Snapdeal Seller Login Guide: Access Your Seller Dashboard

Snapdeal Seller Login Guide: Access Your Seller Dashboard

28 September, 2023

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Last updated on 3 May, 2024

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Snapdeal Seller Login Guide: Access Your Seller Dashboard

Discover how to become a Snapdeal seller in 2024 with our comprehensive Snapdeal Seller Login Guide. Learn about the registration process, document requirements, and the advantages of selling on Snapdeal's platform.

Overview of Snapdeal Seller

Snapdeal can make it simpler for manufacturers and sellers to start an online selling business. On the way, Snapdeal seller offer support and training. Additionally, it makes it simple for suppliers to reach their sizable market by employing a relatively straightforward registration process. Don't you sell online because you find it difficult to manage? To see why selling on Snapdeal is far simpler than selling offline in 2024, read this Snapdeal Seller Login Guide.

Who Can Become a Seller on Snapdeal?

Anyone may sign on as a seller by submitting the necessary information and the application form.

A business that is enrolled as a private limited company can be formed by two or more people by signing up with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. After receiving the Certificate of Incorporation, they may begin the process of signing up for Snapdeal.

a. A limited liability company - Two or more persons can create a partnership and register it with the Ministry of Business Affairs. They may begin the Snapdeal registration procedure after registering.

b. A business established as a Person Company (OPC) - If a single person wishes to form a business and profit from limited liability, they can register their enterprise as an OPC.

Documents Needed to Register as a Snapdeal Seller

PAN Card: The PAN card is a required form of identification. A business or a firm's PAN is necessary in the event of a sole proprietorship, private limited, or limited liability partnership. While for an individual, a printout of his personal PAN is required.

Registration for GST: According to the government's announcement, all enterprises selling items on any e-commerce platform must be registered under the GST regardless of their turnover. The implementation of this improvement began on April 1, 2017.

Documents needed for GST registration include:

1 canceled check from the company's banking institution.

a. The directors' or partners' Aadhaar cards, as required.

b. The company, LLP, or individual's PAN card.

c. Bank Account Information.

You must also disclose information about your existing bank account, which should be in the company's name. The following papers are needed to create a bank account:

a. The PAN card of the person, the business, or the LLP.

b. Affiliation evidence for the entity.

c. A business or LLP's certificate of incorporation.

d. Bank document.

e. In the case of a partnership firm, the partnership deed.

f. Identity and address verification for each director of the business or LLP, as applicable.

g. A voided check with the account number must be supplied once the bank account has been opened.

h. Affiliation evidence for the entity.

Two valid email addresses.

How to Become a Snapdeal Seller?

You must first finish a quick and cost-free registration process. After signing up, you may start selling your goods and taking online orders from any potential customers in India.

1. Create an inventory catalog to display your items and register your business for free. Sell goods under your own private label or under a recognized brand. Utilize self-service training opportunities and get packaging supplies from Snapdeal to start selling right now!

2. With the aid of Snapdeal's expert service network, which is spread all across India, you may get the necessary paperwork and catalog finished swiftly and simply.

3. Millions of people across India will have access to your items once they are placed. You may manage your online company and take orders using Snapdeal's Seller Panel and Seller Zone Mobile App.

4. You get funds into your account after completing your order.

The Advantages of Selling on Snapdeal

1. Access to a large client base

Even if the brand in issue is the client's personal favorite, a potential customer would only sometimes drive a short distance to visit a certain store. Unlike other marketplaces, Snapdeal enables suppliers to advertise their goods throughout a much larger geographic region. Additionally, a huge client base is accessible because of the Snapdeal website's accessibility from almost anywhere in India.

2. There are no capital costs

There is an agonizingly extensive list of costs to consider when starting a conventional brick-and-mortar store. It covers fees for leasing or buying property, interior design, power, and other ancillary expenses. Running a brick-and-mortar business requires incurring these unnecessary and expensive costs, but retailing on Snapdeal removes their need. You won't need to pay anything out of pocket to begin operating your business, as there are no licensing or listing fees.

3. Services are offered constantly.

Brick-and-mortar shops are seldom open twenty-four hours a day, or all seven days of a week, and even when they are, the increased spending and minimal foot traffic do not cover the expenditures spent. Today, it is uncommon for a consumer to leave his house at midnight to buy a jacket. Customers have access to your product variety twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, directly from the comfort of their home or office, thanks to Snapdeal's never-ending browsing options, whether they're on their way home from the office or during a tiresome marathon conference.

4. A wide range of goods might be made available

You may focus your time and resources on creating new items or increasing the variety of alternatives accessible to potential clients because Snapdeal manages many logistical operations, and sales expenditures are being cut. Generally speaking, the more products you provide, the larger your prospective consumer base will be, leading to more sales and, ultimately, more profit.

Final Thoughts

Snapdeal seller offers access to clients from all around the nation and has a rather straightforward registration process. One of the most beneficial things you may undertake for your business in 2024 is to move it online, and Snapdeal provides you with the tools to accomplish it easily. Take it online immediately if you don't want to lose the opportunity to expand your consumer base. Ready to start selling on Snapdeal and tap into a vast customer base? Don't miss out on the opportunity to expand your business online. Get started with GoNukkad now!

Q. How can I sell on Snapdeal?

A. You must first establish an account on Snapdeal before completing the online application to become a vendor. You must submit more paperwork after applying until your account is approved.

Q. What does Snapdeal's seller code mean?

A. Every vendor on Snapdeal is given a different code, which is known as the seller code. The seller is identified using this code when a consumer makes a transaction.

Q. How can I sign up to sell on Snapdeal?

A. One has to register on the Snapdeal portal to become a vendor. Establishing a seller account will be available after creating an account. The user may list items and control orders once their seller account has been set up.

Q. How can I remove my Snapdeal seller account?

A. You must contact Snapdeal's customer care staff and ask them to remove your account or delete your seller account.

Q. How can I make my Snapdeal seller account inactive?

A. You must contact Snapdeal seller service customer assistance if you want to deactivate your Snapdeal seller account.

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