives are just a few of the factors that may contribute to an abnormally high cart abandonment rate.

Q. How do time-sensitive incentives help in recovering abandoned carts?

A. Customers are motivated to respond swiftly by time-sensitive incentives like limited-time sales or special offers.

Q. What is the ideal time for sending abandoned cart emails?

A. Usually, it's advised to send a follow-up email within 48 hours of cart abandonment, followed by a cart reminder email within 24 hours.

Q. How do I retarget shopping cart abandonment?

A. You might start by informing customers that they have abandoned their shopping basket, followed by a friendly conversation to complete the transaction. Make a strong offer if they're still not willing to compromise.

Q. What should be the strategy to win back customers who have abandoned the cart?

A. Free shipping is an extremely successful abandoned cart recovery strategy. One of the most frequent causes of cart abandonment is shipping fees. By eliminating the shipping fee, you remove a common purchasing barrier and motivate customers to finish their transactions.

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