Amazon Global Selling: Start Selling Internationally in 2024

Amazon Global Selling: Start Selling Internationally in 2024

13 December, 2023


Last updated on 2 May, 2024

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Amazon Global Selling: Start Selling Internationally in 2024

Go beyond borders with Amazon Global Selling. Reach customers in global marketplaces, backed by Amazon's robust logistics and Prime advantages.


Thinking about taking your business global on Amazon? It's a fantastic idea, but we understand the concerns—language barriers, taxes, and other complexities. Don't worry; we've got you covered at every step. In 2024, Amazon has impressively around 2 million businesses worldwide, just like yours, selling on Amazon. Every day, a staggering 3,700 new sellers join this global marketplace. As e-commerce becomes a bigger part of our lives, sellers like you are finding confidence in expanding globally. Amazon's global selling platform opens doors for businesses to shine on an international stage.

Let's explore how Amazon provides a platform for individuals to showcase their products and services globally.

Amazon Global Selling

Amazon Global Selling is a strategic program crafted to empower sellers in harnessing the vast potential of Amazon's platform and expansive fulfillment network to connect with a global audience. This initiative opens new ways for sellers to tap into a vast market, capitalizing on Amazon's cutting-edge international logistics capabilities.

Key Features of Amazon Global Selling:

1. Global Scale: With over 150 million paid Prime members worldwide and more than 300 million active customer accounts, Amazon provides unparalleled access to a diverse and extensive customer base.

2. International Logistics: Sellers can seamlessly navigate global logistics challenges with Amazon's state-of-the-art international logistics infrastructure. It ensures efficient and reliable order fulfillment, enhancing the overall customer experience.

3. Marketplace Diversity: Amazon Global Selling facilitates entry into 18 different marketplaces globally, allowing sellers to strategically choose regions based on their business objectives and market dynamics.

4. Prime Membership Advantage: Leveraging Amazon's global scale means that sellers can position their products to be eligible for Amazon Prime, enhancing visibility and potentially attracting more customers.

How To Sell Globally on Amazon: A Step-by-Step Guide

Here are the steps to help you navigate the intricacies and capitalize on Amazon's vast global network.

Determine Your Amazon Global Selling Marketplace

Selecting the right Amazon global marketplace is your first strategic move. With 18 different sites globally, each offering unique benefits and challenges, consider factors like competition and market maturity. Choose a well-established marketplace to access a vast client base or a newly launched one for lower competition and brand establishment.

Some Key Amazon Marketplaces Globally:


1. (Germany)

2. (United Kingdom)

3. (France)

4. (Spain)

5. (Italy)


1. (India)

2. (Japan)

3. (China)

4. (Australia)

North America:

1. (Mexico)

2. (Canada)

3. (United States)

4. (Brazil)

Register a Seller Account for Amazon global selling from India

Open an Amazon Seller Central account for the marketplace you choose. If you already have an account, create a new one for each additional marketplace. Sellers in North America or Europe can leverage unified account features for seamless access to other countries in their region.

Details Required for Amazon Global Selling Registration:

1. Business name

2. Credit card number

3. Phone number and email address

4. Bank account information

5. Tax information

Choose Your Fulfillment Channel

Decide between fulfilling orders on your own or opting for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). FBA streamlines the shipping process, reduces shipping time, and offers customer support in the local language. It eliminates the challenges of international logistics, providing a hassle-free solution.

Currency, Fees, Taxes, and Languages

Currency and Fees:

Utilize Amazon's Currency Converter for Sellers (ACCS) to receive payments in the local currency but deposit them in your account's currency. Save on the 4% fee by setting up a local bank account.


Conduct thorough research on taxes in the countries you sell. Hiring a tax expert is advisable to ensure compliance with varied international tax obligations.


Ensure local language proficiency for effective operations. Amazon's Seller Central Language Switcher allows you to manage operations in English across all marketplaces, simplifying your international business journey.

List Your Products

Prepare product listings meticulously, including images, ID, search terms, title, description, and bullet points. Avoid bulk listing; translate listings accurately into the local language, incorporating relevant local keywords for organic ranking.

Get Your Products Retail Ready

Prioritize retail readiness with a robust marketing plan. It includes optimizing content, incorporating keywords, setting up Prime shipping offers, and generating reviews specific to each marketplace. Leverage Amazon A Content to enhance your product presentation for Amazon global selling from India.

Shipping Your Products

When expanding your business globally on Amazon, shipping becomes a critical aspect. Here are various Amazon global selling from India options to ship your Amazon products internationally:

1. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

2. Direct Shipping

3. Shipping Partners

What are Amazon Global Selling Fees?

Understanding the Amazon Global Selling Fees is crucial for effective financial planning:

Monthly Professional Selling Plan Fee:

1. Charged for each active seller account in international marketplaces.

2. Varied based on the marketplace where the account is registered.

Referral Amazon Global Selling Fees:

1. Charged for each product sold.

2. Percentage varies by item category, ranging from 8% to 15%.

FBA Amazon Global Selling Fees:

1. Amazon Global Selling Fees are charged for various FBA services, including storage, pick and pack, and shipping.

2. Varied based on product weight, size, distance traveled, and shipping method.

International Shipping Fees:

1. Charged by shipping carriers for delivering products to international customers.

2. Depends on product weight, size, distance traveled, and the chosen shipping carrier.

Customs Duties and Taxes:

1. Governments charge Amazon Global Selling Fees for importing products.

2. It depends on the product, import country, and product value.


Venturing into international markets with Amazon holds immense potential for business growth. However, thorough research and understanding of each marketplace's requirements are vital prerequisites for Amazon Global Selling. The insights shared in this article equip you to understand the complexities and enhance your chances of success in the global arena of Amazon. Embark on a journey of online success with Gonukkad!

Q. How do I optimize my product listings for global markets?

A. Translate listings accurately, incorporate local keywords, and consider cultural nuances for effective optimization.

Q. Can I use one Amazon account for multiple countries?

A. Yes, with a unified account, sellers in North America or Europe can access multiple countries without extra setup fees.

Q. Can I sell the same products in all international marketplaces?

A. Yes, but adapt listings to suit local preferences and languages and comply with regulations.

Q. How do I handle returns and customer service internationally?

A. Opting for FBA ensures Amazon manages returns and customer service in the local language.

Q. How do I set competitive prices for international markets?

A. Consider currency conversion, shipping costs, and local market conditions when pricing products.

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