How To Sell on Meesho in 2024: Follow These Easy Steps

How To Sell on Meesho in 2024: Follow These Easy Steps

29 November, 2023


Last updated on 3 May, 2024

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How To Sell on Meesho in 2024 - Start Selling Today

Follow our guide to learn how to sell on Meesho in 2024 and discover the benefits that Meesho offers to its sellers

Overview of Sell on Meesho

You were searching on shopping sites for beautiful apparel for your kid, but after seeing high shipping charges, you canceled it. Unexpected shipping expenses are one of the leading causes of shoppers abandoning their carts. It is a significant barrier, particularly for middle-class shoppers. Meesho tackles this issue by providing free shipping, transforming it into a convenient platform for the middle-class populace. Meesho consumers do not have to pay shipping charges whether they purchase a product worth Rs100 or Rs200. Not just on this front, but this marketplace is distinct from others in a variety of ways. It has turned into an all-encompassing platform for the middle-class population. They can start their businesses from the comfort of their own homes with no initial investment. Meesho's online company today has over a million merchants in well-known categories like clothing, kitchen and home furnishings, and other lifestyle items.

If you are a newbie seeking ways to grow your business in this competitive market, read our concise Sell on Meesho in 2024 Guide for Beginners.

How To Sell on Meesho? Step By Step

Just follow these simple steps if you want to establish your own identity as a seller on Meesho.

1. Sign Up to be a Meesho Seller

The first step in learning 'how to sell in Meesho' is to open a Meesho account and list the items that you wish to sell online. To become a Meesho seller, all you need is a bank account, your GSTIN number (for GST vendors), or your Enrolment ID / UIN (for non-GST vendors).

If you do not have your GST number or would like to supply it after browsing the supplier panel, please tick the checkbox next to "I will provide details later and click proceed."

You will be able to access the Meesho Supplier Panel after completing the registration process. You can then begin selling things online to millions of Meesho shoppers.

2. Upload your Catalog and Receive Orders

Once signed up, create your product page so that you can start selling on Meesho. Once you've uploaded your product catalog to the Meesho Supplier Panel, you'll be ready to sell and expand your business online. Uploading catalogs to Meesho is a breeze. You can submit a single catalog or a batch of catalogs using Excel. Your product catalog goes live 72 hours after you upload it.

3. Shipping and Order Processing

You may experience simple and stress-free shipping of products with Meesho. You'll receive an email notification as soon as your merchandise is ordered. The order update can also be viewed in the Meesho Supplier panel. Meesho offers the most affordable shipping rates in India. Meesho's logistics partner comes to your site to pick up the item and deliver it directly to the customer.

4. Receive Pay in Your Registered Bank Account

Upon order delivery, payment for all orders—including Cash on Delivery orders—is safely paid into your registered bank account on the seventh day.

On the Meesho Supplier Panel, you can monitor your deposited balance as well as future payments. Meesho charges suppliers a 0% fee across all product categories, which renders it the most lucrative platform for selling things online.

Why Sell on Meesho? Benefits for Beginners

Meesho is the most lucrative platform for you to sell things online; read on to find out what makes it so.

A huge Customer Base

Meesho delivers a vast client base to vendors in India, with over 11 crore customers serving over 28000 pin codes. You may reach a large audience by using Meesho. Almost everyone around us has the Meesho app installed on their handheld devices. This app is now a part of almost everyone's daily routine. As a result, this is one of the most significant advantages that new sellers can gain from this platform.

Easy Workflow

Meesho's target demographic is middle-class people with no big technological capabilities. While seeing things, Meesho has established a simple workflow. All you have to do is post your products on Meesho, and the team will handle the rest. As a result, business management is simple and painless.

Simple Payment Setup

Meesho supports a variety of online and offline transactions, including Cash on Delivery, which makes transactions simple and secure. If either the supplier or the consumer has any questions, they can call the Meesho company and services hotline.


Meesho is great for small businesses and individuals who want to open stores and make money. Meesho vendor registration is quick and easy. Meesho helps small businesses and self-employed individuals to start an online business using social media platforms like WhatsApp and Instagram. To begin an ecommerce business in India, simply download the Meesho Seller app. If you have any questions about Meesho Seller registration, the GoNukkad team is always available.

Q. How can I make a sale on Meesho?

A. You can become a Meesho seller by visiting their official site and completing the registration application.

Q. What are the prerequisites for selling on Meesho?

A. To become a Meesho vendor, you must be over the age of 18, have a mobile phone, a valid GSTIN, and an active bank account.

Q. How do I get my products onto Meesho?

A. To upload products to Meesho, simply login to your account, select "Add catalog," and complete the necessary fields.

Q. How do I manage my Meesho orders?

A. Log into your profile, click on the "Orders" link, and examine your order history to handle your orders on the Meesho supplier screen.

Q. How can I set the pricing for my Meesho products?

A. By putting the profit margin to the product's cost, you can determine the pricing of your goods on Meesho.

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