How To Sell on Amazon Handmade in 2024

How To Sell on Amazon Handmade in 2024

28 November, 2023


Last updated on 1 May, 2024

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How To Sell on Amazon Handmade in 2024

Searching for a means to market your handcrafted items to millions of prospective buyers? With Amazon Handmade, follow your passions and grow your client base.

What is Handmade by Amazon India?

As an "artisan-only" marketplace, Amazon Handmade India adheres to stringent application guidelines to guarantee that products are genuinely manufactured by the individual or business offering them. Because Amazon Handmade's website is distinct from other items on the platform, customers will have a more exclusive shopping experience. Let’s dive deeper into selling on Amazon Handmade as an artisan in 2024.

Artists and craftspeople may sell their unique creations to clients worldwide through Amazon Handmade, an artisan-only community.

The economic model for Amazon Handmade Seller’s account differs from those of other ways to sell on the platform, and they are unique from ordinary Amazon seller accounts.

No mass-produced goods may be offered for sale on Handmade; all items must be created by hand, changed by hand, or assembled by hand.

Products available for selling on Amazon Handmade include, for instance

1. Bespoke chopping boards

2. Handbags made of crochet

3. Pottery and abstract art

4. Jewelry

5. Interior Design

6. Dining room and kitchen

7. grooming and beauty

8. Outfits and Add-ons

9. Games and toys

10. Party and stationery supplies

11. Cushion covers

12. And a whole lot more!

How Does Amazon Handmade India Work?

The procedure of beginning to sell on Amazon Handmade India is not too complicated:

1. You create your goods by hand. Every item you sell on Amazon Handmade needs to be manufactured by you or a team member.

2. To prove that you are a legitimate Handmade merchant, complete an application and respond to some questions about your company.

3. Choose the method you want to use to complete your Amazon orders. You can choose to use Amazon Handmade's Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service, which entails shipping your goods to an Amazon warehouse, qualifying them for Prime shipping, and having Amazon handle the packaging and shipping of any orders you get.

4. You can also utilize Amazon's Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM) option to ship the purchase yourself from your own warehouse or place of business.

5. When your clients purchase your exquisite, handcrafted goods, your company expands.

Here is a quick summary of some features that an Amazon Handmade Seller might find useful:

Charges 15% of each sale is paid as a referral fee. No recurring monthly membership costs. No listing commissions. No additional unknown costs.
Product Catalogs List as many goods as you'd like. No commissions for listing. Listings are always active. It might be challenging to set up listings. No UPC is needed.
Promoting Products that are sponsored PPC marketing Promote only on Amazon
Classifications There are the following categories in which to sell:
  • Add-ons
  • Art
  • Baby Care, Personal Care & Beauty
  • Handbags, Shoes and Clothes
  • Home Care & Outdoor
  • Jewelry & Watches
  • Dining & Kitchen
  • Supplies for Pets
  • Athletic Supplies
  • Office & Celebration Supplies
  • Games & Toys
Payment Money is not accessible until the order is shipped. Payment is released every two weeks.
Authorized Artistry

Process of applying and being inspected to sell on Handmade You must be the product creator or lead a team of no more than 20 individuals.
Personalized Shop Yes

How to Become an Amazon Handmade Seller?

Applying to sell on Amazon Handmade is a rigorous procedure. Amazon must make sure that any attempt is made to introduce mass-produced items to the Handmade platform in order to maintain its goal of creating a store featuring really handcrafted goods.

During the application process, Amazon will ask you a number of questions about your company.

Amazon will first ask you questions about yourself and your business.

1. What type of Maker are you?

1. Creator working alone

2. Manufacturer with fewer than 20 workers

3. Collective manufacturers

4. Other

2. Describe your work.

Choose the choice that best reflects your work:

1. My items are handmade.

2. My items are hand-crafted.

3. I don't create my own items; instead, I tailor each one to the buyer's specifications.

4. I buy handcrafted items from Makers and sell them.

3. Which of the following best defines your manufacturing process?

1. I create and manufacture my own items.

2. My items are designed and manufactured by myself, although a tiny percentage of the labor is performed by an outside firm or group.

3. I create my own items and get them manufactured.

4. My items are not designed or manufactured by me.

4. How much of your manufacturing process is handled by you and/or your employees?

1. 75-100%

2. 50-74%

3. 25-49%

4. 1-24%

5. None

5. Describe your goods and methods.

This is where you provide Amazon a detailed step-by-step description of how and what materials you use to make your handcrafted items.

1. What materials are used?

2. What tools and strategies do you employ?

3. How much time does each step take?

6. Display your work (photos are essential).

Upload photos of your handcrafted items as well as the manufacturing process. Show Amazon as much information as possible to avoid delays in the clearance process.

7. Choose a product category.

Select the category in which you want to sell from the drop-down menu.

Filling out the application form requires you to be detailed in your responses. The goal is to eliminate merchants or firms that do not provide handcrafted items.

It's also a good idea to look over the Amazon Handmade Terms and Conditions.

Final Thoughts

Selling your items on Amazon Handmade is a no-brainer in our opinion. Because it is still a relatively new site, there is great potential for you to offer your unique, handcrafted items there and dominate.

Take advantage of this guide by following the instructions and increasing your product's conversions and sales. Gonukkad offers a variety of services to assist sellers in managing their accounts on various online marketplaces. Check out Gonukkad if you want to enhance your online presence and optimize your Amazon Handmade Seller account!

Q. Who is eligible to sell on Handmade?

A. The Handmade shop allows any and every craftsman to sell their handcrafted creations to millions of Amazon buyers worldwide.

Q. What is the structure of Amazon Handmade's fees?

A. Joining Handmade, opening a shop, and listing items are all free. Handmade will charge a 15% referral fee for each transaction you make.

Q. What if I already sell on Amazon's website?

A. Not a problem! Once you've completed your Handmade application and been permitted to sell, you may list your Handmade items in the Handmade shop while continuing to sell your other products elsewhere.

Q. What steps must I take to open a Handmade shop?

A. To start selling, create an Amazon Selling Account by following the “How to Start Selling guide” on Amazon. After registration, register for Amazon Handmade, verifying the store's integrity. Once accepted, access materials for your first handmade listing.

Q. What categories can I sell in as a Handmade seller?

A. Handmade is a platform for artisans to sell their products in various categories such as accessories, artwork, baby, beauty, clothing, shoes, handbags, jewelry, kitchen, dining, pet supplies, stationery, party supplies, and toys.

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