How To Start Selling Wholesale on Amazon

How To Start Selling Wholesale on Amazon

13 July, 2023

 Start Selling Wholesale on Amazon

Last updated on 4 January, 2024

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A Comprehensive Guide to Selling Wholesale on Amazon: Step-by-Step Process

Interested in selling wholesale on Amazon? Discover a detailed step-by-step process to start your wholesale business on Amazon. From product research to communication with suppliers and managing orders, learn how to maximize your profits as a wholesaler. Get started today!


The growth of Amazon's marketplace and the development of e-commerce have created several business prospects worldwide in these uncertain times. One is the growing practice of selling wholesale on Amazon. In actuality, 26% of Amazon merchants presently use the wholesale sales model. Every individual tries to look for ways to increase their income. Selling wholesale on Amazon is a great option if you are looking for an additional source of income. Wholesale refers to reselling branded products that you purchase in bulk from authorized manufacturers, suppliers, or distributors. Individuals can pick from a wide variety of products to sell wholesale on Amazon, from clothing attire to consumer goods. You can also maximize your profits with the Amazon Seller Account. The article will provide you with detailed steps on how you can start selling wholesale on Amazon. Explore the secrets of wholesaling on Amazon Get off to a strong start with an Amazon seller account. Discover expert tips, step-by-step guidance, and essential strategies for setting up a thriving wholesale business on the world's largest e-commerce platform.

Steps To Start Selling Wholesale on Amazon

Although it may initially seem overwhelming, starting a wholesale business is relatively simple. Starting on Amazon as a wholesaler is pretty simple, and you just need to follow a few steps. Follow the steps provided below to start selling wholesale on Amazon.

Step 1: Research your product

The first step to start selling wholesale is to decide which wholesale products you would want to sell on Amazon. Your decision should be based on factual data and trends if you want to earn well as a wholesaler. Look for items that are most profitable and generate high sales consistently. The ideal product is one that has high-profit margins and is cheaper to ship. So, do your research well before choosing a product to sell.

Step 2: Make an Amazon seller account

You can then open an Amazon Seller Account after you have decided on the product you want to sell. Visit the Amazon website to get started. You must sign up for a professional account, which requires $39.99 monthly spending, to start selling wholesale on Amazon. Professional accounts get access to cutting-edge tools and data essential for competing and operating as a wholesaler. Select your preferred choice and adhere to the on-screen directions to register. You will require a credit card, proof of government identification, and tax data to complete the procedure.

Step 3: Find suppliers

Once you've decided what to sell, you'll need to locate a wholesaler who can provide you with the products. A brilliant place to start is with a Google search. To discover supplier websites, type "authorized supplier/distributor" after the name of the brand you're interested in. Contact a few different vendors to learn about their minimum order numbers and the prices they can provide. Since most wholesalers are open to bargaining, feel free to counteroffer and work to secure the best available deal.

Step 4: Communicating with Brands

Large companies might ask you to demonstrate your value to them before they'll allow you to sell their items. Here are some pointers to assist you in efficiently contacting wholesale suppliers:

1. Grab attention: You have to be professional and have a strategy if you want to be taken seriously. By portraying oneself as a business, you may demonstrate your professionalism. This implies that you need a business strategy outlining how to market the wholesaler's items, a website, and a credible email address.

2. Contribute value to the brand: Explain to the distributor how your abilities can enhance the brand's value. You may propose enhancements to advertising and highlight your prior success in building other brands.

3. Negotiate an excellent deal: To receive the most outstanding value, speak with the distributor. You can request a larger quantity pricing, offer additional items at a discount, and have the supplier prepare and send your purchases to Amazon.

It can take several tries to acquire a brand's approval, but don't let that discourage you. Start with a small test order and work up to larger purchases.

Step 5: Add your product to Amazon

It's time to list your goods on Amazon when you have your inventory from your supplier. Log in to your Seller account and select "Add a Product" from the "Inventory" menu. Then you may use the name or ASIN number to search for your item. Most of the time, Amazon will already list your goods. If so, the information will appear in the search outcomes. You may join the current listing for that item by choosing it from the list. If it isn't currently there, you must make a new listing for your product on Amazon. Use only photographs of the highest quality. Determine the most popular search terms customers use to find your product and use them regularly throughout your description.

Step 6: Handle your orders and inventory

You must keep an eye on it to ensure that your consumers receive their purchases on time when you start receiving sales. Consider adopting the Fulfillment by Amazon program to make things easier. To operate an FBA wholesale company, you ship all of your product to Amazon, which stores it in one of its warehouses on your behalf. They will then mail the item to the consumer once they place a purchase. You must pay additional costs for these services, but the convenience is well worth it. There are also some further benefits, like:

1. Your products are eligible for Prime delivery.

2. Amazon will handle all shipping-related customer care.

3. You may concentrate only on running your business as you don't have to bother about order fulfillment.

Be cautious about monitoring your inventory while you sell your goods. You can't make sales if you run out of stock. Please don't allow it to happen since it harms your Amazon rankings. To guarantee that your fresh shipment comes before you run out of stock, placing further orders from suppliers well in advance is crucial.


Thus, selling wholesale on Amazon is a great way to build a profitable ecommerce business and earn extra revenue. Wholesale is a fantastic alternative if you want to sell on Amazon but want to avoid getting involved with private labels. Additionally, as was already mentioned, selling wholesale can allow you to earn a larger profit in a lesser amount of time. You'll also need to practice patience as you establish connections with the appropriate suppliers and put your Amazon wholesale business together. This can call for quick thinking during negotiations, some networking on your behalf, and the appropriate tools. Discover your prospects and start immediately now that you know about starting on Amazon as a wholesaler. Check out Gonukkad to help manage your Amazon seller account and get started with selling wholesale on Amazon without any hassle.

Q. Can a Wholesaler launch a Private Label?

A. A wholesaler on Amazon can launch a private label. They only need to design their brand, sign up for Amazon Brand Registry, have an Amazon seller account, and begin advertising their private label items.

Q. How much capital is required to launch an Amazon wholesale business?

A. After considering the price of product research, product purchases, storage costs, and Amazon seller fees, you should anticipate needing at least $3000-5000. (around ₹2.5 Lakhs to ₹4 Lakhs)

Q. Who fulfills orders for wholesalers on Amazon?

A. Similar to private label merchants, Amazon wholesalers have options available to them for order fulfillment. They can choose to use FBM and self-fulfill orders.

Q. Is an LLC required to sell wholesale on Amazon?

A. No, it is not required to have an LLC to sell wholesale on Amazon. If you plan to start selling on Amazon, having a sole proprietorship is enough.

Q. Do I need a license to sell wholesale on Amazon?

A. In most cases, you may sell on Amazon without a license. A license can be useful if you want to go wholesale since it suggests that you are serious about expanding your business and selling on Amazon.

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