How To Sell on Myntra in 2024? Follow These Easy Steps

How To Sell on Myntra in 2024? Follow These Easy Steps

29 November, 2023


Last updated on 1 May, 2024

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How To Sell on Myntra in 2024 - GoNukkad

Choosing to sell on Myntra can be a wild ride. If you're ready to take on the journey, read further to learn how to sell on Myntra!


In today's digital age, e-commerce has altered how we shop. As more clients purchase online, the demand for online stores has skyrocketed. Myntra is among the significant players in the Indian e-commerce sector. If you are a vendor looking to break into the enormous online market, you are in luck! This article will walk you through every stage you need to take to know how to sell on Myntra and connect with millions of potential customers.

How to Sell on Myntra?

To know how to sell on Myntra, you must first create a Myntra account before you can register your company as a seller on the Myntra platform. By following the below-given steps, you can create a seller's account:

1. Visit the partner info page on Myntra.

2. From the menu, click on 'Register Now'. This will direct you to a page viewing an application form.

3. The next step is the entering and verification of both mobile numbers and email IDs using an OTP.

4. Set up a password for the account and finish submitting the form.

5. Now, use the account details to log in to your newly created seller account.

6. Lastly, enter all the necessary information to complete the registration process and sell on Myntra.

7. Wait until Myntra reviews your application. Once your company fits their requirements, they will reach out to you with further steps and grant you membership to their Partner University. This is where you will discover all of the information you will need to finish the onboarding process.

The Next Step: Creating a Product Listing

The subsequent step to sell on Myntra is listing the products on Myntra after the registration procedure is complete. The following are the steps involved in creating a product listing:

1. Once your Myntra seller account is registered, log in to it and visit the product listing section.

2. To list a product, enter all the details related to it (including the product's name, images, description, price, and so on).

3. The information provided on the product must be accurate (including its color, material, size, and any other specifications).

4. Once you are done, submit your product listing and wait until it is authorized by Myntra.

Business Hours Now Open: Time to Accept in Orders

You can begin accepting orders from consumers after listing your products. The last step to knowing how to sell on Myntra is understanding how the platform's order processing works.

1. When a consumer places a purchase order, you are notified and have 24 hours within which the order needs to be confirmed.

2. You then pack up the item and prepare a mailing label with the help of the platform’s shipping partner.

3. The merchandise is picked up and delivered to the consumer from your location.

4. After a successful delivery, you will receive the payment from Myntra within 15 days.

Eligibility Criteria to Sell on Myntra

To sell on Myntra, your company needs to be registered so that you can list your products. The below-mentioned types of organizations are eligible for selling on the online platform:

1. Sole proprietorship firms

2. Private limited companies

3. Partnership firms

4. LLP (Limited Liability Partnerships)

Documents Necessary to Register

It's advantageous to keep scanned copies of the necessary documentation ready ahead of time to speed up the registration procedure. The following are the documents required to submit to register as a Myntra seller:

1. GSTN Certificate

2. PAN Card

3. Original Trademark Certificate/Authorization Letter/NOC on the Letterhead of the Brand Owner

4. Copy of an Authorized Signatory Signature

5. Canceled Cheque

How to Sell on Myntra Without GST?

To be able to sell online without a GST number, check whether your services or products qualify for an exemption from GST under the regulations of the Indian Government. You may sell items online without a GST number, provided they are exempted. To sell on large platforms like Myntra, you must set up your online business and apply for a GST number if your products do not qualify as GST-exempt.


While numerous businesses think that setting up as a seller and knowing how to sell on Myntra is self-evident given the platform's impact, you must consider factors such as your company's goals, what you offer, your eCommerce fulfillment service requirements, and more before diving straight into it. And still, if you decide to sell on Myntra, remember that you need continual development to stay relevant as a Myntra seller.

To have guidance and flexibility as a Myntra seller, visit GoNukkad to cater to all your business needs.

Q. What kind of products can I sell on Myntra?

A. Myntra is a prominent digital retailer in India that specializes in fashion and lifestyle. Below is an exhaustive list of items you may market on Myntra:

  • Clothing & apparels
  • Self-care products
  • Bags
  • Footwear
  • Backpacks
  • Accessories
  • Jewelry

Q. How much does Myntra charge for selling on the platform?

A. There are no registration fees. Based on the category of the brand and product, Myntra imposes a commission of about 4 to 5%. This commission charge is not permanent for a variety of reasons. Myntra charges lower for commodities in the low-price and high-value categories. Similarly, due to the high competition, the prices for Western and ethnic clothing are higher.

Q. How can I achieve Myntra Gold Seller?

A. If you want to sell on Myntra and acquire the seller status of gold tier, you must closely adhere to Myntra regulations and SLAs. You must also keep strict return rates as well as quality standards.

Q. Why should I sell on Myntra?

A. By choosing to sell on Myntra, you will opt for an amazing way to promote your products to potential customers. Some of the key perks that you will enjoy as a Myntra seller are as follows:

  • Brand visibility
  • Marketing support
  • Large customer base
  • Secure payments
  • Easy setup

Q. Can any individual become a Myntra seller?

A. Myntra allows only business entities, not individuals, to sell. As such, to sell on Myntra, you must be an owner of a legally registered business.

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